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Fake GPS APK Download – Latest Version

We have scan through a lot of fake GPS APK that are available for the purpose of changing your location and have picked the best that works without flaws, which the link to it’s direct download will be dropped in this guide.

You have been looking for best fake GPS app right? Search no more! This article will give you the direct link to download the latest version of the app that is working well on all Android devices.

Not only that you will be given the direct link to download the app in this guide, I will also give you the brief overview on how to activate the app on your phone and this will be a great help for your if you’re using the app for the first time.

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About Fake GPS APK

Fake GPS app is a location location changer that will enable you to change your GPS location with with the use of this simple app. Some uses Pokemon and some other versions that exhibit the same function.

The app will prevent any app or website from tracking your real location and will give you the opportunity to tell a respective app or website that you’re in a location that is different from where you are.

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There are varieties of reasons that might lead you to spoofing of your location and this completely depends on you. The aim of this guide is to provide you with the link to download the fake GPS APK and the way you used it is completely your responsibility.

Fake GPS Download For Android (APK Version)

Below shows the details about the app and the direct link bro Download the app without stress.

Name                                               Fake GPS

Size                                                  1.6MB

Version                                              Latest

Click Here Download The APK Of Fake GPS


Having Download the app, you can now install it and utilize it for the purpose you download it for, however, if you’re new to the app and will wants to get an hint on how to Use the app, kindly follow the instructions below to set up the app in just few clicks.


How To Spoof Your Location (How To Set Up Fake GPS Location App)

The first thing you need to do in order to set up the app is to download the app and get it installed on your phone. You can scroll up to the download section of this Guide to download and install the app. However, if you know how to set it up or it worked for you we’ll after the direct installation, kindly continue using it, if not, proceed to the next step below.

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how to set up fake gps apk

Enable Your e Developer Option To Allow Fake GPS

In order to fake your location using the app, the next step after installation is to enable your phone developer option, this can be archived in the settings menu of your phone. Simply go to settings, scroll down to locate about page and look for build number under the software information page. Tap on the build number entry for 7 times till you get the notification that you’re now a developer at the bottom of your screen.

Once you have enable the developer option successfully, a new developer options will pop up in your main settings menu, search for developer in the settings.

Set The Fake Location App

Now, go to the developer option and look for select mock location app. Tap on the select mock location app and the the list of apps that can be used for this purpose will be displayed to you, select the fake GPS app that you installed in the earlier part of this guide.

how to spoof location with fake gps app

How To Set The Fake Location

By selecting the app as mock location app, you have successfully Activate the app and you can no set your location to any location of your choice.

Simply go back to the app and open it, select your new fake location and click on the the start button if the app.

Conclusion: The fake GPS APK that is revealed in this guide works on all Android devices and we have give you the detailed information on how to set up the app and fake your location to any location if your choice.

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