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How To Create Payoneer Account In 2024

How to create Payoneer account

Payoneer is a digital payment gateway that provides you with quick and secure international payments, with a valid Payoneer account, you will be able to send money to over 150 countries and as well receive money from them without any form of stress. In this guide, I am going to provide you with a detailed step by step instructions on how to create Payoneer account anywhere you’re in the world. Provided that your country supports it.

In one of the browsingtechzone previous guide, a detailed information on how to create PayPal account that can send and receive money was revealed, though it was restricted to Nigerians alone, but today, I am going to show you how to get yourself a verified Payoneer account regardless of where you’re from.

Be it you’re from Nigeria, Brazil, UK, USA, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or any of the over 150 county that supports Payoneer, this guide is going to get you covered and provide you with all you need to know about the Payoneer account registration and how to us the platform to make payment and receive payments as well.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a universal financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provide you with the opportunity to receive bank account numbers in EUR, USD, GBP & more and get paid as easily as having a local bank account. That’s amazing right.

By creating a Payoneer account, you will be provided with a virtual account number in foreign currency and as we as you local currency, giving you the opportunity to send and receive funds using the Payoneer e-wallet. The money you received Into this virtual account numbers can br withdrawn directly to your local Bank account, can be spent and can also b sent to other compatible platforms.

Also, the Payoneer universal payment platform provides you with cross-border transactions to and from over 150 countries and territories with more than 150 local currencies.

Click here to create a verified Payoneer account!!!

Features Of Payoneer account

Payoneer has a lot of features and I am sure you should have gotten to know some of them from my previous explanation above, however, I will outline all the basic features of the platform in this section so as to have better understanding on how to use the platform. Below the 7 basic features of Payoneer and all you need to know about each feature.

1. Eligibility for registration bonus

Unlike other platform, Payoneer will gift you a whooping sum of $25, just to sign up on the platform. Everyone is entitled to this bonus and you will get it paid to your Payoneer account immediately you start using your account for payments.

2. It’s completely free

You’re not required to make any payments for account creation on the platform, all you have to do is to follow the registration instructions that will be provided for you in this guide, activate your Payoneer account and start using it as soon as possible at no extra cost.

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3. Send and receive money across border

This is one of the basic feature of the platform and can be referred to as the basic purpose of the platform. Payoneer is available in up to 200 countries across the world with over 150 local currencies and this is one of the reasons that makes it a great alternative to PayPal as PayPal.

4. Get paid in popular currency and withdraw in your local currency

Maybe you’re working with a company or an individual that intend to pay you in a currency the duffers to that if your local currency, don’t worry, you will be able to receive your payment with the help of Payoneer and withdraw it to your local Bank in no time.

It’s as simple as using your Payoneer receiving account to get paid and easily move your funds between currencies and withdraw them to your local Bank account as contained in browsingtechzone documentary.

5. Reduced fee

There is no fear if high transaction fee on the platform, with Payoneer, you will be able to pay up to 70% less compared to wire transfers at no hidden fee.

6. Ability to Simplify your payment

You can Sign up as a company or individual on the platform and if you you’re operating a company account, you will be able to pay your contractors and suppliers anywhere in the world straight from your Payoneer balance.

7. 24/7 multilingual support

Good customer support is the back bone of every Platform and Payoneer being a universal platform, have provide you with 24/7 multilingual support team, which are readily available at anytime to take your questions and offer assistance

How To Create Payoneer account and get $25 for free

Now that you have fully understand how the Payoneer universal payment platform works, the next thing is to create your account and be able to explore all the available options to enjoy universal payment at the comfort of anywhere you might be.

Kindly follow the instructions below:

Click HERE to go to the Payoneer REGISTRATION PAGE

on getting to the registration page, you will see a button that says sign up a f earn $25, simply click on it and you will be redirected to a page where you will b asked to choose the type of account you want to create, there are five option available and these options are; Freelancer or SMB, online seller, Affiliate marketer, vacation rental Host and individual. Simply choose individua, but however, if you find any options that is best for you, you can choose it, but the recommended option as contained in this guide is individual.

If you’re asked for the type of account you’re looking for, simply select the option that says, get paid by international clients or market place and proceed to the registration page ad shown below.

Payoneer account registration page

As shown in the image above, make sure to provide your legal name, especially as it appears on your identity card. Enter your email address, you date of birth and proceed by clicking on the next button. Make sure the date of birth provided is your correct date of birth. Don’t just enter a random number.

Once you enter your date of birth and click on the  next button, you will be taken to the next page ad shown below.

Payoneer account registration process

Simply click on the drop down attached to the box provided for country and choose your country, enter your address, and zip code ad shown in the picture above. Now click on the drop down attached to the mobile number area and select your country code, then enter your phone number.

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Click on the send code button indicated in the number 11 of the image above and an OTP will be sent to your  phone number (the one you provided during the registration). Check your SMS box and enter the OTP.

