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15 Distinctive Reasons Why iPhone Is Better Than Android

15 distinctive reasons why iPhone is better than Android

It’s no more a breaking news that iphone have some features that Android lacks or do better, something that an android can do and in this detailed guide, I am going to be providing you with more than 10 reasons why iPhone is better than an android phone.

In our previous guide, I provide you the detailed information on why everyone want an iPhone and what I perceived as the wrong reason why people choose iphone over android and the reasons why you should choose iphone over android.

However, this guide won’t be telling which is the best amongst the two devices but rather outlined features that Android lacks and present in iPhone or rather what an iPhone can do better as compared to an Android phone.

Without further Ado, let me dive into the detailed information on this guide, which I tagged as the 15 distinctive reasons why iPhone Is better than android.

Let’s go!

1. Security – Your Information is more secure

Proper security to one’s information is one of the edges that iOS have kept over android over a very long period of time and without any for of doubt, apple do take the security of it’s users very serious.

Moving further to affirm my reason of iOS having better information security, some information security companies deliberately agreed that Apple devices are more secure than Android devices.

Also, when going through a report by Forbes, it is contained in the report that 97 percent of smartphone malware targets Android phones. And this is because of easy access to a typical android operating system.

When talking about malware, then Android phones risks having more chances of getting malware and viruses from app store and other files downloading platforms.

Apple’s App Store has fewer apps to offer than the Android phones’ app store, but the number of available apps is not the most important element of app stores. Apple is very careful with selecting which app developers gain access to the so-called Apple ecosystem, a network of devices, apps and developers. Getting apps that contain malware into the App Store is practically impossible.

The just concluded line above provides you with an overview of why a lot of app are easily available on Google play store but haven’t been able to gain entrance into the iOS store.

In comparison, Google’s app store, Google Play, is an ad-supported and free environment where anyone can put their apps for possible visibility to the general public and download. Android allows the user to install apps from outside the Google Play store as well making it impossible to monitor apps possibly containing malware and viruses.

In addition to the app store, un-updated operating systems also cause security threats. Because several phone manufacturers use the operating system provided by Google, not all of them get the updates at the same time and are thus exposed to massive security threats. iOS devices are made only by Apple, so the corresponding problem doesn’t exist.

Iphone speed

2. Speed – iOS is faster

Having both the iOS and iphone operational speed into consideration, it can be concluded that smooth performance is one of the things iOS usually does better than Android. This seems ridiculous considering iPhone internals. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is currently the most powerful Apple smartphone as at the moment of documenting this 10 reasons why iPhone is better than Android and it features a six-core CPU with 6GB of RAM. Those specifications would be considered mid-range at best in current Android phones.

Absolutely, we tend to get a little lost in the specs and often forget to look at what matters. Performance doesn’t only come from powerful specs as your device having good specifications doesn’t guaranteed it having the best performance.

Putting the processing power into consideration, there is more to processing power than cores and speed clocks. Putting lots of fact into consideration, Apple processors are better than that of an average Android Device.

Having take into account that iOS have better processors, it is optimized to work perfectly with the few devices Apple makes. Meanwhile, Android is dropped into a varieties of smartphones, tablets, and other products. It is left for the manufacturer to optimize the software for the hardware.

Apple’s closed ecosystem makes for tighter integration, and on this note, an iPhones doesn’t need super powerful specs to match the high-end Android phones. It’s all in the optimization between hardware and software.

Since Apple controls production from beginning to end, it can ensure resources are used more efficiently. Furthermore, developers have to follow a stricter process to release apps, not to mention they don’t have to optimize their apps for what may seem like an infinity of devices.

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However the fact that iphone have better speed as regards to all facts stated above doesn’t implies that iphone outperform all Android devices. Some Android phones are made with rugged internals and have great performance.

But when putting the general overview into consideration, iOS devices are faster and smoother than most Android phones at comparable price ranges.

Surely, Android Also have some things it does better than iphone, which browsinteczone have discussed in details in a separate guide.

Iphone camera

3. Quality Camera

Which takes better photograph between an iPhone and Android has been a controversial question and indeed, one that should be handled with care as there are some Android phones that take pictures even better than that of an iPhone.

Though, generally, an iPhone does have better camera but when putting the camera capabilities besides that of an android, then there will be a lot of factors that we will have to put into consideration.

Price is one of the key factors to be considered by each phone purchase. It doesn’t matter if you could not afford all the amazing features of the newest phone. Consider the pricing disparity between iPhones and Androids. It is not to be denied that iPhones usually cost more than various Android variants.

Still, there are quite a few reasons iPhone takes better pictures than android and which is the main reason I allow this feature comes third on the list.

Moving forward on why iPhone takes better picture than android, Apple uses Sony sensors, which are currently the best on the market, apart from the iOS post-processing software that is far superior to any previous Android phone.

Camera quality is much more than the sensor. The lens quality, the software of the camera and, of course, the Image Signal Processor are all important. The image signal processing (ISP) is a component often overlooked by individuals.

