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How To Secure Your WhatsApp Account

How To Secure Your WhatsApp Account

You are welcome to another complete guide on how to secure your WhatsApp account from any form of attack especially from hackers.

I have previously write on how to stop someone from adding you to whatsApp grouphow to create WhatsApp sticker with easehow to disable WhatsApp auto download  and lots more. But today I am going to reveal the details steps on how to secure your WhatsApp account from any form of attack.

How To Secure Your WhatsApp Account From Getting Hacked

The fact that the internet has been bombarded with attackers, who are willing to access your WhatsApp account in an illegal way or even block you from having access the your own WhatsApp account is not negotiable and this is what prompts me to do research and come up with a complete solution to this issue.

If you read and follow the instructions provided in this guide, be rest assured that your WhatsApp account is save forever and no one will be able to branch into your privacy without your consent.

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How Can I Secure My WhatsApp account From Hackers?

Without further ado, follow the steps below to secure your WhatsApp account from any form of attack;

Step 1 : Open your WhatsApp account and click on the three white dots at the top left corner of the app.

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Step 2: Click on Settings and select Account.

Step 3 : Click on two step verification.

Step 4 : Click on the enable button and enter 6 digit number that you can never forget, confirm it and continue.

Step 5: Enter your valid email address and confirm it.

That’s all, your WhatsApp account is now secure from any form of attack.

Having done with the steps provided above, no one will be able to access your WhatsApp account on a new device or re-register your number without the code.

That means your WhatsApp account can never be hacked bay any means as at the moment you are done with the steps above.

However to prevent people from having access to your chats while they are with your phone, you have to enable the fingerprint lock feature of your WhatsApp, click here for detailed explanation on how this can be done.

However below are the brief steps on how to activate the fingerprint feature of your WhatsApp.

How Can I Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Security

Follow the steps below to enable WhatsApp finger print lock feature on your Android phone without stress.

> Simply update your WhatsApp version to the latest version by going to the Google play store.
> Open the new update and go to settings by clicking on the three white dots at the right top corner of the app.
> Then select privacy.
> Scroll down and turn on the “Unlock with fingerprint” option to enable the feature.
> Confirm it by touching the fingerprint sensor of your phone with your preferred finger.
> Choose the duration at which you want the fingerprint lock to be effective.
The duration options available on this menu are:
• Immediately.
• After 1 minute.
• After 30 minutes.
Click here if you need detailed information about the so called fingerprint feature of your WhatsApp account.

That’s all on how to secure your WhatsApp account from any form of attack, follow the steps above strictly and your WhatsApp account will be save forever.

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