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Timebucks Review 2024 – Legit Or Scam

Timebucks review

Timebucks review is an insight of timebucks, which will gives you everything you need to know about the website and gives you all it takes to take the right decision as far as it’s status being legit or not is concerned.

If you have come across this website in one way or the other and you’re trying to verify it claims, I am glad to have you you here today as this article is going to give you all you need to know about the website.

It’s obvious that the internet have been bombarded with so many scams when it comes to money making online opportunities, but many individuals fall into this scams just because they refused to do what you’re doing right now.

What is that?

Looking for honest reviews before going into any online money making opportunities which is what you’re doing now. This is the best idea that can safe you from wasting your time on many websites that didn’t Worth your time.

And guess what?

This article is going to give you all you need to know about this website, how it works and if you can get paid performing tasks in the website or not.

You might be wondering what timebucks is, don’t worry, below is the brief overview of the website.

What Is Timebucks?

Timebucks is a get paid to site, which rewards it users for completing simple tasks. It’s also known as GPT site. This is where most people get it wrong. GPT site is completely different from survey sites, I have dropped a review in many survey sites in the past, including rewardingways, ySense, mobrog, vindale research and others.

Survey websites are strictly for surveys only while GPT site contains many tasks that can fetch you cash including survey as part of the tasks. Don’t worry this timebucks review will explained in details, how the site truly works.

Timebucks is also a worldwide website, which implies that everyone is eligible to register on this website with his/residential IP address and explore to make as much cash as possible.

As it has been stated above that this site is a GPT sites that offer a lot of ways and different methods to make money on the website, now let’s dive into each method of making money on the website and see how they works.



Paid Surveys

Timebucks have partnered with a lot of surveys providers which gives you the opportunity to make money taking Surveys via any provider that via best for you.

In this case, timebucks is like an intermediary between the survey provers and their user’s, which you are one of them if you have previously registered on the website or ends up registering after this review.

Once you clicked on earn and choose surveys, you will be redirected to the survey menu, where all the providers will be listed, you can go for anyone and take the survey they have for you, once you are done with the survey, your stipulated incentive will appear on your time bucks dashboard immediately.

The surveys providers that are available there at the moment of writing this timebucks review review includes; TapResearch, theoremreach, opinion capital, Review wall, surveytime, adscend media, your survey, yuno survey and lots more.

Now that you have seen the lists of the survey hosts that are available there, you can just test them randomly and stick to anyone that is best for you, it will be difficult for you not to see anyone that works fine I your country out of the options listed above and many more that will be available on the website.

This is the main option that have the highest earnings on time bucks and it’s the best option you can you to boost your earnings so as to reach the minimum cash out as soon as possible.

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The amount you can get taking Surveys on this website are pretty good depending on the length of the specific survey. You can earn between $0.567 to $1.836+  for each survey you are able to complete successfully.




This is another means of making money from this website and its further sub-divided into six categories. This implies that under this option, you will have another six different options that can fetch you some cash while navigating around the website.

Below shows the picture of the six sub-division that exists in this content category.

Content menu

Above are the sub division of the the content as mentioned in the just concluded paragraph above. Now let’s examine each of them one after the other.

a. Clicks

This is the option that allows you to get paid for watching a very short time ads, once you Click on it, you will be redirected to the ads menu and you can now click on each ads and watch them till the stipulated time elapsed. You can watch as many as possible to accumulate more earnings as the amount attached ti each ads are very small.

b. Slide show

The slide show I an option that allows you to get paid for watching a specific amount of pages in a slide show. Once you select this option, you will be redirected to a page where the requirements will be outlined for you. Follow the instructions in that page to complete the task and get paid once you are done.

c. Captcha

I believe this is something you’re familiar with already, in this option, you will get paid for solving captcha it might be text, digit or pictures, just read the instructions and do the needful.

d. Night fall news

This is something related to the slide show but here, the tasks are not limited to slideshow only, you can be provided with another tasks to get paid, once you select this option, you will be redirected to a third party website where you will be given the instructions on what to do and get paid for doing them.

e. Push Clicks

As it’s name implies “push Clicks.” You will get paid by allowing the website to deliver push notification to your phone. In this area you won’t know the actual amount you have made doing this, until 24hours when all the clicks that are being recorded for you will be calculated and the amount you have earned will then be added to your balance at this time.

