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Hugevers Review – Is Hugevers.com Legit Or Scam

Hugevers review

Hugevers Review is a detailed insight on the hugevers.com and in this detailed review, I am going to provide you with all the information you need about the platform and especially if hugevers.com is legit or just another Scam.

Hugevers.com is a recently lunched platform and ever since it’s lunch, a lot of individuals have been asking questions about one or two things they noticed on the platform. But not to worry, I am going to discuss everything in details here and

We’re going to end everything now!

This is because, after reading this detailed hugever.com review, you will know exactly what the site is up to and if hugevers is legit or scam.

About hugevers

Hugevers is another version of firevip that works exactly how mybonus platform works and look exactly how firevip works. This implies that the earnings pattern in the platform is same as that of mybonus but the interface is of that of firevip.

The platform was lunched immediately the firevip crashed and giving a lot of individuals an impression that the platform might be the comeback of firevip in disguise.

The platform have different plans and each members of the platform earns according to their membership plans. The higher your level, the higher your daily income will be.

How to perform tasks on hugevers

Investment plans on  hugevers.com

1. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 1 (Free Investment)

Minimum balance required: N900

Daily Earnings: N149

When you register on the platform, you will be given a free sign up bonus of N900 and this 900 can be used to take orders in level 1 and you will earn 149 naira every day without investment.

This gives you the opportunity to make on the platform with zero risk tolerance. You have nothing to loose nor anything to fear of.

But in case you want to make more money on a daily basis, this is where the needs for top up comes in and you should read our review carefully to know if you can invest or just stick with the free version to make some cash.

2. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 2

Minimum balance required: N4000

Daily Earnings: N324 pee day

3. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

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Investment level: Level 3

Minimum balance required: N12,000

Daily Earnings: 1,036 per day

4. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 4

Minimum balance required: N35,000

Daily Earnings: N3,339 per day

5. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 5

Minimum balance required: N100,000

Daily Earnings: N10,260 per day

6. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 6

Minimum balance required: N300,000

Daily Earnings:N32,940

7. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 7

Minimum balance required: N900,000

Daily Earnings: N105,300 per day

8. Investment Product: Varies with time (you can meet any product their)

Investment level: Level 8

Minimum balance required: N2,700,000

Daily Earnings: N335,340 per day

Hugevers sign up – How to register on hugevers

To register on the platform, simply click here to go to the platform Registration page, fill all the required details and complete your registration. You will be given free 900 and this can be used to make daily orders as a free member on the platform.

You might be prompts to download the hugevers app, simply download and install the app and start accessing your account via the app. You can use both webpage and the app but the app guaranteed more easy use

Hugevers com sign in – how to login to hugevers account

Open the app or go to the platform login page if you intend to use webpage. Select sign in and you will see a space provided for phone number and password.

Enter your registered phone number and your password, then click on the sign in account and you will gain access to your account immediately.

Hugevers top up

How to invest on the platform

Did you want to top up you balance to make more money? All you have to do is to login to your account and click on the top up button, the top up your account via transfer.

How to know the correct amount to top up

Determine the level you want to go for, check the required minimum balance for the plan, subtract what’s on your balance and the remaining is what you’re going to deposit.

For example, let say you want to move to level 3 and earn 1000+ pee day, 12,000 minimum balance is required for the level and you’re having N1500 on your balance at that moment. 12000 – 1500 = 10,500. Then you’re going to top up your balance with 10,500 naira.

How to perform tasks on hugevers.com and make money daily

To perform tasks on the platform, all you have to do is to login to your account, scroll down on your dashboard and locate the level that requires leaser or same amount as your balance. Click on the level and select receive orders as shown in the picture above.

You will click on the receive orders 18 times to complete the task for that day.

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Hugevers withdrawal

Hugevers com withdrawal –  how to withdraw from huge

In order to withdraw from the platform, simply login to your account and click on the me button at the bottom right corner of the app, you will see the withdraw button as shown in the image above.

Click on the withdraw button and enter your bank account details and the amount you want to withdraw.

Hugevers minimum withdrawal

As at the moment of writing this hugevers review, the minimum withdrawal required on the platform is N4,000 and this implies that before you can be able to place a withdrawal request on the platform, you must have 4,000 naira or more on your hugevers balance.

Hugevers withdrawal proof

Asking for hugevers payment proof? Ok I placed a withdrawal while gathering information for this hugevers.com review and I got paid within 12hrs. Below is the hugevers payment proof.

Hugevers withdrawal proof

Click here to register on hugevers now

Hugevers review

While gathering the details for this detailed hugevers review, browsingtechzone research shows that the platform is a Ponzi kind investment platform and you already know that platforms like this are always high risk platform and anything can happen.

However it’s still fresh and if you want to invest, make you you have high risk potential and do not invest an amount you cannot afford to loose.