Once you have entered the OTP correctly, simply click on the next button to proceed to the next stage of your Payoneer account registration.

On this stage, you will be asked to set your account security, the stringer your password, the secure your Payoneer account will be.

security details on Payoneer account registration

As shown in the image above, you’re to choose a password and as well set a security question and answer. The security question and answer will help you in critical Time like password recovery and others. On this note, make sure you choose a good security question and provide a valid answer so that you will get it right when you need it in future.

In the ID details section, simply click on the drop down to select your country and as well as the drop down attached to the ID type to select the type of the ID you want to use to verify your account. Solve the captcha by entering the shown code Into the provided rectangular box and proceed to the final stage of your Payoneer registration.

Completion of Payoneer registration

This is the final stage of your Payoneer account registration and all required of you is to provide a means of getting paid in your local currency. The payment details that you provide on this page is the primary payment that you will be using to receive your payment Into your local Bank when needed

However, you should note that the Way the payment set up page looks might be different depending on your selected country, all you have to do is to fill all the required details, agree to terms and conditions and pricing and fee. Then click on the submit button.

Immediately you clicked on the submit button, you will get a notification saying that “your Payoneer account application has been submitted successfully and is now being reviewed”.

Now, check your email for notification about your registration and wait for the review team to review and approve your account. The review process will take between less than 12hrs to 7 working days.

How to claim free $25 registration bonus on Payoneer

As it has been stated in the features section of this guide, Payoneer will reward you with a whooping sum of $25 just to create account and receive money with with it. To get your $25 registration, all you have to do is to create account and use it to receive up to $1000.

This $1000 is not necessarily be a single transaction, it can be two, three, ten or even twenty transactions, the rule is that once you receive a total amount of $1000 with your Payoneer account, you will be rewarded with $1000 immediately.

How to create virtual accounts with Payoneer

Virtual accounts on Payoneer are like local accounts of different countries and this account can be used to receive money from anywhere in the world. Let say for example, you reside in Nigeria, India or other countries and wants to get paid by someone from the united state of America, all you have to do is to create a virtual USD account in your Payoneer account.

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You will be provided with a $ account details as that of the US local Bank account and you can now use this details to receive the payment. With this option, you will have the opportunity to have a USD account, GPB account and an Euro account.

To create virtual accounts, all you have to do is to login to your Payoneer account, you will see the option to create the virtual accounts, click on it to request for a virtual account and wait for approval. You account details will be provided for you immediately and you can use the account to receive payments from anywhere.

How to Make a Payment on Payoneer

You wants to pay someone from your Payoneer account? Simply follow the instructions below to get that done in just few minutes:

To initiate a payment transactions with your Payoneer account, all you have to do is to;

Login to your Payoneer account and click on the “Pay” button from the option menu and select Make a Payment from the drop-down menu.

You will be provided with futher options, which includes pay your VAT or make a payment. Click on make a payment and follow the prompts to complete the payments process.

How to get paid with Payoneer account

To get paid with your Payoneer account, all you have to do is to login to your account and copy the local bank details that corresponds with the payment you want to receive and give it to the payer.

You can also request payment from your clients by clicking on Receive. To do this, all you have to do is to login to your Payoneer account, click on receive and select the request payment option. Your client will receive an email including a payment link. You receive the money into your Payoneer account as soon as the client makes the payment.

Payoneer card

Payoneer card

A Payoneer card is a physical or virtual card which you can associate with any currency balance in your Payoneer account. This card can be used at ATMs, in stores, or online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How to request for a Payoneer card

Depending on your region, you will be able to order the card either during the application process or after it has been finished through your online account.

In order to request for a Payoneer card, Kindly login to your, and select settings from menu option, then Select Payoneer cards from the drop-down menu.

Click order now on the new page that appears. After clicking that, complete your request by following the on-screen steps.

However, there eligibility criteria for the Payoneer card and this implies that some user will be eligible for the card, while some will not be eligible for the card.

How to check if you’re eligible to request for a Payoneer card

To check if you are eligible for a Payoneer card, simply sign in to your Payoneer account and go to the option menu, select Settings and then, Payoneer Cards.

If you see a message inviting you to Order Now, you are eligible. If you are not eligible, a message describing the eligibility requirement will be displayed to you.

How to be Eligible for a Payoneer card

The eligibility is based on a minimum of $100 in payments received to your Payoneer account in the last 6 months, not including payments from e-wallets such as Paypal or Skrill. This implies that you must have received minimum of $100 to your Payoneer account in the last 6months.

Conclusion: Payoneer is a digital payment gateway and a universal one, that allows you to pay and get paid across border without any form of stress. Having gone through this detailed information on How to create Payoneer account, you should have fully understand how to use the platform in receiving payment and as well as making payments as the guide cover all the important parts of the Payoneer platform.

However, if you still have any question after reading this guide or need help at any point in time, feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.




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