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Google Meet APK – How To Use Google Meet On Phone And Web

Google meet apk

Google meet is a communication app that allows individuals to hold meeting of different purpose and allows others to join and interact with each other without any barrier, it’s previously known as Google Hangout. In this guide, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the Google meet APK and detailed information on how to use Google meet on phone.

The app is a Google product and can be accessed on some of the other Google products like Gmail and other mode than contains the feature.

Today, I will be providing you with all you need to know about the app in such a way that even if you’re just hearing about the app for the first time, you will Fully understand how it works, how to use it and the features that you can accessed on the app.

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About Google Meet

Google Meet is a Video communication service developed by Google and happens to be one of the two apps that constitute the replacement for Google Hangouts. The communication means can be accessed on Android, iPhone (iOS) and as well as the worldwide web.

It makes communication more Easier, especially when you’re holding an online seminar, class, study teaching a course other purposes that is known to you. The platform via feat for all.

Features Of Google Meet

Google meet gives you the opportunity to securely connect, collaborate, and celebrate from anywhere. With Google Meet, everyone can safely create and join high-quality video meetings for groups of up to 250 people.

Meet safely

The meet video meetings are encrypted in transit and the platform array of safety measures are continuously updated for added protection.

Host large meetings

You are opportune to invite up to 250 participants to a meeting, whether they’re in the same team or outside of your organization, just give them the link to the video meeting and they will be able to join in just a click.

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Engage in meetings

You will be able to engage on meetings without interrupting, through Q&A, Polls, and Hand Raise.

Easy access on any device

You can share a link and invite team members to join your conversations with one click from a web browser or the Google Meet mobile app that will be dropped in this guide.

Share your screen

This is one of the amazing features of the Google meet app, it gives you the opportunity to share your screen with other members of the meetings and enable you to present documents, slides, and more during your conference call. This makes is easier and suitable for all form if presentations and online teachings.

Follow along

Live, real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology and you must know that:

-Tile view for Android tablets coming soon. And as well as,
-Not all features available for free users.

Anyone can join a meeting on Meet via an invitation. However, some capabilities are available only to Google Workspace customers.

Features Available For Google Workspace Customers

With Google Workspace you can enjoy so e special benefits and this benefits will be outlined in this section of this guide. With the Google Workspace, you and your team can:

Enjoy helpful features

This helpful features includes; live captions, breakout rooms, and noise cancellation to make meetings more productive and allow all participants to hear what the speaker is saying, regardless of the environment you’re.

Attend meetings on the go

Meetings organized by Google Workspace users also create a dial-in phone number for each meeting, so every guest can join – even without wifi or data.

Seamlessly jump into a video

You can seamlessly jump into a video call from Chat or take document collaboration to the next level by connecting over video – everything ties together so you can always connect and collaborate in context. You can also learn further about Google Meet if you need further information about it.

Google meet logo
Google meet logo

Google Meet Logo

For proper identification and to prevent you from interacting with other app thinking it’s Google meet app, we all provide you with the official Google meet Logo, simply Check the image above and study it for some seconds to create better familiarity with the Logo.

How To Use Google Meet On Phone

Using Google meet on your mobile phone is very simple and in this guide, I will provide you with Google meet app for Android as well as detailed information on how to use the app on web.

To use Google meet on your mobile phone, all you have to do is to download and install the app to your mobile phone. Open the app and select your email account.

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You will see a welcome message, click on continue and the app will ask for some permission, grant all permissions and that’s all.

google meet login

Google Meet Login

To login to Google meet, all you have to do is to open the app and you will see two options, which are; create new meeting and join meeting respectively.

If you want to holy any meeting, just click on create meeting and follow the prompts. Share the meeting link to those you want to invite and once they click the link, they will be able to join the meeting.

How To Join Meeting On Google Meet

There are two ways to join meeting in Meet, the first method is by code, while the other method is by Link. You can only get the link or the code from the meeting host.

Google Meet Login With Link – How To Join Meeting With Link

Simply request for the meeting link from the host and once you get the lit, click on the link from anywhere, you will be asked of which app you want to use to open the link, select Google meet and you will be taken to the meeting.

Click on request to join and wait for the host to Approve you to join the meeting.

Google Meet Login With Code – How To Join Meeting With Code

To Join Meeting with code on Google meet app, all you have to do is to request for the meeting code from the host.

Once you get the code, open your Google meet app and click on Join meeting with code, you will see a rectangular box, paste the code inside the box and click on the Join button at the top right corner.

Google Meet Login Without App

You can as well login to Google meet and Join or create new meeting without installing any app on your device.

All you have to do is to go to Google meet web page and you will have full access to all meet features. Be able to create meeting, Join meeting, Share screen and lots more.

how to access Google meet app via Gmail app

How To Access Google Meet Via Gmail App

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide that the Google meet is a product of Google and you can also access the app from your Gmail app, in this section, I am going to show you how to do that in just few clicks.

To Access Google Meet app from Gmail app, simply go to Google play store and Updated your Gmail app to the latest version. Once it’s updated, open it and check the bottom of the app, you will see the Google meet option there, click on it and you will be taken to the platform.

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Google Meet APK Download

Now that you have know everything about the app and it’s features, it’s the best time you download and install the app on your phone, so as to explore all the aforementioned features and get to understand the app more better.

Check the table below for the direct link to download and install the Google meet APK.

Name                                      Google Meet APK

Size                                          34MB

Version                                   Latest Version

Service                                    Communication

 Download Google Meet APK

How To Install Google Meet APK

Once you are done downloading the APK file from above, simply open your phone gallery and navigate to the download folder.

Locate the file you Download above and click on it. You will be asked if you want to install the app, click on install and wait for the installation process to complete.

Google Meet App Download

As I have provide you with the direct link to download and install the APK version of the app, I will also provide you with the link to download the the app from play store directly and this will enable you to choose which is the best and most convince method for you to get the app downloaded to your mobile phone.

Name                                        Google Meet App

Size                                            34MB

Version                                      Latest Version

Service                                       Communication

Download Google Meet App From Playstore

How To Use Google Meet Smoothly Without Interruption

Sometimes, the voice of the presenter might not be as clear as it’s supposed to be and sometimes started buffering. This often makes it difficult for individuals attending the meeting to hear or understand what the presenter is saying, due to the external factors that are affecting the sound quality of the meeting


Let everyone mute their microphone and leave Alone, that of the presenter. If anyone needs to ask questions or contribute to the discussion, unmute the microphone to speak and once you done specking, mute it back.

Conclusion: Above is all you need to know about the platform and the direct link to download the Google meet APK has also been provided for you and so as the link to the Google play store.

After reading this guide, I believed that you will fully understand how the app works, it’s features and how to Use it without any form of interruption. However, if after reading this guide, you still have any question or need help in getting started with the app, simply drop your question in the comments section below and the appropriate response will be provided for you as soon as possible.




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