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MTN Season Of Surprise – How To Get Free 1GB/Voucher Via MTN Santa Promo

mtn season of surprise

MTN Season of Surprises is an annual end of year event, where one of the popular Internet provider in Nigeria (MTN) give back to it’s users, especially Nigerians and in this guide, I am going to reveal to you in details, how to make use of the MTN Santa Promo to get free data and other gifts.

MTN is known to always make their customers happy by making a freebie available for them in any of the season of surprise and this year is not in exception, the network provider has announced it’s play for this year freebie offer as we move closer to the Christmas party.

This year MTN customers will have the opportunity to give a loved one gifts such as FREE data, Jumia shopping vouchers to purchase curated festive hampers, and mobile devices in courtesy of MTN, Coca-Cola, Golden Penny, Maggi, and TECNO.

How MTN Santa Promo works

MTN Santa promo works in form of gifting, you are allowed to give your loved ones a gift that cost you nothing and MTN will complete the rest for you. Practically, you cannot gift yourself a gift via the Santa Promo, but you can gift someone and others can gift you too.

But not to worry, you know their is always a way out in this kind of situation and before the end of this guide, I am going to give you the detailed explanation on how you can gift yourself free data via the MTN surprise season Santa promo.

However, the gift you can give and receive are not limited to free data alone, it includes Jumia voucher code and other gifts as stated in the previous part of this guide. Also, you cannot select which gif you want to give or receive, the system will select the gift to be given to each recipient (that is, the customer that refers will not be able to select a particular gift to be given).

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You should also take note that the gift will be assigned based on the number of available gifts per day and the available gift can be exhausted, so you have to act fast when you want to send gift on a particular day.

How to claim free data And other gifts via the MTN season of surprise

There are two ways with which you can send gift on this Promo and the two ways that are available will be explained to you in details in this guide. The two methods that are available are; the use of myMTN NG app and the use of ussd code, both works smoothly and you’re good to select the one that works best for you.

How to claim MTN Santa promo gift with USSD code

Simply open your phone dial pad and dial *135# you will be asked to input a phone number, simply input the phone number you want to send the gift to. On the next page, enter 1 to confirm that you truly want to send the gift to that person and you will see a pop up notification asking you to wait for response. Wait for few minutes and you will get a notification in your message box, open it and see what you’re able to gift out.

If you’re to try again due to traffic on the promo, you will also be notified.

How to use myMTN app

Simply download myMTN NG app and install it on your mobile phone. Open the app and login with your preferred MTN phone number. Once you login with your preferred MTN phone number, you will see the Santa button as shown in the picture below. Click on the button and enter the phone number of the person you want to send the gift to.

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MTN Santa promo button

How to claim the free data for myself

Yes! You can claim the free data or Jumia voucher for yourself and this only required simple logic. To do this, you must have two MTN sim card. Dial the code on the first sim card and enter your second phone number. Once the gifting is successful, simply dial the code again on the second sim card and input your first phone number. With this, you have been able to claim the gift by yourself.

If you used myMTN NG app, all you have to do is to log out of the first account after using it to gift your second phone number, then login again with the second phone number and gift the first phone number too.

how to redeem MTN hamper gift on jumia

How to redeem MTN hamper gift on Jumia website

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the gift that you can win on the MTN season of surprise Santa Promo is not limited to free data alone and in case you happened won a MTN hamper gift , below is how to redeem it;

1. Simply go to the Jumia website by clicking on the highlighted text or open your Jumia app if you have it installed on your mobile phone before.

2. Once you get to the Jumia homepage, click on the search box and search for MTN hamper and the hamper item will appear as shown in the picture above, add the item to cart and Continue to check out.

3. If you’re new to Jumia, simply follow the prompts to complete your registration and fill in your delivery details.

4. You will see a box provided for code on the check out page, enter the code that MTN sent to you and click on the apply code button. Then follow the prompts to complete the transactions.

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Note that:

Both the MTN Hamper and delivery to your location is FREE.

Only the Jumia codes sent to winners of the MTN Season of Surprises – Y’ello Santa, can be used for this transaction.

The Jumia code received can be used to redeem ONLY the MTN Hamper gift.

And above all, make sure you didn’t have any other item added to cart aside that of the MTN hamper.

Important things to know about the MTN season of surprise

1. The gift you can receive via the MTN Santa promo is not limited to the the free data and Jumia voucher alone, The referred customers will be able to receive any of the gifts listed below:

1GB data bundle valid for 7days

Jumia shopping vouchers to purchase curated festive hampers

TECNO Camon 18

TECNO Spark 8P

All you have to do is to try and let your luck handle the rest.

2. The offer will be available for 8 days (17th – 24th December 2021).

3. Winners of the curated MTN Festive hampers redeemed on the Jumia website do not need to pay a delivery fee for their hampers, as it comes with free delivery.

4. The customer who refers a loved one will receive an instant notification stating the exact item that was given, and the recipient will also receive a notification stating the exact item received.

In addition both the referee and recipient will be able to share the good news of giving and receiving gifts on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.).

5. The gifting interface opens by 12noon each day and gifts will be given on a first come first served basis.

Conclusion: MTN season of surprise consists of many amazing gifts and this is in a bid to make their customers happy for the upcoming Christmas. With the detailed information revealed in this guide, I am sure that you will be ably to tap into to MTN Santa promo offer and redeem your gift without any form of stress.


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