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Omglike77.com Review – Is Omglike77 Legit Or Scam?

omglike77.com review

Omglike77 is an investment platform like Many others that you might have came across in the past and in this Omglike77.com review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the platform and especially how to get free ₦1,500 from the platform.

Yes! While we provide you with the detailed review about the Omglike77 platform, the main motive behind this Omglike77 review remains how to get ₦1500 for free.

At the end of this review, you will learn how you can successfully earn a maximum of ₦1,500 from the platform and withdraw to your Nigeria bank account without depositing a dime.

About Omglike77

In a simple term and what has been observed so far, the platform is a get rich quick investment scheme and undoubtedly a risky investment platform that promised to provide you with up to 20× return on your investment.

However, according to the information found on their platform, they claimed to have 85,000 employees around the world, thousands of international and local customers, and its business scope includes advertising, public relations, digital, short video marketing, brand image and marketing, media planning and purchasing, etc.

Omg like77  claimed to have a series of large-scale subordinate advertising The media company owns agents such as Huanghe Advertising, Li Daiai Advertising, Hengmei Advertising, Ketchum, FleishmanHillard, and OMD. Several public relations companies and some regional and professional companies are the world’s top brand advertising marketing communication service groups.

OMG claimed to be a subsidiary of Omnicom Group established in 2019. It is mainly engaged in short video promotion business, and it is now in New York, Abuja, Paris, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore, Berlin, etc. Branches have been established in major cities around the world.

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OMG has reached strategic cooperation with lnstagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook and other social platforms to provide promotion services for hundreds of millions of merchants or short videos of Internet celebrities on these platforms, and the number is growing rapidly. OMG Corporation has helped millions of people around the world solve their job and income problems.

Omglike77.com about info review

All the information contained in the about page of the platform are untrue and should be disregarded as browsingtechzone.com was unable to verify them as at the moment of preparing information for this Omglike77.com review and on this NOTE, all the information should be regarded as false information.

How To Get Free ₦1,500 on Omglike77

As it has been stated at the beginning of this guide, the main focus of this Omglike77.com review is to show you how to earn ₦1,500 for free and withdraw to your Nigeria bank account without any form of investment.

The first thing on this note is to register on the platform to get started

Omglike77 Registration

To register on the platform, simply click here to go to the Omglike77.com registration page and on getting to the page, you’re to provide all the required information to complete your registration. Once you complete your registration, simply login.

Omglike77 login

Once you complete you registration, simply login to your account with the registered phone number and your password. Once you’re able to login to your Omglike77 account successfully, the next thing is to complete your task.

omglike77.com tasks

Omglike77.com task

Immediately you complete your registration, you will be rewarded with a free plan that allows you to complete 5 tasks daily and 15 tasks in 3days. Each tasks will earn you a whooping sum of ₦100 Daily.

With the free tasks, you will be able to earn ₦500 Daily for three days and on the third day, you will be able to withdraw your earnings without any form of restriction.

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How to complete tasks on Omglike77.com

To complete tasks on the platform, simply login to your account and click on the home button, you will see a YouTube logo, simply click on it.

Once you click on the YouTube logo, you will be redirected to the tasks page, simply receive 5tasks as shown above. Once you receive all the five tasks successfully, simply click on the tasks button at the bottom of the app.

Click on open link and you will be taken to YouTube, subscribe to the channel and like the video. Return to the platform and click on the camera icon, upload the screenshot you took and click on submit.

How to submit tasks on omglike77.com

Repeat the process till you complete all the five tasks you received and that’s all. You will do that for 3days and withdraw on third Day. To extend your days, you must purchase a plan and the minimum is ₦14,000.

Omglike77 withdrawal

The withdrawal is very simple and it’s like how it’s done on every other platforms, to withdraw your money, make sure you have blinded your bank account details.

Go to homepage and click on the withdraw button. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the withdrawal button, the withdrawal will reach your account in few minutes/hours

Omglike77 withdrawal password

To set your withdrawal password on the platform, simply click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner and click on personal information, you will see the bank card option as well as fund password. Make use of them accordingly.

Below is the payment proof of my free ₦1500 withdrawal.

omglike77.com withdrawal proof

However, you should know that the platform is against creation of multiple accounts, it attract instant ban. Only one account is allowed per device.

Click here to register and get started

How To Make More Money On Omglike77

To make more money on the platform, you need to recharge your account with minimum of ₦14,000 and upgrade to A1 or higher. The higher your plan, the higher your daily income and monthly income respectively.

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You can as well make money by referring others to the platform, but In order to get your referral link, you must be on A1 and above, this implies that you won’t be able to get your referral link until your recharge the minimum of ₦14,000. So, if you fee like continuing after the ₦1,500, you must recharge.

Omglike77.com Review

Having properly examine the platform, it’s found to be a Ponzi scheme investment platform and this type of investment scheme are always of high risk and you should only invest on such platform if if have a considerable risk potential and can afford to loose any amount you are about to deposit.

While the platform investment plans last for 365days, you will be lucky to get paid for 3 to 6months before the platform crashed.

Is Omglike77.com legit

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the platform is of high risk and you should only go there to invest if you can afford it. However, they can be commended in the area of free payment.

With Omglike77, you can make ₦1500 for free and get paid without stress, they really tried here and that’s amazing.

Is Omglike77.com Scam?

The platform is still paying as at the moment of writing this Omglike77 review and no report has been received from it’s users so far, on this note, the platform cannot be declared scam yet, but it’s a potential One.

When was Omglike77.com lunched

The platform was lunched on the 17 of august 2023(27/08/2023). This implies that the platform was lunched this year and not 1986 as contained in their about page.

When will Omglike77.com crashed

No one can tell when a platform will crash unless it’s about to, at this point you should have started seeing some signs already, but as at the moment of writing this Omglike77 review, the platform is still working smoothly and it’s believed to be s long term project.


Having gone through this Omglike77.com review, you should have fully understand how the platform works, especially, how to make money for free on the platform and withdraw without any form of restriction.

However, you should know that the platform is against creation of multiple accounts, it attract instant ban. Only one account is allowed per device.



  1. Please, is this thing LEGIT ? Because I am unable to withdraw since 3days which kept telling me to contact my superior for consultation……

  2. Omg site is not opening again why
    So what has been said is true
    And people’s money is inside and they still asked people to pay service fee which people did and today 27th is not opening chaii i hope dey sew them for duping people

  3. omglike77 is accessible as the time i writing this comment but are not paying anybody since 15-1-2024 this is showing you has gone be carefully with such ponzi scheme.


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