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Glo Social Bundle Cheat – How To Power All Apps With Glo WTF Bundle

Glo Social Bundle Cheat - How To Power All Apps With Glo WTF Bundle

Glo Social Bundle Cheat – How To Make Your Glo WTF Social Bundle Work On All Apps

how to power all apps with the Glo WTF data bundle
Glo Social Bundle Cheat


You are welcome to another complete step by step instructions on social bundle cheat, which explains in details, how to power all browsing sessions with the recently launched Glo WTF data bundle, which was introduce to all Glo users by the Glo internet provider, to enable their customers spend more time on their favorite social media platforms at a very low price.

Recently, we have published an article revealing how the so called Glo WTF social data bundle can be activated, how it works and everything you need to know about the data plan, and this has revealed one of the major and the easiest way to activate a whooping sum of 500MB with just N100 on the Glo Network.

However, the fact that the data plan is restricted to the use of social media only doesn’t go down well with some individuals, as they wish they could have the opportunity to power all apps with this data bundle and enjoy surfing the internet at a relatively low cost.

The fact outlined in the just concluded line above is what prompt me to release this guide and guess what ?

Today, I will be revealing to you, the detailed steps on how to power all apps with the Glo WTF data bundle just as we did to that of the Airtel social bundle cheat and make it works on all apps.

I guess this might be this first time you will be hearing about the Glo WTF data bundle and if yes, you have really missed something that you shouldn’t have missed, and this is our previous article that explains everything you need to know about the said data plan.

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kindly click here to read the previous article, in order to understand what the Glo WTF data bundle is, how it works and how to activate it.

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Without further ado, now that you have the full idea of what the Glo WTF data bundle is and how to activate it, let’s move straight to the steps involved on how to power all apps with this data plan.

Requirements For The Glo Social Bundle Cheat

1. Our Previous article on how to activate the Glo WTF data bundle. Click here to read it, if you haven’t.

2. Active Glo WTF data plan.

3. Psiphon pro VPN. Click here to download it.

4. Few minutes to read and understand the instructions below.


How To How To Power All Apps With Glo WTF Bundle Using Psiphon pro VPN

1. Download and install the Psiphon pro VPN via the link provided in the requirements section above.

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2. Make sure that you have an active Glo WTF data bundle subscription.

3. Now, open your Psiphon pro VPN and check the bottom of the app.

Start Button


4. Locate the start button as shown in the picture above and click on it to prompt the Psiphon pro VPN for proper connection.

5. Wait for few seconds for the app to connect.

6. Boom! You can now minimize the app and surf through any web or app of your choice.

7. Enjoy!

Other Things You Should Know About This Glo Social Bundle Cheat;

1. This is not an unlimited free browsing cheat, the volume of the data you will be able to use is solely depends on the volume of the data you purchased via the Glo WTF data bundle.

2. The Glo WTF data bundle is not sim selective and this implies that all Glo users can activate this data plan without any form of restriction.

3. There is no additional settings outside the ones outlined above for this Glo social bundle cheat.


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