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Smart Farm Review – Is Smart Farm App Legit Or Scam? Hidden Truth Revealed

Smart Farm review

On sighting the name of the app “smart Farm”, one could concluded that the app is the one that allows you to carry out farming operation in a modern way. In this my honest smart Farm Review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the smart Farm app.

Enough of doubting about if the app is legit or not, let browsingtechzone help you with the thinking and revealed to you, the true picture of the platform, so you could know how to deal with it

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION!!! this is browsingtechzone.com and not smart Farm platform nor related in any way, our mission is to provide you with detailed information about any platform we decide to review and let you know all the possible hidden information about such platform. In order to know if smart Farm is legit or smart Farm is Scam, you must carefully read this smart Farm Review.

Don’t be confused, there are lots of platform that are making use of the smart Farm initiative to create sophisticated investment plans but the particular app we’re going to be reviewing in this guide works as that of River ranch. To find out more, Kee reading.

About smart Farm

Smart Farm is an app that provides individuals with the opportunity to invest in buying virtual cows and make a lot of money within a very short period of time or over a long period of time.

As usual, smart Farm app promised to have teamed with E-commerce giant, Amazon, with Lactalis Group, which is Said to be the largest dairy company in Europe and the US, and more than 200 private ranches in the US to launch a crowdfunded farming model. Users bear the expenses of cows feeding, and can get the sales profit of dairy products.

The smart Farm added that you will have your own cow and start your own business. As you will own your own cows, so as you will get benefits from your adopted cows. This supposed to be a very innovative Internet farming project, but there is one but. You want to know the but? Keep reading!

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Smart Farm overview

What smart Farm promised individuals that joined the platform

1. Free registration to adopt cattle, zero investment, high return, easy to earn income at home. ( This is contained on the smart Farm app but in reality, you have to invest before you can make profit.

2. Diversified income portfolio and multiple adoption methods.

3. Earnings are visible in real time, and every order is recorded.

4. Invite friends to register, increase the number of your team and get rich benefits.

How smart Farm works

The information that have been provided about teg platform so far says a lot on how the platform works and what you can get from the platform.

Practically, smart Farm app allows you to rent virtual cow and rare them, then get paid with a fixed interest rate over a given period of time.

There are different plans on the platform and in the next section of this smart Farm Review, I will provide you with all the plans that are available on the platform and detailed information about each plan.

How to make money on smart Farm

To make money on the platform, you have to purchase a cow with a fixed amount of money. The price depends on the level and how much you get at the end of the investment period.

Let explore the plans available on the platform, the input and the output of each plan.

Smart Farm new user cow

Cow New users

This is the cow designed for the beginners and as a new user, you will have the opportunity to invest on this cow with just N500, then you will be able to withdraw 590 after 24hrs.

Also, you will get some bonus upon your registration, so, once you invest the N500 naira, you will be able to withdraw the N590 + the bonus gotten upon sign up, usually between 200 to 300 naira.


Price: N1500

Total income: N1,900

Daily income: N60

1. The COW1 adoption cycle is 7 days;

2. The principal will be returned every day, and the return will be completed within 7 days, and the high yield will be received when it expires;

.3. If the returned principal and income meet the withdrawal conditions, you can apply for withdrawal, or you can continue to adopt higher-level cows to earn high income.


Price/Deposit: N3,000

Total income: N5,025

Daily income: N143

1. The COW2 adoption cycle is 15 days;

2. Return the principal every day, after 15 days, you will receive a high yield when it expires and can withdraw immediately or reinvest if you like.

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Price/Deposit: N50,000

Total income: N230,000

Daily income: N4,000

1. The COW4 adoption cycle is 45 days;

2. Return the principal every day, after 45 days, you will receive a high yield when it expires and can withdraw immediately or reinvest if you like.


Price/Deposit: N50,000

Total income: N545,000

Daily income: N5,500

1. The COW2 adoption cycle is 90 days;

2. Return the principal every day, after 90 days, you will receive a high yield when it expires and can withdraw immediately or reinvest if you like.


Price/Deposit: N100,000

Total income: N1,660,000

Daily income: N13,000

1. The COW2 adoption cycle is 15 days;

2. Return the principal every day, after 15 days, you will receive a high yield when it expires and can withdraw immediately or reinvest if you like.


Price/Deposit: N500,000

Total income: N11,750,000

Daily income: N75,000

1. The COW2 adoption cycle is 150 days;

2. Return the principal every day, after 150 days, you will receive a high yield when it expires and can withdraw immediately or reinvest if you like.

