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Home Paying Websites M.skyphoenix3.com Review Is skyphoenix3 Legit Or Scam

M.skyphoenix3.com Review Is skyphoenix3 Legit Or Scam

m.skyphoenix3.com review

Skyphoenix3 is a newly lunched Ponzi scheme likes investment platform and in this m.skyphoenix3.com review, I am going to be providing you with the detailed information on all you need to know about tye platform and especially if it’s legit or just another Scam.

The amazing part of the platform is the you can actually make money for free on the platform and get your earnings withdrawn immediately you satisfied all the withdrawal requirements as it’s going to be explained in the skyphoenix3 review.

If I am not mistaken, the platform has been trending for tye past few days and those that registered immediately the platform surface has already gotten their earnings withdrawn without investing a dime.

However, it’s not late yet if you find this guide on time as I am going to be explaining in details, how you can Claim the free 20,000 naira investment bonus, which can be used to invest and withdraw your interest to any bank of your choice.

Note that the platform have Investment plans that will give you some returns on investment after 24hours, 7days, 15days and 30days respectively but this skyphoenix3 review will expatiate more on the opportunity to make free money on the platform.

About skyphoenix3

Skyphoenix3 is a Ponzi scheme likes investment platform that allows you to get a fixed amount of interest as a return on your investment. The platform consists of multiple investment plans and you can choose in-between the different options to invest.

The platform provides you with the opportunity to invest in a 24hours trading, where you activate the trade and your investment and the interest will be back on your balance after 24hours.

The platform Also have Investment plans that allows you to invest and wait for i certain period of time to get both your investment and the interest. This range from 7days to 60days.

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However, I will like us to fully discuss on how you can make money for free on the platform, which is the borne concern of this m.skyphoenix3.com review.

As we all knows that platforms like skyphoenix3 are surly risky but with the fact that you can get paid for free on this particular one, you can put any level of energy on it, after all, you have nothing to loose.

Skyphoenix3 Registration

Registring an account on the platform is surely the first step to get started on your journey of claiming the free ₦20,000 investment bonus and to register on the platform, all you have to do is to visit their registration page.

Simply click here to go to the skyphoenix3 Registration page and on getting to the page, provide all the required information and complete your registration. It’s very simple and you won’t have any issue once you’re able to provide all the regular information.

Click here to register on m.skyphoenix3.com

Registration Error

Yes! There is this error that you might come across during the registration but not to worry, if you encounter any issue during the registration, all you have to do is to turn ON any VPN on your phone.

While the VPN is ON, simply try the registration again and it should be successful this time around. In case you don’t have any VPN nor did you have an idea on which to download, simply download yoga VPN from Google play store.

Click here to download yoga VPN

skyphoenix3 login

Once you complete your registration, you will be redirected to your account dashboard immediately and should in case you need to login again, you only need your registratered phone number/email and password to login to your account.

Note: If you make use of VPN to complete your registration, you can simply turn it OFF as soon as you complete tye registration as you only need it to complete you registration.

How to get N20,000 investment bonus

Once you complete your registration on the platform you don’t need to do anything to claim the ₦20,000 investment bonus, you will get the bonus automatically as soon as you complete your registration, so far you followed all the introduction provided in this m.skyphoenix3.com review.

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How to invest skyphoenix3 bonus

How to invest the ₦20,000 bonus and earn real cash

Yes! Here is the main deal, the ₦20,000 is an investment bonus and more like an experience fund that cannot be withdrawn. You need to invest the bonus to earn real cash that can be withdrawn to you bank account.

To invest the bonus, simply login to your account and click on the home button, you will see different investment options, simply click on the invest now button attached to the first option, select invest now on the first screen and click on immediate investment.

You can check the image above for visual explanation on how to invest the bonus.

How to make money that can be withdrawn for free

Now that you have invest for the first time, you need to keep coming back every 24hrs to reinvest and you will earn ₦325 naira every Day.

Now, you need to trade for five days and you will have ₦1500+ on your balance, at this point, you can withdraw immediately.

Skyphoenix3 Withdrawal

You can withdraw to your local bank or any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice, once you have trade for five days at minimum and have ₦1,500 on your balance, simply click on add Bank to add any payment method of your choice.

Now click on mine button and click on withdraw, fill tye amount you want to withdraw and request for your withdrawal. Expect the payment to arrive within 24hour.

It’s as simple as that!!!

skyphoenix3 Withdrawal

Sky Phoenix Withdrawal Issue

When you’re about to add your bank details to your account for Withdrawal, you might not be able to select your bank name and that will definitely stop you from withdrawing. But don’t worry, we’ve found a solution already.

Solution: Simply download brave browser from the Google play store and login to your account to add your bank details via the browser.

Skyphoenix3 Investment Plans

Ok! Let’s talk about the risky part, I am sure you now fully understand how you can make money without investment on the platform. However, I feel you might need more details about the platform investment plans and especially, our honest m.skyphoenix3.com review. Below are the plans available on the platform

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Route investment

This is the Investment plan on skyphoenix3 that allows you to get your money back in just 24hours. It’s more like a flexible investment plans and if you activate any of tge plans today, you will get both your investment and interest back same time tomorrow.

Aircraft investment

These are the fixed plans on the platform that required you to leave the investment for a specific period of time before getting back your investment and interest.

Visit skyphoenix3 if you need futher details on their Investment plans

M.skyphoenix3.com Review

Skyphoenix3 is a regular Ponzi scheme investment platform and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, we have explained to you, how you can make money without investment on the platform.

However, if you’re considering them for possible deposit, you will not want to forget that they’re are as risky as many investment platform out there and you shouldn’t invest any amount you cannot afford to loose.

Considering the fact that they are paying free account, that might somewhat be some indications that they are potential platform and can probably stand the test of time, but regardless, nothing is guaranteed.

Is skyphoenix3 legit

As at the moment of writing this m.skyphoenix3.com review, the platform is paying it’s members as supposed and even paying those that didn’t invest a dime on the platform and hence, the platform can be said said to be legit for now. If their status changes later, we will also inform you.

Is skyphoenix3 Scam

They cannot be pronounced scam yet as they are still paying as supposed. However, you should be careful in dealing with the platform and invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

However, if you have any comments or experience on the platform that you will like to share with others, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments section of this guide and let others sees what you have experienced on skyphoenix3.


With the information gathered while preparing for this m.skyphoenix3.com review suggest that the platform might last a little bit but for how long is what cannot be guaranteed. On this note, you are advised to cut your coat according to your sizes.



  1. Good morning, please do I need to contact customer care before placing withdrawal and is there a particular to place withdrawal. The fact is that I have referred 52 persons and as at now, the site is working perfectly. In fact, my invest rate of return is coming in as at when necessary.


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