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How To Get Free Airtime On All Networks And Accumulate Up To N4,000 Airtime

how to get free airtime on all networks

Here is another complete guide on how to get free airtime on all networks and even accumulate to your satisfaction via Jiji app.

If you’re have been looking for ways to escape airtime/data bills, then this is a big opportunity for your to accumulate as much free airtime as possible and use it to buy data plans and call your loved ones, you can click here to read the compiled list of cheap MTN data plans and enjoy more value at a very cheap price.

It’s obvious that it’s been a while that we enjoyed a free offer like this, but all in all, I am glad that one is finally here and I am going to explain to you in details, how to get the free airtime from Jiji and accumulate as much airtime as possible.

Jiji is known to be a very popular online market place where buyer and sellers use as a medium of exchanging services. You can sell and buy almost everything on the app, ranging from electronics, computer accessories, clothing materials and lots.

In a bid to get more users registered on the app in order to provide more enhancing community between the buyer and the seller, Jiji is offering free airtime to both of their existing and new users and give everyone the opportunity to get free N100 worth of airtime as registration bonus and per every individual you referred to download and sign up on the app.

The fact that you can get free N100 per referral is where the accumulation comes from as you will get more airtime accumulate as you refer more people to download the app with your own personal link.

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without further ado, let’s see how it works, how to register and accumulate free airtime.


how to verify your mobile number on jiji
Mobile Number verification

How To Get Free Airtime On All Networks From Jiji App

1. Simply click here to download and install Jiji app.

2. Downloading the app via the link provided above will give you access to a free N100 airtime as registration bonus, now open the app and register via any option of your choice from the options that will be provided to you after opening the app (email or Facebook).

3. Once you are able to login to your account, check the bottom of the app home page and click on profile as shown in the step 1 of the picture above.

4. Now, click on your profile icon as shown in the step 2 of the picture above.

5. You will be redirected to another option menu, locate phone number settings and click on it as shown in the step 3 of the picture above.

6. You will see a box requesting for your phone number, enter your preferred phone number and confirm it. Note that this number is the number that all your airtime will be sent to, once you redeem it, so use your preferred phone number.

7. Once you have successfully confirm the phone number, your Jiji account will be credited with N100 as a sign up bonus.

How To Accumulate More Airtime On Jiji App

As I have said in the earlier part of this guide, Jiji gives you free N100 for everyone you referred to the app and with this opportunity, you can refer more people to the app to get more airtime accumulated, the more you refer, the more free N100 airtime you will get.

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Kindly follow the instruction below to get your own personal referral link and refer as many people as possible, to get more volume of airtime accumulated.

1. Open your Jiji app and click on the profile button.

2. Once you clicked on the profile icon, you will see a button that says Get N100, click on it.

3. Click on copy or share to get your personal referral link.

4. Share your link and get free N100 for each referral that sign up with your link and confirm their mobile phone number.

how redeem free airtime on jiji
redeemed Airtime


How To Withdraw From Jiji App

To redeem your airtime on Jiji, you need to have minimum of N200, remember that you have N100 already as a registration bonus.

1. Invite someone and make sure they registered with your link and confirm their phone number.

2. Now, open your Jiji app and click on the profile button.

3. Once you clicked on the profile button, you will see the Get N100 button, click on it and you will b redirected to the reward page where you will be able to redeem your free airtime.

4. You will see a redeem button at the front of your balance, click on it and select ok on the pop-up message that will appear.

5. Wait for minimum of 24hrs and maximum of 72hrs for your airtime to be sent to you.

Things To Take Note;

1. You need minimum of N200 for the redeem button to appear.

2. Once you click on redeem and select ok on the pop-up, the airtime is on its way already, just continue accumulating while expecting it to land, it might take 24hrs – 72hrs. However, you might received it immediately sometimes.

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3. Your referral must use your link to sign up and confirm their phone number, for you to get your free N100 bonus.

4. You must use the link provided in this article to get free N100 registration bonus.

5. Should you have any question after reading this guide, drop it in the comment section below for quick response.

Conclusion: Above is the detailed information on how to accumulate unlimited airtime on all networks and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, I am sure that you will be able to accumulate your own free airtime and redeem it without any form of stress. However, if you still have any question after reading the guide, feel free to drop it in the comments section of this guide and you will get appropriate response as soon as possible.


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  1. I have a scrolled down and the last thing on my profile is logout I can find any place which says invite and get 2,500. Pls help me out

  2. Pls I have referred 3 people and I get my N300 but I can’t redeem it why? Or is there limitation on redeeming and how much is the limit pls I need Orgent Answer thanks.
    I’ve redeem it when I get my first referral bonus of N100 and I’ve credited but now I get up N800 but I can’t redeem it why? Or should I wait for tommorow? Pls urgent answer thanks

  3. Pls I’ve registered jiji.ng yesterday and I referred one person and I get my N100 then I locked redeem to know weather it’s working or not probably I created on 12:6Am but now I’ve earned up to N1000 but I can’t able to redeem it once I click redeem it will say “not enough bonuses on balance” pls what does that means? Or I should wait for tommorow. Or u can redeem one in a day

  4. Sir I redeem N200 I refer 1 person now I can redeem it is saying not enough banuses I don’t know why sir and the person he verify his phone number

  5. I referred 3people and they already confirmed their number but it is not showing anything on my own reward page and my refshave already got their 100naira card


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