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How To Check Bonus Balance On Glo In 2024

how to check bonus balance on glo

If you have been looking for simplest and smartest way to check Glo bonus balance, then I am glad you come across this article as it’s going to explain in details, how to check bonus balance on Glo Network.

Glo network has been the network provider that provides it’s users with a lot of bonuses and mouthwatering offers that allows every Glo users to get more value and pay less.

Glo have a lot of tariff plan that comes with bunch of bonus and other extra benefits, but the problem comes in when the individual that have been given one or two bonus didn’t know how they can check it and know what they have left and what they have been using.

Imagine knowing fully well that Glo has sent you some bonuses but you don’t know how to check it out. This is undoubtedly so tiring and can be frustrating.

But guess what?

The solution to which ever problem you might be having in checking your bonus balance on Glo has been gathered and put yoga in this post.

After which we have released a detailed guide on how to check Glo data balance and airtime balance, we noticed that Glo also offer it’s users with a lot of bonuses that required different methods in checking them and this has prompt us to gather all the types of Glo bonuses and let you know how to check each of them.

Today, I will be giving you the step by step instructions on how to check bonus balance on Glo and for better coverage and understanding, we have gathered some popular Glo tariff plans that offer some bonuses to their subscribers and how to check the bonus balance in each case.

How To Check Glo Bonus Balance

There are different tariff plans on Glo network that offers every customers with a lot of airtime and data bonus upon their successful recharge.

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However, there is a code USSD code that you can use to check collective bonus balance on Glo network and I will be revealing this code before I go ahead to some plans information and how e check their respective bonus balance.

How To Check Bonus Balance On Glo Via USSD Code

To check your various bonus balance on Glo network, simply dial #122# and the detailed information on your various bonuses and their expiry date will be displayed to you.

How To Check Glo Yakata Bonus Balance

Glo Yakata is one of the popular tariff plan on Glo network that comes along with a lot of bonus and other extra benefits. This tariff plan offer airtime and data bonus to all new subscribers.

Glo Yakata plan is a default plan that comes with new purchased Glo sim card and once you migrate to another tariff plan from Glo Yakata, you won’t be able to migrate back to the plan.

As a subscriber on this plan, a recharge of N100 will give you N350 in your bonus Account for voice call and SMS. You with also get free 50MB in your first recharge In each month and so on.

How To Check Glo Yakata Airtime Bonus

Glo Yakata gives everyone the opportunity to get free Airtime and data upon a successful recharge and to check your airtime bonus balance, simply dial *230*1#.

This airtime bonus is also refered to as voice bonus balance or call bonus.

How To Check Glo Yakata Data Bonus

In order to check your bonus data balance on Glo Yakata, simply because the instructions below:

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1. Open your phone dial pad and dial *777#.

2. Enter 1 to select data option.

3. Now Enter 4 to choose balance management and you will see e break down of your data balances including the bonus data.

How To Check Glo Berekete Bonus Balance

Glo Berekete is another Glo network tariff plan that offer each users with 700% bonus on every recharge. Imagine getting a whopping sum of 700% bonus on every recharge, the amazing part of this is that, you can actually use the bonus Airtime to call all network.

The 700% bonus is decided into two portion and one can be used for calls while the other can I used to browse the internet.

Let’s assume you recharged N100 on this tariff plan, you will be given a whopping sum of N400 for call and N300 for browsing the internet, the N300 is equivalent to 40MB.

So How Do I Check Glo Berekete Bonus Balance

There are two bonuses attached to one recharge on Glo Berekete tariff plan and there are two separate ways to check each balance. The code to check both berekete airtime bonus balance and data bonus balance are provided below.

How To Check Glo Berekete Airtime Bonus Balance

Simply open your phone dial pad and dial *230*1# to check your berekete airtime bonus balance. This bonus is only valid for 7days.

How To Check Glo Berekete Bonus Data Balance

To check your bonus data balance on Glo Berekete, simply dial *127*0# and the detailed information on your bonus data balance will be displayed to you.

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How To Check Glo 5x Bonus Balance

Glo 5x bonus is the same thing as Glo 5 times bonus and it gives every individuals on Glo network, the opportunity to get get a bonus that worth 5 times the value of their top-up amount while they can still have full access to their main recharge.

What Is 5x Account In Glo

5x account in Glo is a tariff plan that gives you 5x bonus on all your recharge as it has been explained in the previous part of this article.

The tariff plan that offer this bonus is know as Glo amebo. The name amebo means gossiping which implies that if you should get 5 times bonus on all your recharge, you will have the peace of mind to discuss all gists via phone call.

How To Subscribe To Glo Amebo

To enjoy the 5 times bonus on your Glo sim card, simply recharge your Glo sim with *555*PIN# and you will get the 5x value of your recharge just as Airtel 5X bonus.

How Do I Check My Glo 5 Times Bonus

To check your Glo 5x bonus on Glo, simply dial *555*5# on your Glo sim and a pop-up message will appear with your bonus balance and it’s validity period.

Conclusion: This is all you need to know how how to check bonus balance on Glo and with the information you have gotten from this article, you should be able to check all kind of Glo bonus balance without any issue.

I hope you found this guide helpful, Do not forget to join our Telegram channel and WhatsApp channel to get instant update from us as it drops.



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