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FaceApp Pro APK Latest Version Free Download 2024

faceapp pro apk

Faceapp is a photo editing application that allows you to edit your selfie photographs by adding and removing some filters before you post them on the various social media of your choice and this guide, I will be giving you the direct faceapp Pro APK download link, so as to enable you to download the premium version of the app for free.

You will notice a lot of captivating selfie pictures on social media, either from your friends, celebrities or random users, but not all the pictures are fully real as they might have been transformed by one app or the other to give it the appealing looks that is now visible to you and face app is one of the best app to use when it comes to editing selfie photographs.

In this guide, I will be releasing the link to download the faceapp pro mod APK and this will give you the full opportunity to access the paid features of the app for free and enjoy the app without any form of restriction.

About Faceapp Pro APK

Faceapp photo editing application that was lunched in 2017 by a Chinese company, the application has so far become the best photography application globally and have attract a lot of users. The app has recently been updated with a lot of unique filters and many more features that weren’t included in the previous version of the faceapp.

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The app is build with a smart AI system that will help you switch your age and a you guy might select filter that will let him looks like an old man and vice versa.

Features Of Faceapp

This section of the faceapp pro APK download will show you some features that you can can enjoy in the app and the detailed information of what each features consists and what you can achieve with them.

Change Your Age

This is the basic feature of the app and the common purpose you can use the faceapp for. With just few steps on the app, you can create a funny selfie photographs and the app give you the opportunity to change your age from reality. With this feature, your young looking picture can be transformed in the faces of old people and this same picture will help you own a baby face. You can as well transform a old people picture to look younger.

Change Your Gender

The faceapp allows you to change the gender of the character in a specific image and gives you the opportunity to switch from male to female and from female to male. This is one of the amazing features of the faceapp pro APK and all can be done in just few clicks.

Unique Filters

Faceapp Pro integrates a lot of unique filters for your photographs. This filter include smile features that will enable your photos to become funny as your serious face has been changed to funny one band  cute smile filter is applied. With this feature, you can change faces if two pictures as stated in the earlier part of this guide, changing from men to women and from women to men.

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With this feature,  you will be able to add tattoos to your pictures, create a smile, implement many color filters and beautiful lighting, change background of the picture, apply make up, create your hair style and lots more.

Image Export Options

Faceapp will give you the opportunity to either download the photos to your gallery or share it directly to your social media account with just single click. However, you can decide to share it to social media via the appropriate icon and at the same time, save it to your gallery.

Faceapp Pro Mod APK Download

To enjoy the premium access to this application, it’s required for every users that have interest in the premium version of the app to pay a sum of $3.99 on a monthly basis, but you don’t need to worry about that, the faceapp pro APK to be released in this guide has been unlocked already and you can have premium access and use the app unrestrictedly without paying a dime.

Name                                        Faceapp pro

Size                                          38.02

Version                                     Latest Version

Required                                   Android 4 & above

Download Faceapp Pro Mod APK Here

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How To Use Faceapp Pro Mod

The app is very simple to use and all you have to do is to download the app via the download button above, install the app and Grant all the access requested. Now, download a selfie From your smart phone library or or shoot directly with the app camera option. You can then adjust the picture from on the screen to match your face and choose any style and let face app complete the rest just as Photo lab Pro Mod Apk.

Conclusion: Above are all you need to know about the faceapp pro APK, how to use it with detailed information about it’s feature and what you can get from each features. If you have any question after reading the guide, feel free to use the comments box below.





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