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BBnaija 2023 – How To Watch Big Brother Online For Free

BBnaija - How to watch big brother online for free

A lots of ways have been provided on how to watch big brother online for free but the poll we created recently shows that the methods are not working properly for some people while at the other hands, it’s working perfectly for some of the users that are able to digest the instructions and follow it appropriately.

In other to lift the limitations identified in the just concluded paragraph above, we have decided to release another method to stream the big brother show on your mobile phone for free and the method to be released and n this guide is going to be very simple to implement and work flawlessly in the presence of good internet connection.

About Big Brother Naija 2021

Big brother naija is a Nigerian reality show competition television series which is formally known as big brother Ghana. The big brother naija 2021 is also known as big brother shine your eyes and in this big brother television franchise, contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large Cash prize and other material prizes. The cash price for the previous edition was eighty million naira while the 2021 edition is of ninety million naira.

A lot of people who are known as house mates will start this program together and they will be evicted one after the other till it remains only one person who will go home with the aforementioned cash price and other material prizes.

The first session of the show was first aired on DStv channel 37 from the fifth of March to the fourth if June in the year 2006. The show has draw a lot of people attention and now have millions of viewers across the country and hence, everyone now have interest in staying tuned with the show so as to be updated on the happening in the reality show.

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Without further ado, let’s proceed to the purpose of this guide, which is to show you how to watch big brother online for free and with the step by step instructions to be provided in this guide, you will be able to stream the show on your mobile phone without subscription.

Requirements To Watch Big Brother Naija Online For Free

  1. IPTV stalker mobile app that will be provided in this guide.
  2. Detailed information on how to configure the app for proper functioning.
  3. Internet connection that is moderately strong, so as to be able to stream the live show without any form of interruption.
  4. Active data connection for smooth running of the app.
  5. Configuration details like MAC address. It will be provided in this guide.
  6. Few sexy to read and follow the instructions to be provided in this guide.
big brother naija live streaming
Big Brother Naija Show

How To Watch Big Brother Online For Free

Simply click here to download the IPTV stalker mobile app and install it.

Once done, click here to see the configuration details, including MAC address, profile name and portal URL. Once you have gotten the configuration details, it’s time bro open the app for proper configuration.

Open the app and you will see three box directly the first one is for Nick name, the second one is for the portal URL while the third one is for the Mac Address. Enter the informations you have gotten from our telegram channel into the appropriate boxes and click on save at the top right corner of the app.

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You will be taken to the final menu consisting the lists of the available channels, select big brother naija and start streaming without interruption.

Conclusion: The detailed information provided in this page has provide you with all you need to know on how to watch big brother online for free and if you follow all the instructions accordingly, you shouldn’t have any problem with either the configuration or streaming of the app.

You might also want to check other alternatives to watch big brother naija shine your eyes without subscription, check the two alternatives below and choose anyone that is best for you.

How to watch big brother naija and other premium Dstv channels for free

Best alternative to watch DStv channels for free

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