Smart Farm Registration

Wants to register on smart Farm and start earning? Simply click here to go to the smart Farm Registration page and click on go to register to register with your phone number. Then download and install the app.

Upon completing your registration, perform a the welcome task to claim your welcome bonus and if you must deposit, deposit only the amount you can afford to loose.

Smart Farm referral code

If there is need for referral code, use 95095679 as your referral code. Click here to copy the code directly.

Register on smart Farm and start making money

Copy referral code here

Hey! Don’t invest yet! Read our smart Farm app review and see what the app is up to so as to know how to interact with the app.

Smart Farm plans

Smart Farm Review

As usual, in the smartfarm app review, I am going to provide you th red flags and the free flags found on the platform and these two elements will say a lot about th platform.

Also, with the two elements mentioned above, you will be able to classify the platform to where it truly belongs and interact with the app with the required caution.

Smart Farm green flags

1. Minimum investment is low. You can invest as small as 500 and decided whether to continue with the platform or quit with immediate effect.

2. The platform have good and easy to understand user interface.

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3. Low minimum withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal on the platform is just 500 naira.

Smart Farm red flags

1. The platform failed in it’s claims of being a smart Farm, it owns no cow physically and all the cows on the platform are just something to keep users interaction.

2. It’s a platform with virtual products just like thousands others that have came and no more at the moment.

3. The platform promised a very high return on investment, which makes it a proven get rich quick scheme and a potential Ponzi scheme.

4. Without any form doubt, smart Farm is definitely a Ponzi scheme and all Ponzi scheme are bounded with high risk of crashing at any point in time.

5. You can also think about what the platform does to make them so sure that they can pay you over one million naira with just an investment of a hundred thousand naira.

6. The smart Farm app has no source of income other than using the new investors money to pay the old investors and the circle continues like that.

7. They don’t pay on weekends, which is same pattern as that of hugevers, if the platform crashed on Thursday, it will take you like four days to know they have crashed.

Is smart Farm legit

As at the moment of writing this smart Farm Review, no report of breach in agreement so far and the platform can be said as legit as at this moment.

This implies that the platform will be paying for a period of time and stop paying at any point in time. When it will stoped paying is what no one knows for now. It might be long, and it might be soon.

So, enjoy it while it lasts!

Is smart Farm scam

So far the platform hasn’t stopped paying, it cannot be tagged as scam. But if you must invest on the platform, remember of everything contained in the smartfarm app review and do not invest an amount you cannot afford to loose.

However, you can always check back to know the new development as we will keep this guide updated and let you know about any new development noticed on the app as soon as possible.

Has smartfarm crashed?

Latest updates on smart Farm

As at their moment of updating this Review, the smartfarm platform have stopped paying completely and Haven’t pay anyone since the past few days/weeks. On this note, the platform can be declared crashed and all members should stop all activities on the platform.

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There is no doubt that this smart Farm review has been able to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and having gone through the platform, you should know exactly, how the platform works and if smart Farm is legit or smart Farm is Scam.



  1. Thanks for the insight.
    So this means there is no link between Lactalis group /Amazon partnership and Smart Farm in reality.
    I love to get more information on these.

  2. Smart farm has crashed. I have over half a million I can’t withdraw. Starting from 2 days ago 6/12/22, withdrawal rejected. Yesterday 7/12/22 withdrawal rejected again. I complained, they said due to bank policy that if I want they to be sending the money directly to my bank without bank processing it, that I should RECHARGE #300,000. Then any withdrawal I apply shall respond within a half an hour

  3. I have been trying to withdraw since on the 15th of November and when I tried of recent they told me to pay 20000 before I can withdraw the money in my account and that it will arrive before 72hrs

  4. I still don’t know what is wrong for now, I have also been trying to withdraw and after some days, the withdrawal was rejected. Throughout the week. Up till now I am unable to withdraw any money from my balance.

  5. I invest 100,000 in smart farm to reach vip 1 so that i can withdraw my money i have 2.7 million in their wallet but i cant withdraw , they reject the withdrawal , and b4 am withdrawing smoothly but now i cant withdraw anything . When i chart with the help desk the number is indonusia they said i should upgrade my vip , i upgrade to 100k but if i chart they are not responding so be carefull .

  6. It’s a scam site that stole my money and even accessed my bank account and withdrew over 30k from my account.please, stay away from them.

  7. Hmmmm is not rally wooo the smartformplus I don’t what is going on I contact there customer but they did response to me

  8. Please, I would also want to know about green farmland investment app, its Alps similar to what you explained here.
    Are thy genuine?

  9. Please can anyone send me the link to download i want to confirm because before I lost the add I was still withdrawing


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