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Latest Tweakware Settings For MTN Free Browsing In 2023

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Tweakware is also a VPN just like Stark VPN reloaded which helps in enabling internet users to surf the internet for free at their own convenience.

Tweakware VPN have been working for a very long time now, and it’s still working till this present moment and I will be giving you the detailed steps on how to configure it for free browsing purpose on your MTN Sim card.

If you didn’t forget, I have dropped a detailed guide on how to enjoy MTN free browsing with the use of Stark VPN reloaded. But many claim it works perfectly while some lament on it’s instability in their area.

The fact outlined in the line above is what prompt me to drop this detailed guide for everyone to explore the two and choose the one that works for them suitably. You can click here to see how to enjoy free browsing on MTN using Stark VPN reloaded.

Today, I will be droping the two ways in which you can configure the tweakware VPN for smooth browsing on MTN. It’s left to you, to explore the two methods and choose the one that seems to be the best for you. Either you use settings or config file, each method will give you the same browsing experience as far as tweakware is concerned.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the the tweakware settings for MTN bree browsing.

Requirements For MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via Tweakware VPN

1. Tweakware VPN App, you can click here to download it from play store.

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2. MTN Sim card without Data.

3. Internet Connection that is considerably strong.

4. Adequate attention to all the steps that will be provided in this short guide.

Tweakware VPN Settings For MTN Free Browsing

• Click here to download and install the tweakware VPN.

Select tweak

• Open the app and click on the rectangular box shown in the picture above.

• The lists of the available tweak will be displayed to you.


New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free

• Scroll down to locate MTN 0.0kb free as shown in the picture above.

• select any if the tweaks, the tweak that are available for MTN are as follows:

New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 1

New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 2

Updated MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 3

Updated MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 4

• Choose any of the MTN Ng 0.0kb and the app will take you to the homepage immediately you click on any. I recommend New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 2 in this case.

• Now hit the connect button and wait for few seconds for the app to connect.


Connected and ready for browsing

• Once it’s connected, the Connect button will change to disconnect and you will have some readings as shown in the picture above.

Boom! You can Minimize the app and enjoy surfing the internet for free.


Tweakware VPN config file For MTN Free Browsing And How To Import It

• Click here to download the tweakware config file.

• Open your tweakware VPN and click on settings at the top right corner corner of the app.

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Import tweak

• Scroll Down and select Import tweak as shown in the picture above.

• Select the folder you download the file to and select the file to Import it.

• Once you have imported the file to the app successfully, return to the app home page and click on the rectangular box that is labeled with non tweak.

Activate the Importes tweak

• Now Select Import tweak as shown in the picture above and you will be redirected back to the app home page.

• Click on the connect button and wait for few seconds for it to connect.

• Boom! You can now Minimize the app and start surfing the internet for free.

Note: Either you use the config file method or the settings method, you’re going to have the same experience, so choose the one that is best and easier for you.

Stark VPN reloaded is still blazing, click here to check it out and remember that you can only use either tweakware or Stark, you can’t use both at the same time, so explore and stick to the one that gives you the best experience.

How Can I Get Free Data On MTN Continuously Using Tweakware VPN?

Make sure you follow the instructions above strictly and you will be getting a whooping sum of 50MB worth of data to browse the internet everyday.
In order to use more than 50MB daily, you will need two or more MTN sim card, so that when you exhaust your 50MB daily bandwidth on one Sim, you can switch to another sim and enjoy another free data of  50MB.
Follow the instructions below to switch Sim card as mentioned above;
> After which you have exhaust your 50MB daily bandwidth on a specific sim card, then open the app.
> Click on the power icon in the homepage of the app to disconnect the app manually, a pop message will appear asking you that did you want to disconnect the app, then click on yes.
> Click on the three white dot at the top corner of the app and click on exit.
> Switch to another sim card that you haven’t used for that day, then connect and enjoy another session of free browsing on your MTN sim card.

Wow! You have grab the detailed step by step step guide on the latest tweakware settings for MTN free browsing and how to Import the tweakware config file.

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