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Home Android Apps Spotify Premium Mod APK V8.6.36.1070 Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK V8.6.36.1070 Free Download

Spotify premium mod APK

Spotify premium mod APK is the version if Spotify music streaming app that gives you the opportunity to have free access to the premium version of the app and enjoy all the paid offers for free.

If you have been searching for where to download the unlocked version of the Spotify app, then you don’t need to search any further as this article will provide you with everything you need to know about the app and most importantly, the direct link to download the app.

The guide is not limited to providing you with the link to download the free premium Spotify app, but will also give you the detailed instructions on how to install the app and use it without any limit or the fear of being ban.

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About Spotify Premium APK 2021

As it has been stated in the earlier part of this guide, which I am very sure that you know the Spotify app to be a music streaming app and an app that makes listening to you favourite songs a very easier tasks.

Spotify have two versions, which are premium and free respectively. When you sign up on Spotify, you will be able to choose whether to subscribe or to be on the free version and use the app for free. But it’s obvious that the free version can never be compared to that of the premium(paid) version.

With the free version of the app, your activities on the app will be subjected to some limitation and this can sometimes be frustrating, but on the premium version, all the limitations will be removed and you will have free access to all the features of the app. I am sure you will like to choose the premium version over the free one and that’s why I have decided to drop the direct link to the Spotify premium mod APK free download.

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Features Of Spotify Premium APK

This are the advantages you will enjoy for using the premium version of Spotify and this advantages can not be found on the free version (plan) or rather be found will some restrictions.

Below are some major features that you will enjoy on Spotify premium mod APK.

No Ads

This is one of the best features of Spotify premium APK that makes everyone love it, it’s obvious that everyone will love the ads free experience on any application. It can be somehow frustrating when you’re streaming your favourite music and you’re being distracted with many ads. With the unlocked premium version of the Spotify app to be released in this guide, you don’t have to worry about any distraction that the ads might caused while listening to songs, you will be able to use the app without ads as using the app will change you to premium user automatically.

High Quality Music

The quality of the music you listen to on the free version of the app cannot be compared to that of the premium app, you might not noticed it but if you should compare the two by yourself, you will figure out the difference. When we are talking about the quality of music, the sound and the tone of the music are involved.

Unlimited Music Skip

The is one of the limitations on the free version of Spotify app, if you’re using the free version of the app, you activities will be limited to skipping only six songs and you will not be able to skip more than six songs within sixty minutes, but on the Spotify premium, the skipping restriction will be removed and you will be able to skip any song you fee like skipping without any limit or time frame.

Auto Shuffle Removed

There is a featured called auto shuffle on the free version of the Spotify app and effect of this feature is that you will be redirected to random song automatically, on the Spotify premium APK to be revealed in this guide, the auto shuffle has been removed and you can now enjoy your music without being redirected to another song you did not choose.

Ability To Select Songs From Playlist

This feature is somehow related to the unlimited shuffle but works in different ways, with this feature, you will be able to choose your favourite songs from a playlist and listen to them, unlike free version, where your access choose a specific song from a playlist will be restricted and you with have to listen to the playlist on a shuffle mode.

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Spotify Connect

Spotify connect is a special feature that allows you to to connect your Spotify to another device to enjoy your songs in more better quality. With this feature, you can connect your Spotify to a Bluetooth device, smart TV, external speak and others. This feature is restricted for free users and can only be accessed by the premium users.

Offline Music Download

Downloading songs for offline play is a restricted action on Spotify free version, you will not be allowed to download any songs for offline play, but with the premium version to be revealed in this guide, you will have unlimited access to download your favourite songs for offline play, so far there is enough space on your device.

No Root Required

The Spotify premium mod APK doesn’t required your device to be rooted or need any third party app before you can install it, you will be able to install it directly. Just follow all the instructions to be revealed in this guide are you are good to go.

Spotify Premium APK Free Download

I am sure you should have been anticipating for the download link to be provided and I will be doing just that in this section of Spotify premium mod APK download, below are the break down of the app and the button to click in order to start the download process.

Name                                   Spotify premium APK

Size                                     46.11MB

Version                                 Latest version

Required                               Android 4.4 & above

Download Spotify Premium APK For Free Here


How To Install Spotify Mod APK

There is no special method required in getting the app installed but the regular method you have usually been used to install all app to your device.

However, I will outline the steps below just in case you might be missing something, so this will be a source of reference to guide you through the installation process, especially how to use the app.

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Step 1: Click on the download link provided in the Spotify premium download section of this guide and download the APK file to your Phone.

Step 2: Open the APK file you download, you might be prompt with a notification that installation from this source isn’t allowed, click on settings and choose allow from this source, go back to the previous menu and click on install.

Step 3: Once the installation is successful, the app is ready and you can now enjoy the premium access for free. Note that if you have any other version of the Spotify app installed on your phone, should uninstall them for this version to be installed successfully.

How To Use Spotify Premium Mod APK

Follow the instructions below to use the Spotify mod APK you installed.

Step 1: Open the app after installation and click on the email button, then click on the sign up Free option, fill in your email, password, gender, date of birth, name and click on the create button.

Note: Do not use your existing Spotify account to avoid being ban. Use the Spotify premium mod APK with new email address.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (FAQ)

Below are the commonly asked questions that have been found amongst the Spotify premium mod APK users and especially those that are willing to use it recently and will be using it for the first time, check them out below to see if any of the questions that have been bothering you are there and check out the specific response.

What Is Spotify APK?

Spotify premium APK is the unlocked version of the Spotify app, it as been modded as stated in the previous part of this guide and will give you the opportunity to access the paid version of the app for free. No payment involved.

Is It Safe To Use Spotify Mod APK?

I know you might be wondering it’s safe to use this version of the Spotify app. Yes! It’s absolutely safe and you can use it without the fear of any virus or malicious file.

Can I Get Banned?

If you’re using the modded version of the app, your account might be exposed to the risk of being banned by the Spotify team and this is the main reason why I have advised you to use the app with separate and new email.

How Do I Download The Latest Spotify Premium APK

You can download the latest version of the app by simply navigating to the download section above, locate the download button and click on it to get the app downloaded to your device.

Must My Device Be Rooted To Use Spotify MOD?

No, it has been indicated in the earlier part of this guide that the app works smoothly without you having to root your device.

Conclusion: Above are all you need to know about the Spotify premium mod APK, how to use it with the detailed information about it’s feature and the various version contains on the app.



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