Apple is very well known for its CPUs and motion chips (M7/M8) but one of the most best features that Apple uses to produce fantastic Image Signal Processors is its utilization of all the semi-conductors and photography it knows about.

The ISP is the camera’s brain. The sensor collects just light and sends a signal. Color determining, analyzing and cleaning raw pictures, and all factors of the camera like the white balance, the ISO, the focus, shuttering, etc. are controlled by the ISP.

4. Friendly Interface – iPhone are user friendly

Despite the fact that Androids are easy to use, iPhones are far better when it comes to retaining and attracting customers since the look and feel of iOS has hardly changed over the years. This plays an important role when switching to another iOS or upgrading your current iOS version to the higher one.

You will not need to struggle to understand how it works as iPhone mostly upgrade it capabilities when releasing another version and leaving the interface and basic arrangements literally how they are in the previous version.

Despite Apple making some improvement over the years like control center, the look and feel of iOS has not changed making the iPhone more advantageous than android because it works pretty same the way it did back then.

Whether you are an old user coming back to iPhone or a new user looking to switch, you will be able to easily navigate through, with the Tips app helping direct users through new features along the way.

However, this is as a matter of fact that this guide is previewing iPhone from a perspective of the reasons why iPhone is better than Android, when looking at it from another perspective, it might be difficult for users to use more than that of an android.

Why you should choose iphone

5. iPhone is considered simple to use as compared to an Android

Apple has so far recorded a significant success in providing it’s users with an operating system that is very simple to use and putting this into consideration, it’s undoubtedly one the reasons why iPhone is better than Android.

Apple users do like the iOS operating system’s simplicity and it is unarguably one of the things iOS does better than Android. There isn’t much to iOS, and that’s part of the iOS beauty.

Many iPhone users don’t want a phone to mess around with and customize. They want a device that works well, is easy to use, and can take them to their content with the least amount of effort. This is what the “it just works” expression is all about.

iOS provides it’s users with home pages containing rows and columns of icons, which you can easily organize to your taste, but there’s no app drawer to hide things, woops! It’s all laid out in front of you. The settings are straightforward, and the experience is always the same, no matter which Apple mobile device you’re using.

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6. The apple ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem has successfully introduced a wide range of products recently. If you own Apple’s devices you can get all the gadgets to work together in an effortless and seamless way by linking them together and the most amazing part of it is the fact that you don’t even need to install different apps to link them together.

The Apple ecosystem is considered to be hard to beat. Combined with an iPhone, devices like the Mac, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePods, and Apple TV, offer some kind of useful integration that makes certain things seamless and easy. So far, no other company or ecosystem has come close to the easy and smooth integration between Apple’s home-built devices.

Putting both android and iphone app store into consideration, the Apple App Store is significantly well organized and have better policy than that of the Google Play Store.

Developers looking to get their apps on the App Store have to go through a long and expensive list of checks and procedures, but the result is a net increase in the overall quality of iOS apps. The Apple App Store is generally cleaner, has fewer ads, and offers cool extra features like interviews, guides, better app lists and etcetera. Also safe, familiar, and easy-to-navigate.

Apple pay

7. Apple pay

Apple Pay as its name implies is an Apple’s payment service, which enables individuals to make credit and debit card payments using their phone. Paying works the same way as contactless payment with a plastic card, i.e., by placing the phone by the card reader. The card is protected with Face ID, Touch ID or the phone’s passcode, which let you keep your payment information safe.

Apple Pay is definitely one of the most advanced option out there. It works seamlessly across Apple-made smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Apple Pay is also more supported by banks and credit card companies out there, especially the smaller ones, which are the ones that usually skip Google Pay and other solutions. It’s also accepted at over 85% of retailers in the USA.

Also, Apple now offers its credit card, which provides some pretty good benefits. For starters, you can get 2% cashback on Apple Pay purchases, and the Apple Card only works with iOS.

Further more, Apple Pay can also be used to make purchases in apps, reserving a hotel room, shopping for clothes or ordering a pizza couldn’t be easier. However, there’s a but in the invention of the Google pay as the moment of gathering this distinctive reasons why iPhone is better than Android, and this is the fact that the Google Pay is not yet available in many countries.

8. Resale value – Apple keeps their value than android

It’s no more a breaking news nor something strange that new smartphones are being released each and every time and people often upgrade their smartphones regularly. Even when you are using a device, you will always anticipate for when the manufacturer is going to release another version.

On releasing of new smartphone, some will opt to sell their phones in exchange of the new ones while some will preferred swapping. No matter how old an iPhone is, it will still get better resale value than android phone. This is because iPhones are made of premium materials, which goes a long way in helping them maintain their resale value.

Apple phones also remain as flagship models and up-to-date longer, as there is only one manufacturer and new and better phones aren’t launched as often as Android phones.

