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  1. This is another powerful and useful piece of information you have revealed to us. However, I registered with the platform for the past one week, but I am yet to be invited for any survey.
    What must have gone wrong and how soon will I be invited?

    Thank you

  2. But is it a must we wait for them to notify us before we partake in survey ???
    As soon as I registered now
    I see some survey and underneath they put take survey
    Can’t we take survey until we are called
    That’s just what I want to know 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Pls i hve some questions.
    1.As a female if i apply using female for gender on any of the survey sites will i be disqualify?bcus on the demography post u said to use male.
    2.What if we get a call from them won’t our location be detected or we need to have our VPN on alway?
    3.About the research what if we er asked to go to a particular location for the research or we er asked to perform it online and we knw nothing about the research what do we do at this point?also does it matter signing up as a male and using a female email?am sorry my question is too long

  4. When am signing up on eureka, crowd fund and camel cash my email is said to be invalid, now wat should I do.please help me.


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