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Home Reviews M.livestockdevelop.com Review – Is Livestock Develop Legit Or Scam

M.livestockdevelop.com Review – Is Livestock Develop Legit Or Scam

m.livestockdevelop.com review

Livestock develop is a newly lunched Ponzi scheme investment platform that provides you with different investment plans, which allows you to make money without working but instead make your money work for you and in this m.livestockdevelop.com review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Normally, as the platform names implies, you might be thinking that they are firm that take charge of livestock development, which is simply an act of intentional and systematic efforts to improve the management, breeding, health, and overall productivity of domesticated animals raised for various purposes, such as food production, agriculture, and other related industries.

However, they’re not into such activities but rather been into a virtual livestock development business, which we can simply refer to as camouflage to keep you busy with the platform thinking you own a real-time investment.

In m.livestockdevelop.com, claims, it said to be involved in activities that can involve implementing better farming practices, utilizing advanced breeding techniques, improving animal nutrition, enhancing veterinary care, and addressing environmental and ethical concerns associated with livestock farming. But with our finding, such claim isn’t true about tye platform.

About livestockdevelop.com

The platform claims to be operating under the umbrella of Clover, which is a Group that was Claimed to be founded by Mr. Merckx on July 1, 2013. It is said to be adjacent to forests and snow-capped mountains, and is nourished by the gurgling Lake Taupo. Comment: comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE

They claimed to be an ecological pasture that inherits the New Zealand tradition. The ranch is a New Zealand own brand ranch. The group says to owns 29 ranches centered on Lake Taupo in the Catbury region of the south-central island of New Zealand. comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE

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Dairy industry core area” of the golden milk source belt at south latitude H40°, which is on the same level as the gold pastures in Australia, the Netherlands, and Ireland. With a total area of 12,300 hectares (approximately 30,393 acres), Mr. Merckx also served as an officer of IITA. In 2015. comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE

He added that the founder had Reached a strategic cooperation with Tyson Group, a global top 500 group, to create a new concept of agricultural development partnership. comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Clover says Group builds an ecological supply chain system for animal husbandry. The company provides more partners with advanced management, technology, sales channels, logistics systems and other services. Partners only need to register a free account in APP to order your ag ricultural products. The company’s supply chain system sells these agricultural products to major supermarkets and agricultural product merchants, and the profits generated are your income. comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Now is the era of the Internet economy. Many people work through the Internet and realize the freedom of wealth. The next three years of agricultural development will be a high-speed era of Internet development. Shamrock Group will help and support more low-income people in Nigeria through the Internet and get rid of poverty through the Internet. comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Meaning of comments attached to each paragraph

The information contained in the about us page are the information contained on the livestock develop official website and to make this m.livestockdevelop.com  review very simple and straight forward, we have decided to the results of our findings about each claims.

This implies that as we write out what’s contained in their about page, we at the same time provide you with our judgement on each paragraph as concluded in this livestock develop review.

The comment: UNVERIFIED/FALSE means that the paragraph is not True about tye platform and that they only lied to make you deposit on the platform without fear.

Livestock develop registration

How to make money in Livestock Develop APP

The first step is to register a free account, this will give you tye opportunity to have full access to their products and investment plans.

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Once you complete your registration, you will receive a free benefit from the platform, a quail worth 1080NGN. The income will be sent every hour, you only need to log in to the App to receive it

Deposit and subscribe to an investment plan

Note: If you haven’t deposited on the platform already, simply read this m.livestockdevelop.com review carefully and make sure to get the correct interpretation of the review before you deposit.

This review doesn’t intend to make you deposit on the platform, but to provide you with an eye opening information that will show you what the platform true colors is. However, if after you complete reading the review, you still have one or two reasons to deposit, you can then proceed.

Now that you have registered and login to your account, the second step is to invest in the Brace Chicken with the lowest price of 2500NGN, which will bring you a total income of 4080NGN in 20 days. You can also choose to invest 5000NGN in Land Goose, which will bring you a total income of 10140NGN in 50 days. The more you buy, the more you earn.

Refer and earn

This is the third step and it’s involved building a very strong team to help you make more money from the platform.

You can become a promoter of the app, and the first-level subordinates you invite can get a commission of 7% of the investment. In addition, you can get 5% of the commission of the daily income of the first-level subordinates. 2% commission for second level subordinates. 1% commission for third-level subordinates.

Register and learn more about livestock develop investment packages that are available as at now

Livestock develop review

M.livestockdevelop.com review

Livestock develop is one amongst the Ponzi scheme platform that surface online after the likes of Thomdock, Phebella and others had crashed.

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While gathering information for this livestock develop review, the platform is found to be a core Ponzi scheme platform.

They did not have any offline farms or livestock as promised, those livestock on the platform are all virtual and the platform only make it’s Money from new numbers registration.

Is m.livestockdevelop.com legit

Since the platform has been pronounced as Ponzi scheme investment platform, your question should be how long will m.livestockdevelop.com last before it crashed. This is because there’s no legit Ponzi scheme investment platform, they’re all dubious investment scheme.

However, livestock develop was lunched on the 29th of august, 2023, 29/08/2023 and with our analysis, it’s assumed to be a long term project. This implies that is can last for few months before it will crash. But for how many months it will last is what no one knows, it can be one month, two months, three months or more or even Less.

The even less was added to let you know that this is just a mere prediction that can’t be accurate at all time, we only assumed that it might last for couple of months but we didn’t assure. No guarantee!

Is m.livestockdevelop.com Scam

Livestock develop is a potential Scam as at the date of lunch, this is because, it’s a Ponzi scheme investment platform that paddle lies and try as much as possible to make false information looks true to it’s members.

Livestock develop certificate

Operation certificate

The operation certificate tender by the platform is a proof that the platform is not faithful to it’s users, if you have been engaged with some Ponzi scheme in the past, you will realize that the certificate is just a conventional one that anyone can get.

However, livestock develop platform is still paying as at the moment of writing this livestock develop review and surely, there are couple of withdrawal proof from the platform, but that doesn’t mean it won’t stop paying when the time comes.


With the information provided in this m.livestockdevelop.com review, I am sure to an extent that you should have fully understand how livestock develop works. However, if you should invest on the platform, invest only the amount you can afford to loose as the platform remains a very risky investment platform.




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