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Yellow Card App – Buy & Sell Bitcoin, See How To Get Free N2000

yellowcard app

YellowCard app is a cryptocurrency exchange app that allows you to buy, sell, and store any form of cryptocurrency, be it Bitcoin or alt coins. In this guide, I am going to provide you with all the information you need about the app and most especially, how to get the free N2,000.

In our previous, we revealed to you, how you can get free N2,000 via the Busha app free 2000 naira campaign and a lot of individuals are able to make use of the opportunity before it ended. Either you’re able to participate in the previous Busha campaign or not, here is yet another opportunity to get another free 2000. All it takes you is to follow the instructions that will be provided in this guide.

About yellow card app

Yellow Card is one of the safest, easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin with cash or online with multiple payment options, competitive rates and zero fees, you can buy and sell Bitcoin safely and easily on Yellow Card.

The app works the same way with that of Busha app and with just few clicks, you will be able to buy or sell any cryptocurrency of your choice.

Features of yellow card app

Yellow card app has a lot of features that will convince you to start using the app for your crypto transactions and in this section, I am going to outline all the basic features of the app and detailed explanation on what you stand to benefit from each of these features.

Easy Signup

The yellowcard app registration is very simple and fast, to sign up on the app, all you need is just your name, email address and phone number and you will be able to start buying and selling Bitcoin on Yellow Card.

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No bank account is required to start trading, you can decided not to add any bank account and continue your trading in P2P model.

Multiple Payment Options

The yellow card app provides you with multiple payment options and with this, you will be able to explore all the payment options that are available and pick the one that is convenient for you.

On yellow card app, you can buy Bitcoin with multiple payment options, tailored to suit your country of origin. Whichever method you choose, you can start trading instantly.

Best Rates

The app has a considerate rate, yellow card offer highly competitive rates to buy and sell Bitcoin. Buy and sell at the best rates with your naira, rand, cedi, cfa franc or other currencies safely.

Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Yellow card promised to take the security of it’s users’ funds seriously. And in a bid to make sure your assets are safe, the app has provide you with multi-sig wallets, One Time Pins and Authenticators, as well as robust KYC to ensure your funds are safe at all times.

Trade & Store Bitcoin

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, you can send and receive your Bitcoin from any platform instantly, or save securely in your Yellow Card wallet until you’re ready to withdraw.

Easy Withdrawal

Cash-out instantly on Yellow Card! Sell your Bitcoin for cash instantly. You can withdraw directly to your bank account or get cash from our merchants close to you.

Zero Trading Fees

Yellowcard app help you make the best of your crypto by allowing you to trade at no cost at all! Buy and sell bitcoin safely and quickly on Yellow Card today!

More Countries

Yellow card want everyone everywhere to have access to Bitcoin so, it keeps expanding our reach. As at the moment of writing this guide, the yellowcard app is currently available in Nigeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and new countries keeps coming online all the time!

More Languages

Yellowcard app now support 14 Languages, including 8 African Languages, 3 European Languages, Arabic and Mandarin. You can easily interact with the yellow card app in the language you choose. If the app is not in your country yet, visit yellow card website and register your interest to get notified when it launch there.

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24 Hour Support

Yellow card support team is always available to attend to you. Directly from the Yellow Card app, chat with app support team if you encounter any issue while trying to buy or sell on the app and get immediate help for any questions you may have.

Refer & Earn

You get rewarded for using Yellow Card when you invite your friends and family to sign up and trade too. Share your referral link and immediately get paid every time your friends or family trade on Yellow Card.

yellow card free N2000 campaign

YellowCard app free N2000 campaign

The yellow card app free 2000 campaign is a campaign that allows all individuals that register on the app, to get free two thousand naira upon their registration on the app and this is in a bid to get more people to sign up for the app.

How to get free N2,000 on yellowcard app

To get the free two thousand naira, simply go to the yellow card registration page and fill the registration form with the required details. These details includes: Your name, email address, phone number, your preferred password and a yellow card Promo Code.

Update On yellow card

Yellow card free 2,000 Promo has come to an end, this implies that you won’t get any bonus for completing registration on the app as at the moment of updating this guide

What is a yellow card Promo Code

A yellow card Promo Code is a special code that will allow you to get the free 2000 naira as contained in this guide. You must enter the code and click on the apply button to apply it during your registration, it’s your only ticket to get the free two thousand naira bonus.

