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How To Save WhatsApp Image And Video Status With Ease

How to save WhatsApp status

Recently, WhatsApp has added a new status feature to it’s existing features, which allows it’s users to share images and videos as their status and this status automatically disappear after 24hours. This feature has become popular among the WhatsApp users.

However, this feature only allows the user to upload images and videos as status but it doesn’t include any means by which a user can save the shared image or video status.

Some users take a screenshot of an image status, but what about the videos? Even the screenshot of an image cannot keep the image in the same quality as it is on WhatsApp.

So, how can I save these status?

If the above question is what brings you here, then you’re lucky. This article is going to reveal the best two ways to permanently save a WhatsApp status to your gallery with ease, be it image or video.

Without further ado, the two ways to save WhatsApp status includes: The use of WhatsApp status downloader App which I considered to be the simplest method, and by manual method.

How to save WhatsApp images and videos, using status downloader

I personally use this method to save any status that I would like to save from my friends uploads. The app that I’m going to share with you will automatically store the status which you have viewed and display them to you when you open the app. Below are the steps involved in using this method.

• Go to Google play store from your browser and search for status downloader as shown below or click here to download it directly from play store

• Download and install the app indicated above.

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• Open the app and allow the app to access your , media, gallery and files so as to read the storage in order to collect WhatsApp image and video status.

• After  which you have open the app, it will took you to the first page of the app which is divided into three, one portion for recent story which automatically display all the images that your friends had uploaded so far, the second division is labeled with video story which also automatically display all the video status of your friends, and the third division is labeled with saved story, where you can view all your saved files.

To save WhatsApp status with this app is as simple as

• Just open the app,

• Click to open any file that you wish to save to your gallery,

• Then click on the plus icon “+”  and you will see many listed options as shown below,

•  Then click on the memory card icon  and that’s all, your preferred file awaits you in your gallery.


The picture above show the illustration of how to save a video status p.

If you want to save an image just click on recent story, open the image and follow the appropriate steps.

How to save WhatsApp Image and video status, using manual method

To save WhatsApp images/videos uploaded by your friends without the need of the app above, just follow the steps below,
• On your mobile data or any means of enabling internet connection and open your WhatsApp.
• Watch any status that you want to save to your gallery.
• Then open your file manager (ES file folder to be precise).
• Locate and click on settings and show hidden files.
• Click on folder then select WhatsApp, click on media and then click on status and you will see all your friends status.
• Copy or move the required status to another folder.
 That’s all!!! You have saved your preferred WhatsApp status successfully and it will remain in your gallery till you decide to delete it.



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