Many of us have a lot of websites that are delivering push notification to our device in a daily basis, but here, you get paid for every push notification that are being delivered to you for checking them out.

If you want to enable this option, once you Click on the respective area, you will be redirected to a page where all the instructions will be stated.

f. Videos

Videos is where you get paid for watching short videos and this gives you the opportunity to have fun and get paid at the same time. The amount to be earned per video varies with the length of the video. This implies that the longer the video the higher the pay.

However, every options under the content section can only earn you a token but not lots or else you accumulate the token and this can be done if other options ain’t responding at that moment.

That’s all about the sections contained in the content category, let’s move on to the next category to be discussed in this timebucks review.




This is where you get paid to perform micro tasks, the stat of the tasks that are available for you will be displayed to you with the summation of the amount to earn once you complete all, and if you complete some and leave some, you will be paid the corresponding amount of those tasks you are able to complete.

Once you select this option, choose any task to get started and follow the specific instructions being given to you to complete the task and earn.

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Offer wall

Offer Wall

In this offer wall section you will be given access to variable amount of different tasks. This tasks varies from getting paid to download an app, to sign up for a website and even to test a free products.

There are also different tasks providers I this menu just as we have them in the Surveys menu. You are free to explore Everyone of them and check the one that have a task that might be if your interest.

The tasks providers in this section are shown in the picture above and they pay a pretty good amount for each tasks just as surveys.

Sign ups

Sign Ups

This is where you get paid to sign up to websites and earn variable amount per sign ups. In this section, the instructions will depend on the website you are required to sign up to.

Once you are done, you will come back to your timebucks dashboard and provide the required information for proper verification, then you will get your incentive as promised.

Note that the advertiser if a particular sign up task will manually go through the proof you have submitted for proper verification and if you submit a fake proof or didn’t follow the required instructions, your submission will be rejected.




This is a section on timebucks that allows all users to get cashback on every item they purchased on AliExpress via the website.

You can also get your own special Link to redirect buyers to AliExpress and get commission on every item they purchased.

The percentage you can earn per item varies with the type of the item purchased and all the item categories with the commission attached to each categories will be shown to you on your dashboard after which you have clicked on the button labeled with AliExpress.



This is another section on timebucks where you can make some money by performing different tasks on TickTok.
If you are using TickTok before, this will be a great option for you to get some money doing what you love doing, though the money here is also small as well, but it’s just like getting paid to catch fun. You will also get $1 bonus for connecting your TickTok account to timebucks.

In other to start making money with this option, simply login to your time bucks account and click on TickTok.
Note that as at the moment of writing this timebucks review you must have 100 followers and at least, 5 videos for you to be eligible. Once you meet this criteria, select connect page and follow the instructions provided on the page to get started.


This is where you get paid to upload videos to YouTube. You must have a YouTube account to earn with this option.

You will be provided with a video to upload to YouTube with the respective tag and once you follow the instructions provided, you will be credited with the incentive  attached to the task.



Timebucks also have a shortlink tool embedded in the website which gives you the opportunity to earn money with random links, especially if you love sharing news and other things that people will have interest in checking them out.

All you have to do here is to;

I. Visit the news site or any site you will like to share it’s content.

II. Copy the link to a particular post.

III. Open your timebucks account and click on links.

IV. Paste the link into the box provided and click on generate link.

V. You will get another link at this time.

VI Now copy the link started sharing it.