Working yellowcard promo code

As at the moment of writing this guide, the only working yellowcard promo code is YC9JA simply copy the code and apply it on the registration page during your registration.

Updated! New working yellowcard Promo Code

The latest Promo Code as at the moment of updating this guide is YC4U , it gives you the opportunity to get free N1,000 bonus. Note: only use this latest Promo Code if the previous one didn’t work for you, cause, you will get free 2,000 naira with the previous one, while the latest one will only give you 1000 naira

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Verify your email and phone number

Once you are done providing all the necessary details and apply the Promo Code, click on the sign up button. An OTP will be sent to your phone number and as well as a verification link to your email address.

Simply verify your phone number with the OTP and open your mailbox to click on the verification link sent to you by the yellowcard app. Once you complete the verification, you will be credited with free N2,000 immediately.

How to withdraw from yellow card app

In order to withdraw from your yellow card app, all you have to do is to login to your account and click on the withdraw button, you will be asked to verify your identity, click on the verify button and follow the prompts to complete the necessary verification.

Once your verification is being approved, you can go back to the app and click on the withdrawal button again to withdraw the money.

How to withdraw from yellow card app via alternate P2P

The method above didn’t work for you? Worry ye not!

Simply make sure your account is verified and you’re allowed to buy and sell coins on the app, buy usdt or Tron on the app, the send it to another app that you understand how to use. E.g busha, bundle and lots more.

For example, if you understand how to use busha app to trade very well, simply use your 2000 naira bonus to buy any coin that have low transaction fee and is trading on the busha app. Send the coin to the app and Sell it from their. I recommend USDT and Tron (TRX).


Kindly know that the free N2,000 campaign is a short time promo and yellow card reserve every right to put an end to is at any point time, on this note, take action immediately, in order to get the free bonus.

Yellow Card refer and earn

Yes! There is a yellow card referral program and this is different from the N2000 promo, but, if you refer someone with your referral link, the person will not get the 2000 naira bonus. Register your account directly and apply the provided yellow card Promo Code to get the bonus.

Conclusion: Above is the detailed information on how to use the yellowcard app to buy and sell Bitcoin and especially, to get free two thousand naira upon your registration on the app. With the detailed information revealed in this guide, I am sure that you will be able to get your free N2000 bonus and as well use the app for other transactions.

However, if you have any question or need any assistance after reading this guide, simply drop a comment in the comments section of this guide and you will get appropriate response as soon as possible.



  1. Hello! If you get an error message that says the promocode you applied has expired, simply hold on till we provide you with another code.

    Don’t complete the registration until you’re able to apply the Promo Code.

  2. Please I have successfully did everything. But to withdraw is the problem, my account has been verified and I have added my bank account. It says I should try again later

  3. I’m trying to withdraw the 2k via P2P after all verification has been done but it’s telling me rate exceeded.. Been retrying since same result

  4. Pls i have converted #2000 to BTC since morning and it has not reflected, when i checked history its saying processing. Pls is this a general problem?

  5. For those who can’t withdraw their 2k after all has been correctly, I had same issues and I tried buy USDT and resold it back and then I tried withdrawing the naira again and It went through at once

  6. I tried to converted my naira balance into Bitcoin since yesterday but the 2k is still showing in my naira balance.. when i checked Bitcoin history it showed that its processing. Pls is this a general problem?

  7. I made my withdrawal yesterday and uptill now I’ve not been credited and the money has been deducted from the app, any possible solution please??

  8. Oh no my friend just introduce me to yellowcard early in this morning, I tried but the promo code is expired 😭😭😭
    Please any new promo code that i can use

  9. I made my withdrawal this morning by transferring the usdt to my Busha usdt account and I used the right one which is (TRC 20) and uptill now I’ve not been credited and the money has been deducted from the app, any possible solution please??

  10. I have applied the code and it worked
    God will bless you
    You have been a blessing to us by sharing benefits update.
    I can’t wait to get another update for more cash out🤑

  11. I have registered since last week on the app. I uploaded my documents for verification and they sent an email that it has been verified but on getting to the app, it says it’s still under review since last week. I’ve messaged them but there has been no reply. Please help.

  12. I don’t know the reason why whenever I entered the app and it’s coming back to login again and I try it so many time but the same pls i need help


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