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How To Get Unlimited Free Data On All Network In All Countries

How To Get Unlimited Free Data On All Network In All Countries


I’m glad to share this latest app with you, this app allows you to earn free dent which can be converted to data or Airtime immediately.

This article will reveal all you need to know about Dent app, how it works and how to start using it to get free data and Airtime at the same time.

Dent app works in all countries and also supported by all networks. I have tested this app and confirm that it is real, simple to use and reliable, before I decided to share it it, so that you can also benefit from this unlimited offer as well.

Below are the little details about the Dent app:
Dent app is a newly invented app and designed by Dent wireless. The app allows it user’s to send mobile data top up Airtime and earn free data and Airtime as well.

Without further ado, below are the details of how the Dent app works.

You can click here to download the Dent app

Dent app rewards all it’s members with free 399 dents, immediately after a successful registration with the app.

This Dents can be converted to mobile data of any networks in any country and it is equivalent to 150MB.

The next step is to start earning more dent to get more data or airtime.

For each friend that you referred to Dent, you will get 599 free dent.

How to browse the internet unlimitedly with Dent app.

• Click here to download Dent app.
• Sign up using your Facebook account, Google account or manually.
• Allow the app to have access to your phone for verification.
• Once you sign up successfully, will receive free dent which can be converted to data or airtime immediately.
• Then click on invite now to get your referral link and start sharing to get more Dents.
It is simple as that, just Download the app here, register to get your first dent which can be converted to data or Airtime. Then start referring others to get unlimited data and Airtime as well.

How can I change my Dent to data?

In order to change your dent to data, just open the app.

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On the first page of the app you will see a box marked with “send tops up to” as shown below.


Click on the box and input your preferred mobile number in it, starting with your country code. (E.g +234 for Nigerians)  click Enter and the app will take you to the next page.

Select the amount of the data that you need according to the number of Dent that you have. That’s all!!! Your data will be sent to your preferred mobile number immediately

Enjoy your Free Data while the offer lasts.

I hope that you found this article helpful. use the comment box to share your thoughts on this.




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