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How To Check Airtel Number On Your Phone (2 Fastest Methods)

how to check Airtel number

It can be so tiring if you need your phone number urgently but don’t know how to check it and this fact has prompt me to write this detailed instructions on how to check Airtel number.

This guide will give you the detailed instructions and the fastest method to check your own Airtel number on your phone.

The fact that your phone number is always written at the back of your sim card cannot be neglected but, will you be going everywhere with your sim pack? That’s impossible.

Hence, you need to know how you can check this number at anywhere and any moment you need and this is why we have decided to pull out this complete guide.

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How To Check Your Airtel Mobile Number

We have analyzed all the possible methods you can utilize to check your Airtel number and we will be Sharing the best and the fastest two methods with you.

By revealing this two methods to you, you will be able to analyze each method and pick the one that is best for you.

How to know my Airtel number
USSD Code procedure

First Method – How To Check Your Airtel Number Using USSD Code

Checking your Airtel mobile number with USSD code is considered to be the simplest and the easiest method to check your number on Airtel and indeed, it is!

Using this method, you won’t need to go extra mile before you can get your correct phone number and by just dialing the code, your phone number will be displayed to you without stress.

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There are multiple USSD code to check the number and all the valid codes will be revealed in this section of how to check Airtel number.

Below are the codes with the detailed information on how they works;

1. Simply take your phone and open the phone dial pad, make sure that your airtel sim card is well inserted.

Now, dial *121# and send it, you will be redirected to an option menu, enter 3 to choose Account manager option and enter 4 on the next screen to choose my number.

You will receive a pop-up message displaying your Airtel mobile phone number, you can then copy it and use it for which ever reason you want to use it for.

2. The second USSD code to check Airtel number is the short form of the code above. In case you don’t want to be selecting the options one after the other, then we have help you to compress the code and once you dialed this code, your Airtel phone number will be displayed to you directly.

Simply open your phone dial pad and dial *121*3*4# and click on send. Your phone number will be displayed to you directly via o pop-up message and you can then copy it and use it for which ever way you intend to use it.

Second Method – How To Know Your Airtel Number Via MyAirtel App

You can as well know your Airtel number from MyAirtel App in just few clicks.

Simply Open your MyAirtel phone number and navigate to the app homepage.

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Your mobile number with other necessary information will be displayed to you immediately.

This method will only be easier for you if you have installed the MyAirtel app in your phone before reading this guide.

If you haven’t install the app on your phone before, kindly consider using the first method we have revealed above.

Conclusion: Having gone through the complete instructions on how to check Airtel number, you will agree with me that the best method to know your Airtel number on your phone is by using USSD.

The USSD method is very fast, simple and very short for you to remember at anytime without stress. However, we have provide you with the best two methods and you have the right and the opportunity to decide which one is best for you.

I hope you found this guide helpful, if you have any questions pertaining to the instructions above, feel free to drop them in the comments section of this post.



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