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WhatsApp Money Machine Blueprint – How To Earn Up 100k Daily For Free

WhatsApp money machine blueprint

If you’ve been looking for ways to make through WhatsApp, then I am confident that this guide is definitely going to be your bus stop. In this WhatsApp Money Machine Blueprint, I am going to show you how I am earning a whooping sum of ₦100,000 and above by simply completing some tasks on WhatsApp.

Don’t worry! Country won’t br a barrier here as the method am going to show you allows you to withdraw in naira and cryptocurrency at the same time and should in case you reside in a country other than Nigeria, you will be able to participate and withdraw to any crypto wallet of your choice.

Moving forward, this blueprint is definitely not an assumption based, but a real time experiment that has earned many individuals a lot of money and guess what? They are still printing money unlimitedly without investing a dime.

The greatest flex in this method is that, nobody is going to ask you to pay a dime, it’s completely free and no registration fee is attached. And guess what? You can make any amount of money you decided to make on the platform depending on serious you take it, reason why I call it WhatsApp Money Machine.

Before I picked my pen to share this grate opportunity with you, I have personally withdraw a whooping sum of ₦ 63,000 this morning. Below shows the proof.⬇️

WhatsApp money making machine withdrawal proof

And this evening again, I just withdraw a whooping sum of ₦75,000. Totaling  my withdrawal for today so far to a whooping sum of ₦138,000 and guess what? Today never ends. The second withdrawal evidence is attached below ⬇️⬇️

Makemoney update withdrawal proof

This is a clear evidence that my claim is not base on assumption, I even reduced the potential of the platform by saying you can earn up to ₦100,000 daily, I could have said you can earn up to ₦1,000,000 daily. Yes! You can earn that much and even more, depending on your target. But for a start, you can target a daily earnings of ₦100,000.

Below is a student of mine that Also took the challenge and he’s earning above ₦100,000 on a daily basis without investment. You only need your phone and smartness to pull this figure and more.

Making ₦100,000 daily On WhatsApp

Without futher ado,

What Is WhatsApp Money Machine

WhatsApp money making machine is a money making method that allows you to make unlimited amount of money on a daily basis without investment and trust, I have been in this space for couple of years and am confident to say making money online has never been this easier.

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I refer to this method as WhatsApp money making machine because, it’s More like printing any amount of money needed by yourself without having to spend a dime.

In this blueprint I am going to provide you with two major platform where you’re going to register and with these two platforms and your smartness, you and only you can determine the amount of money you will be making on a daily basis.

How To Make 100k Daily With WhatsApp Money Machine

As I have said in the just concluded paragraph above, I am going to provide you with two major platforms, you’re going to register on this platforms, perform tasks and make money.

Now, we are approaching where we are going little by little, making money on these are very simple, but completing tasks to make these money is where the little complications lies but with the tips to be provided in this guide, you will definitely scale through only if you pay attention.

Requirements For The WhatsApp Money Machine

1. A smartphone

2. Sim Cards: Yes, you will need as many sim cards as possible in order to run the money making method to be revealed in this blueprint.

3. WhatsApp Account: Indeed, this is the main tool you will need, but then, the WhatsApp account to be used for this update must be your alternative WhatsApp. This is the reason why you will need multiple sim cards so as to create as many WhatsApp accounts as possible.

Review from participants
Random Selection Of Users That Are Making Good Use Of The Opportunity From My Followers

Problem Associated with the WhatsApp Money Machine

The only problem here is the WhatsApp ban, let me enlighten you more, the money making method to be revealed in this blueprint requires you to perform a WhatsApp task where you will be adding random users to a WhatsApp group, don’t worry, the contact to be added to those groups will be provided for you by the platform, all you need is to provide a WhatsApp account to create these groups.

Moving forward, WhatsApp recently doesn’t allows you to add many people to a group at once and doing this will make WhatsApp to flag your account and ban it. Now, we need method to be able to add these people to the group without getting ban. That’s all.

Once you’re able to find your way to performing these tasks, the sky is your limit.

WhatsApp money making machine Registration

I will provide two platforms for you in this section and you’re to register on the both platforms, both platforms looks the same and operate same way, only the URL is what differs.

Once you’re able to operate site A, you will Also be able to operate site B. This help you share work flow in a sense that if you want to make 100k daily, you only need 50k from both sides. 50k from site A and 59k from site B and boom! You’re having your 100k already.