For example, The iPhone 7 lost 34% of its value one month after its usage, the smallest drop of any other brand’s flagship phones over a similar period. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S7, lost half its value in its first month on the market,

Another typical example is that of iPhone 11 Pro Max, which launches in September 2019 and it lost 55% to 68% of its original value after 3 years, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 P that lunches the Same year 2019, lost about 68% to 80% of it’s original value.

iPhone overheating

9. Heat generation – iPhone do less overheating

One of the undeniable fact that allows an iphone to be rated over an android phone is the fact that an iPhone generate less heat as a device and even when in use for long hours it won’t do overheating to the extent of that of android. However, there are some cases where an iPhone overheating can be compared to that of android.


The reason behind this is iPhone batteries are known to be far efficient and generate less heat than those that run on other operating system. Apple’s iOS operating system is far more RAM efficient than Google’s old fashioned Android operating system, so it needs less RAM, which means that less RAM has to draw power from the battery which implies that less heat is generated.

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This means that for the same task, an iPhone processor only runs for a fraction of a second then goes back to sleep whereas Androids run their processor for a long time and have to us far more RAM, all of which uses a lot more power (3 to 6 times more power) and generates that much more heat.

The fact that an iphone user can continuously play games uninterruptedly for long period of time without experiencing overheating issues has been the most stand out reasons why a lot of users prefer the iOS operating system to that of an android.

10. Has better software and hardware

To an extent, iPhone can be said to have better software as compared to other devices. The latest example is Face ID, which securely logs you into the iPhone using a 3D scan of your face via a TrueDepth sensor. Though android have Also been able to integrate to face ID but as at the moment of compiling this distinctive reasons why iPhone is better than Android, one is effective than the other.

Animoji and Memoji are other examples of Apple hardware and software working seamlessly together. Though, Samsung’s also have equivalent, AR Emoji, seems but not as effective as that of the iOS.

Apple family sharing

11. Family sharing

The Apple’s Family Sharing is a feature that makes family life easier. Up to six family members can make use of this feature to access shared music, film or app purchases and share photo albums, calendars and reminders.

There is no risk of children downloading inappropriate or paid apps, as Family Sharing enables parental approval for their children’s apps.

With the apple Family Sharing, Mom, Dad and the kids can share purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks with up to six people as stated above. You can still keep your own iTunes accounts, too. When Junior wants to make a purchase, you receive an alert via the Ask to Buy feature, so you can keep better tabs on what he’s downloading and also prevent bill shock.

You can choose between a 200GB iCloud storage plan for the family ($2.99 per month for 200GB or $9.99 per month for 2TB).

12. Handy support

Apple leads the way in tech customer support. When you have a problem with your Android phone, you can only find a solution in online forums, calling your carrier or have to visit an expert.

The case is different with iPhone, with the iPhone, you can tap into a vast database of helpful articles on Apple’s website, get help via live chat or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar.

Having an iOS phone or tablet sure beats the competition if you ever have a problem with the device. You don’t need to go through carriers, look for customer service phone numbers, fill out online forms, send faxes, stay on hold for long periods only to talk to a robot, or wait weeks for a fix or replacement. You can easily go to a nearest Apple Store and enjoy their well-known customer service support.

13. Get the best apps first

As at the moment of compiling this distinctive reasons why iPhone is better than Android, the developers of the best and highest quality apps still favour Apple.

Most apps use Apple’s App Store as their launch platform and release their apps there much earlier than they do in the Android phones’ Google Play store. This has been the case with some of the most popular apps of recent years, such as Super Mario Run and Snapchat.

Some apps may not be released at all for Android phones. It’s much harder for app developers to create games and apps for Android phones, as there is a wide range of them and many unique features of the phones should be taken into account in the development.

However, this feature is limited to some countries, such as USA. Some countries like Nigeria do have most of their app available on Google play store and thousands of app that are available on Google play store and yet to be available on the iOS store.

14. Timely update

Having talked about the fact ability of an iPhone users to get best aps first, it very important to outline the fact that iPhone Also come with extra ordinary flexibility when it comes to updating your iOS version to the higher one.

Yes! Updating software is one of the things iOS does better than Android and if your iOS device qualifies to get the latest update, it will get it as soon as it launches.

iMessage and facetime

15. iMessage and facetime

When FaceTime lunched in 2010, it took video calling mainstream, something that most people had only experienced on a computer by letting you do it almost anywhere. A year later, Apple re-imagined the SMS with iMessage. At a time when many cellular providers were still charging per message, iMessage gave every iPhone user unlimited texting, absolutely free.

Because iMessage and FaceTime are completely internet-based and aren’t linked to the cellular network, you can use them on almost all Apple device. That means you can stay connected with your contacts, whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac


Having gone through the list of there 15 distinctive reasons why iPhone is better than Android, I am very sure that you are now aware of what an iPhone does better than an android phone.

Wants to know what an android phone does better than iPhone? Then check out my complete list of outstanding reasons why Android is better than an iPhone.



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