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Payday App Review – How Payday Referral Program Works

Payday app review

In this payday App review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the payday app and especially, how you can Accumulate Free cash via the payday referral program and get the money withdrawn to your local bank account.

Payday is a mobile wallet that allows you to perform transactions in both your local currencies and that of the foreign currencies and today, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the app.

About payday App

As it has been stated in the previous part of this payday review, payday app is a mobile application that allows you to live locally, spend globally. It allows you to create a Global Bank Account and US Debit cards.

And to some extent, if you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to transfer money globally, payday might be the solution. The app is embedded with innovative features just like grey and others and makes international transactions easier and more convenient than ever before.

Whether you need to pay school fees abroad, send money to friends and family in Africa, or exchange funds globally, payday can help you with the services, so far you comply with it’s terms and conditions.

Features of payday APK

The payday APK possess some features that probably makes a lot of individuals developed interest in making use of the app for their international transactions.

In this section of my payday app review, I am going to provide you with all the features and surely, some information about each of the features.

International Account

Payday APK provides you with an opportunity to get  a virtual USD, GBP, and EUR account, which provides you with a secure and convenient way to manage your money globally.

With this account, you can store, send, and receive money in multiple currencies and enjoy access to a wide range of financial services. Whether you’re making online payments, sending money to friends and family, or exchanging funds with businesses, your international account is the key to a borderless financial world.

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Virtual Card Payment

In addition to payday app instant money transfer feature, Payday also offers virtual card payments. This feature allows you to make online payments without having to reveal your personal banking information. With payday virtual cards, you can enjoy secure and borderless transactions no matter where you are in the world.

Instant Money Transfer

The app provides it’s users with instant money transfer, which allows you to send and receive money without delay and with the payday instant money transfer feature, you can easily send and receive money without any border restrictions.

Whether you’re sending or receiving USD, Payday provides a seamless experience for all your global transactions.

Exchange Funds Globally

With Payday, you can exchange funds globally without any border restrictions and enjoy fair exchange rates.

Payday borderless transactions ensure that you can easily move money worldwide without having to worry about conversion rates or hidden fees. Whether you need to receive or send money internationally, Payday makes exchanging funds globally easy.

A Universal Money App for All Your Financial Needs

Payday is designed to meet all your financial needs. Its innovative features and seamless experience make it the perfect solution for anyone looking to exchange money without borders.

Payday App review

Payday being a cross-border payment app provides you with the opportunity to send and receive money across border and there’s no doubt that the app is good to an extent in what it does.

With our detailed exploration of the app, browsingtechzone found Payday to be a potential  solution for cross-border transactions. PLUS

The platform is embedded with advanced technology features and user-friendly interface, you can send and receive money, exchange funds, and make online payments with ease. Whether you’re moving money from one country to another or from one account to another, Payday provides you with the freedom to receive money internationally without stress. PLUS

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A lot of individuals have be using payday for a while and has been enjoying the app in making payment across border without any form of stress and this attest to the fact that the app is serving the purpose for which it is created for. PLUS

However, some individuals do face some difficulties while trying to create foreign account profile on the app and this is crucial as a lot if individuals make use of the app to get foreign account details. MINUS

You might not get support when needed: Yes, payday support is not vibrant to the populace expectation and if you have issues with your transactions, it might take time to get it resolved. MINUS

Payday referral program

Payday app referral program

Payday referral program is a reward program that provides you with the opportunity to get paid to tell others about the app and if you successfully invite someone to the app, you will be rewarded with a whooping sum of $3 immediately.

All you have to do is to register on the app and apply your referee referral code, login to your account and copy your Payday referral code and start referring others to the platform.

However, in other to get the bonus, your referrals must complete some transaction on the app and this will be explained In details, in the next section of this payday app review.

Payday app registration

To register on the app, all you have to do is to click here to register on payday app. While creating an account, you may be asked to enter a referral code , simply enter ADE72M as your referral code. Click here to copy the payday referral code to your clipboard

Payday verification

Once you complete your registration, you must verify your account with BVN and other required details. Don’t worry, your BVN is safe.

To complete your verification, you will see the prompt requiring you to verify your account, click on the prompt from your dashboard and follow the instructions to complete your verification.

Perform swapping transaction

Once you’re able to verify your account, the next thing is to deposit minimum of N550. I recommend N1,000 but in case you don’t have N1,000, simply use #550.

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Once the deposit reflect on your dashboard, click on Swap and Swap it from naira to dollar, then swap from Dollar back to Naira and withdraw your deposit back to you account.

Note that you will swap two times: from naira to dollar and back to Naira.

Accumulate $3 per referral on payday

Now that you have complete your registration, verification and swapping transaction, you can now copy your link and referral code to start referring others and earn $3 for every referral.

Payday referral code

To get your personal referral code, simply login to your account and click on settings icon at the bottom left corner of the app or locate referral option from anywhere in the app.

You will be taken to the page showing your referral code, click on the code to copy your Payday referral code and click on share to copy your link.

However, if you need the code to app during your registration, simply refer to the table below.

Registration Link: click here to register on payday

Payday referral code: ADE72M

Click here to copy the payday referral code directly

Download Payday app

The app is Available for both android and iPhone users and the link to download Payday app will be provided for you in this guide. Kindly refer to the table below to download the payday app.

Name                                                Payday


Service                                               Global Payment

Version                                               Latest Version

Download Payday app


This payday app review have successfully provide all the information you need to know about the app and especially, how you can participate in the referral program of the platform. However, you should know that payday reserves all the rights to suspend or Totally put a stop to the referral program and the interpretation of your qualification for referral reward belongs to payday.

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