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How To Get Free 10GB Data On MTN

How to get free 10gb data on mtn

MTN is at it again, and they now rewarding every user to upgrade their existing sim card to 4G. This implies that this opportunity is an offer from MTN and not a Cheat.

I found the needful to write a detailed guide on this topic after getting to know that mostly Everyone are unaware of this  development. And guess what, am going to give you the detailed information on how to go about this offer.

The steps involved in getting the whooping sum of 10GB (10,000MB) worth of data is very simple and straight forward just read carefully and follow the instructions strictly to enjoy the free 10GB data without stress. Don’t worry, Everyone is Eligible for this offer if you’re ready to activate it.
If you didn’t forget, recently shared a detailed information on how to get free 30GB data via IMEI tweaking which worked for some while some find it difficult to implement every instructions, however, you can still take advantage of the opportunity as it still working but with lower percentage of certainty.

I made mention of 4G at the beginning of this article which implies that this offer is attached to the utilization of the 4G network. If you have been following the internet trending, you will agree with me that the implementation of the 5G network is around the corner and only few people have started using the 4G tech.

The just completed paragraph gives enough reason to conclude on the fact that prompt the MTN network provider to lunch the stated offer in other to increase the figure of people that are recently using the tech and those that will be willing to upgrade to the 4G network.

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Let’s leave ado for now and go straight to the business, I actually believe that you might be wondering what the important if migrating to 4G network apart from the MTN Free 10GB data.

4G network have a lot of functionality which is enough to entice you in migrating to the system as soon as possible, below is a brief overview on the so called 4G network and it features.

What is 4G Network?

4G is a term used in describing the fourth generation Network which offer every users with a great speed of about 10 times faster than the current 3rd generation Network.
The network speed offer by the fourth network generation will enhance much more comparation between smartphones and PC’s with a better multimedia and gaming capabilities.

Why should I upgrade to 4G Network?

The fact that the 4G network have a lot of feature that will make internet access easier for everyone.
Below are some features of the 4G Network.

Benefits Of The 4G Network

• It’s offer a very fast downloading speed, the theoretical Data transfer on 3G network is found to be 2 Mbps which is practically found around 1.5 Mbps depending on your area.

• The 4G network has successfully eradicate the act of hanging as slow loading experience while using your smart phones. And things are super fast with the fourth generation Network.

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• 4G have a lot of functionality but that is going to be a discussion for another day, cause, I believed that the above details are enough to know everything about the so called 4G Network.

How To Activate Free 10GB Data on your MTN Sim Card

Activating this offer is very simple and easy, the amazing part of it is that everyone is eligible for this offer, so far you have all the requirements.

Before I proceed with the steps to activate this offer, below are the requirements to activate this offer:

• 4G Enabled smart phone.

• Old MTN Sim card which is previously operating with 3G Network.

• Any form of identification. And the few steps highlighted Below.

1. Visit any nearest MTN service center with your MTN Sim card/phone number.

2. Take along with you, the sim pack if available and any form of identification, such as voters card, national ID card, international passport or drivers license.

3. Tell any customer care representative or anyone you found there that you want to upgrade your sim card to 4G.

4. Once your sim card is successfully upgraded, you will receive a whopping sum of 10GB data for free, that’s amazing right?

How To Locate The Nearest MTN Service Center

Did you find it difficult to locate the nearest MTN service center around you?

Do not stress yourself, just dial *123*1*7# to locate the nearest MTN service center around you.

Things To Take Note.

1. The free  MTN 10GB data is valid for 7days.

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2. You will be given an opportunity to get 100% data bonus on every data bundles you purchased for 3 months after upgrading your sim card.

3. You will be given an opportunity to get 25% data bonus on every data bundles you purchased from the 4th month after upgrading your sim card to the 6th month.

4. If you have any question about this offer, drop it in the comments box below and you will get a quick response.

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