It’s purely Ponzi scheme, the return is high but the risk is Also high.

If you want to invest, just top up your balance to meet next level (e.g, level 2 requires 4000 total balance (more money can be make according to your level)

But remember, you can make money on the platform and withdraw without investment. Stick with the free version of the platform if your risk potential is low

Can I invest on hugevers com

It has been made clear enough that investing on the platform depends on how much you can risk , on this note, the decision of whether to invest on the platform or not is solely yours and your own alone. Pic the scissors and cut your coat according to your size.

Is hugevers legit or scam

Green flags found on hugevers com

While gathering information for this hugevers review, below are the gree flags we have be able to gathered.

1. The platform is new and paying it’s members within 24 hours of requesting for payment.

2. You don’t need to buy plan when upgrading, your top up will remain in your balance and you can withdraw everything at any point in time.

2. The platform is easy to understand.

Red flags found on hugevers com

While gathering information for this hugevers review, below are the red flags we have be able to gathered.

1. The platform is a Ponzi scheme like investment platform.

2. The risk is very high and you might start hearing stories that touch anytime soon.

3. The platform is suggested to be a subordinate of a failed Ponzi platform (firevip).

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4. It exhibit same earnings pattern with that of mybonus which also only uses 4 months before it crashed.

5. The CEO of the platform is not know and this is a major red flags.

6. The ROI is considered high and the platform might not last as a result of this.

Hugevers APK Download

Wants to download the hugevers app APK? It has been stated I. The previous part this guide that after which you have complete you registration by clicking on the provided registration link, a pop up to download the hugevers app will appear and all you have to do is to click on this pop up to get the hugevers app APK downloaded to your Mobile phone.

On this note, all you have to do is to read the registration guide carefully and follow the instructions appropriately.

Download hugevers app

Did you miss the pop up due to one reason or the other, then no need to worry, all you have to do is to click on the registration link provided in the registration part of this guide, scroll down on the registration page and you will see the download app button. Click on the button to get the hugevers app downloaded to your Mobile phone.

Is hugevers legit

All crashed Ponzi schemes were Once legit and paying and on this note, the platform can only be classified as a paying ponzi scheme as at the moment and it days might come to an end soon or later. No one can tell. But our analysis says everything if you read carefully.

Is hugevers scam

The nature of the platform has been so far revealed to you and all you can do is to fully understand what the platform is up to and must be smart while dealing with the platform. Hence, the platform can only be classified risky and not scam unless it stopped paying it’s members.

Hugevers lunch date: 8th of August, 2022.

Has Hugevers Crashed?

As at the moment of updating this hugevers review, the platform has completely stopped paying and hasn’t pay anyone since on the 18th of this month, august 2022 and with our detailed analysis, it will only take a magic for the platform to bounce back.

Hence, hugevers can be declared crashed. It’s unfortunate that the platform didn’t even last up to a week before it crashed, but still, if you have followed our review before joining the platform, you should have known in the first place that such platform is risky as clearly stated in this review before this update.

Conclusion: Having read this complete hugevers review, I believed you should have fully understand how the platform works and be able to handle it appropriately. However, if you must invest on the platform, do that with caution and do not invest any amount you cannot afford to loose.

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  1. Please I did a top us last night but uptill now it still hasn’t reflected. Does it normally take long to reflect?

  2. I recharged my account yesterday and I was debited but it has not reflected on my hugegeves account. Pls kindly assist . I have sent a mail to them but no response.

  3. After top up I earn some money now I want to withdraw three days now no alart
    The only thing I see on the platform is withdrawal in progress
    For three days now oo
    I contact them no reply
    But sorry did they have WhatsApp number

  4. Thank you so much for your hones review of websites we suspected to be scam and all your conclusion and caution you gave out were right.
    Please review and give us legit sites to work with online.

  5. I have placed withdrawal up to five times and each of them I let it fall 2 to 5 days the end I will not receive any alert but if I cancel the withdrawal the voucher will be credited immediately as I am saying right now I still placed a withdrawal last night after now I have not received it

  6. Please i place withdraw on the 14th of September 2022 and up till now i didn’t receive any payment. I no you will i should chart them up on their Support customer service, yes I did chat them up but got no response.
    I don’t know what the problem is and why are they not responding to my questions. You made a review of them and further posting proof of payment., Please your withdrawal method is it different from ours, if yes please educate me but if not, it means that i just wasted my whole precious mb and time.

    • Did you read the review at all? Sm very sure you didn’t read up to 3% of the whole review, you just jumped Into the comments section to type something. Ready carefully next time!!

  7. I think withdraw is not working here . Because I wonder why a platform that promised 24hrs withdraw time will not even bother to credit you after placing a successful withdraw for days. Have not been credited for once, ever since I join this platform. Scam everywhere sha


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