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NIMC App – How To Get Plastic National ID Card Online In Nigeria

NIMC - How to Get Plastic National ID Card Online

NIMC app is a mobile application designed to have your Digital Identity Card in the Palm of your Hand, giving you the opportunity to verify your identity anywhere you’re at any point of time and in this guide, I will show you how to get plastic national ID card online via the app.

It’s not new anymore and I am very sure that you should have known that it takes forever for your Plastic ID card to arrive after enrollment. An Most time, one thing will lead to the other and you will need the Plastic ID for a verification and this is where the app comes in.

Though, the app have multiple features aside of using it to get your plastic national ID card ad soon as possible, but the main features on the app that this guide will emphasize on, is how to get plastic national ID card via the app.

About NIMC App

NIMC app is a Mobile ID, which is issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and the Federal Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria

With the NIMC app, you’re going to be able to get a Mobile ID that is a valid means of identity anywhere within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, alongside the physical National ID Card, your Passport, Driver’s license and/or Voter’s ID Card.

By default, only basic information will be displayed under “Show My ID”. To view or display extra information such as your date of birth, nationality and gender, please click on the “Full ID” button on the top right corner of that screen.


To have access to the app, you must have a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Commission or one of its accredited agents and a Mobile Number attached to the NIN.

Link your Mobile Numbers to your NIN – You don’t need to worry about that, it will be done during your NIN slip enrolment.

Then, the NIMC app. The link to download the app will be provided for you in this guide.

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Features of NIMC Mobile App

There are lots if features on this app that their importance cannot be overlooked and in this section, I am going to provide you with all the basic features of the app and Detailed information about each features. Let’s start from the fact that the app is free to use.

NIMC App Is free to use

The NIMC Mobile app is freely available for all smartphones and you can download, install it and get to view your plastic ID card to without paying a dime.

The only Time you’re required to pay is when you want to print out the premium slip which will be in form of plastic. However, to have access to the app, you must have a national Identification number (NIN) issued by the federal government of Nigeria.

You can link up to 7device/number

Upon the lunching if the NIMC Mobile app, the federal government of Nigeria has approved the linking of up to seven registered mobi numbers to your NiN and with this provision, you will be able to link up to seven devices to your personal NIN management system.

Verification On Tap

NIMC app gives you the opportunity to verify the identity of any Nigerian on th app. For example, if you’re an employer and you want to verify the details that your employees have submitted to you, you can easily do that with the help of the NIMC Mobile app.

However, in order to access this feature, you need to purchase a subscription and have internet access before you can verify the identity of other people on the app.

Multiple tokens

This a feature made available for the future purpose, this implies that it’s usage has not come into play as at this moment, but later, you will be needing it.

The features will allow you to synchronize your BVN, TIN, Driver’s license and passport numbers in a secure wallet, all tied to your NiN.

Access To premium NIN slip

This is the main feature of the NIMC app that brings about this guide, it’d the feature that allows you to print out your national ID card in form of plastic ID card and have the opportunity to use it for Identity verification across the country. The existence of this feature is what bring about this guide in how to get plastic national ID card online in Nigeria.

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Having gotten the detailed information about the NIMC app, let me go straight to the main purpose of this guide And show you how to get plastic national ID card online.

How To Get Plastic National ID Card Online

In this section, I am going to provide you with the detailed step by step instructions on how to print your plastic national ID card online by yourself and use it to verify your Identity anywhere across the country, the Plastic ID card I am going to show you how to get in this guide is called digital NIN slip. Simply follow the instructions below

Get your Paper NIN slip

As it has been emphasized in the previous part of this guide, your national Identification number is strongly needed to access this app and without it, you won’t be able to proceed with this guide. Make sure you get your NIN slip ready.

How to enroll for NIN slip

There are NIN enrollment centers across the federal republic of Nigeria and all required of you is to locate any of the center around you and visit them for enrollment.

Once you’re enrolled, you will be given a slip, it’s usually white and black and will not contained the National Identification number, they will instruct you on how to get the one with the National Identification number (NIN). The number Is always 11 digits.

Onc you’re with your NiN slip that consists of the national Identification number, then proceed to download and install the NIMC Mobile app.

Have you lost the slip? See how to retrieve your national Identification number online.

NIMC app download

Wants to download the NIMC app? Below is the direct download link and the basic details about the app that you’re about to download.

Name                                            NIMC Mobile App

Size                                              21MB

Service                                         Identity management

Version                                         Latest Version

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Download NIMC Mobile app

Login to the app

Now that you have download the app, simply install and open the app, swipe to the right till you get the button that says begin. Click on the begin button and you will be asked for your 11 digits NIN

Enter the number and an OTP will be sent to your registered phone number, enter the OTP to complete your verification and set your login password. One done, you will be redirected to your dashboard on NIMC app.

Print your plastic national ID card online

This is the main destination we’ve been hoping to reach since the beginning of this guide, once you’re able to get to your NIMC app dashboard, then you can proceed to print your premium NIN slip.

Simply scroll down on the page and click on the option that says “Print NIN slip”. You will see an option that says “Quickly print your Premium NIN slip and use anywhere”, simply click on the Print Premium Slip button attached to it and you will be redirected to the payment page. Click on the pay with remita button and choose the payment method that is convenient for you. You will pay a total amount of 1200.

Once the payment is successful, you will see a download button, simply click on it to download the premium slip. It can only be downloaded once, do make sure you don’t leave the page once you start the payment process until you’re able to download the file.

Print it out!

This is the final stage to obtain your plastic national ID card, all you have to do here is to visit any design printing shop that offer the plastic ID card printing services around you. Send the downloaded file to them and they will print it out for you in for of a standard plastic ID card.

Hurray!!! You have successfully print your plastic national ID card and can now use it for any for of identity verification anywhere you go!

Conclusion: With the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should have fully understand how to get plastic national ID card online via the NIMC Mobile app without any form of issue. Also, you should know that this digital ID card is an authorized one and can be used in any part of the country for Identity verification.

However, If you are refused service anywhere you present the ID, please send an email to [email protected] and the relevant department will take appropriate action.

If you have any question concerning this guide, simply drop the question in the comments section of this guide and you will be provided with the appropriate response as soon as possible.

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  1. Is the ID with the one with front and back! Because am only seeing the front in the Nimc app. I want to know before I proceed to pay

  2. The phone number I used while doind the registration has been lost, how can I link up another phone number? I’m using MTN

  3. Thanks for the information 🙌🙌. Instead of spending 4k to do it out side. I can do it myself. With less amount.
    ID card printing is 500.
    And the premium subscription is 1200..
    That’s 1700 total..

    • Don’t bother to use it bro, the people behind this app are scammers or I should say they are extended arm of corruption in Nigeria government since they are supposedly working for gov, I had just lost 1236 naira to them, after I paid the app refused to validate my payment and when I tried to email their support they responded with deafening silence, same story is the review you will read on their app in playstore, my advice to those in Nigeria is to go to any plastic ID printing store to get it done

  4. Pls I want to modify my date of birth is it allow or acceptable? And is it going to be vary in all others aspects abi not ?
    That’s all my questions……


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