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Click here to register on site A

Click here to register on site B

Now that you have create an account with the both platforms, it’s time to start performing tasks and this is where the main work lies.

How to complete tasks on WhatsApp money making machine

How To Complete Tasks On Both Site

There are two types of task on the platform and these includes the message task and the group task.

The group task is the major task on the platform, and once you complete your registration, all you have to do is to click on the WhatsApp group tasks, download the file and save it on your phone or email. Then you will be able to create the group. To enable you understand the process very well, we’ve gotten a video guide for you.

This video guide explains how you can run the group task and avoid ban at the same time. Click here to watch the video on how to complete tasks. Click here to watch a video that explains how to avoid ban.

How to complete WhatsApp group tasks

How To avoid ban while running tasks

There are several ways to run tasks, you can use your own discretion here, the assignment is to avoid ban as much as you can. You will eventually get ban, but at least, you should have to complete Manny tasks before being ban.

The message task is another task on the platform, but it’s newly introduced task and at the same time requires two phones to run it. Click here to watch video that explains how to run the task

How to complete the WhatsApp message task

What You Must Do To Make A Lot Of Money From The WhatsApp Money Machine

You have been provided with the two platforms you’re to register on, and how to run tasks on these platforms. The assignment now is to deploy tactics to be able to run as many tasks as possible without getting ban. Now follow these steps.

Step 1: Register on the platform and navigate through it to understand it better.

Registration links here

Step 2: Study the video materials that are attached to this guide and make sure you understand them so well yo enable you run tasks smoothly.

Step 3: Get as many sim card as possible, it Worth it. You can buy Manny sum cards, you don’t need to register them, you just need them to register and WhatsApp purposely to make money and move.

Step 3a: You can buy MTN and Airtel, they send codes without registration. By having multiple sim cards, you will be able to spread task across them and move to another account when they ban anyone of these sim cards. This is the only price you need to pay to make as much money as you can from this method.

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Step 3b: Set your main WhatsApp account aside, don’t use it for tasks.

Step 3c: You can use virtual number site if you have any, if you’re lucky to get one virtual number that allows you to Open Whatsapp with the number provided, you can generate as many numbers as possible to run tasks and make money. Click here to watch videos explaining on particular method to generate virtual number that can open WhatsApp. Only if it works for you.

Step 4: Now that you’re set with multiple sim cards, If WhatsApp bans any of your account, first request for unblocking by submitting an appeal, then switch to a new SIM card to register a new account and continue completing tasks.

The banned SIM card can typically be unblocked the next day, allowing you to continue completing tasks in an endless loop. This is the correct method to quickly earn money with this WhatsApp money machine.

Tips to make more money with WhatsApp money machine

Take Home Tips

As The 2in1(WhatsApp Money Machine) update is solid and paying massively at the moment, you must make sure to make the best use of it and accumulate as much money as possible for yourself by making use of the tips provided in conjunction with your personal discretion.

There are 3 important things

1. Combine all the tricks to avoid ban and stick with the one that works for you the best.

2. Try as much as possible to get multiple sim cards, it will FasTrack your performance and allows you to make more money on a daily basis.

3. Take note of of the peak hours. This is very important as it will allow you to make the best result out of your efforts (smart work.

⬇️Peak hours for makemoney ⬇️

➡️4:00p until night (rewards are high)

➡️ During The midnight (Rewards are high)

➡️ Early in the morning, especially between 5 to 8 to 9am

⬇️Peak hours For EarnCashTask ⬇️

2:00pm, you can get as high as 99contact task in this period.


Making money online has never been easier like this, with the WhatsApp money machine blueprint, you should be able to make up to 100k daily if you work hard and smart. As said in the previous part of this guide, my claim that you can make ₦100,000 daily from the update is not an exaggeration, it’s based on my personal result.

While gathering information on this insightful guide, I show you my yesterday withdrawal and I purposely delay the publication of this guide until today, so I can show you my today’s withdrawal as well. This is to let you know that the target we have set here is realizable and you can even make more when you get familiar with the system.

WhatsApp money machine blueprint withdrawal proof

Have questions after reading this WhatsApp Money Machine Blueprint? Simply drop your questions in the comments section of this guide and you will be provided with the appropriate response as soon as possible.

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