VII. You will get paid per click on the link while the visitor will be redirected to the appropriate website.



This is like a competition where the winner will get a urge price for being among the winner and it’s once in every week.
A grand prize of $500 will be shared among 30 members and the break down of how it goes is shown in the picture below.



Refer and Earn

You can also refer your friends to timebucks and get paid for it. The amazing part of it is that, time bucks will give you commission in 5 levels, this implies that, you will also earn if your referral refer their friends too, up to the fifth generation.

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Above mentioned are the different ways in which you can make money on timebucks.


What’s The Minimum Withdrawal On Timebucks

The minimum amount you can withdraw from timebucks is $10. This implies that you can only request for withdrawal if you have Minimum of $10 in your balance which is considerably low as compared to other websites and you can reach the minimum withdrawal within a short period of time, especially if you make use of the survey option.

How To Withdraw From Timebucks

Timebucks have different methods in which you can make use to redeem your earned cash.

Withdrawal options available are:

• Bank Transfer (Transferwise).

• Neteller.

• Skrill.

• Bitcoin.

• AirTM.

• Tango Gift cards.

Once you have Minimum of $10, you can withdraw your earned cash via any of the listed options above.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal, you can either choose to let your withdrawal be automatically or set it to manual if you choose to accumulate more cash before withdrawal.

Pro and cons of timebucks.

Going through the overall details being provided in this timebucks review, below are the pros and cons of the website.


1. Low minimum withdrawal: you can withdraw as low as $10 from timebucks and if you choose to accumulate more, there is an option to do that.

2. Multiple ways to earn: Timebucks allow all it’s members to explore different opportunities and choose the one that is best for them, I have just discussed more than 15 ways to make money via this single platform and more options will still be added in the future.

3. Multiple Payment Method: There are many ways to redeem your earned cash on timebucks as shown above and with this way, you will be able to explore and choose the one that is best for you.

4. You can make money on timebucks even if you are offline, take a look at the link option for example.

5. Anyone can join: Timebucks is available in every country which is one of the fact that makes it much more flexible.

6. You will get $1 sign up bonus.

7. You can redeem your money in cash.


1. Low earnings: The fact that many earnings options that are being highlighted above have a very low earnings cannot be neglected. Some tasks will only give you $0.002 or less and thats why I strongly advise everyone that have interest to stick around taking Surveys, cause the amount offered by the Surveys are pretty cool.

2. You cannot withdraw to PayPal: When it comes to a site like this, Everyone do like to make use of PayPal as the means of getting paid but unfortunately, timebucks didn’t have one.


Is Timebucks Legit Or Scam?

Timebucks is a legit Get Paid To site just as ySense but have many variety of opportunity to make money. It might seems not to be an option that worth your time, but if you know your way around the website, you will actually love it.

How Do I join?

To join Timebucks and started making money is very easy and you can get started in just two clicks. Follow the steps below to get started;

1. Click here and you will be redirected to the timebucks registration page.

2. Then fill in your email and password to continue.

3. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address, open your email to check and confirm your account and boom! You have joined the platform and can start making money immediately.

Conclusion: Having gone through this detailed timebucks review, it can be deducted that Timebucks is a legit site that will pay you for completing tasks. You might find it completed in the first place, but trust me, you will surely enjoy it as times goes on.

If you take it serious and ends up knowing your ways around the website, you will surely love it and it gonna be a way to earn recurring income for you.



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  1. Since earnings per task completed on this timebucks is rather very low, can one possibly maximize his earnings by using VPN to get a get a foreign location & IP such as USA or UK IP? Please, kindly respond to me as urgently as possible. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. It’s been over a month now that my timebuck account has been banned because I mistakenly switched-on vpn and I was told that it’s against their rules when I tried to go for review over my banned account, please what can I do?

  3. Mine was saying only one account can be open and have not open any account on it before except the day you share the information. Pls kindly share a solution to it

  4. Can I use my real details on the website and bank transfer payment method is no longer available.

    What payment method available in the website do you suggest I use


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