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Zap Surveys : How To Make Up To N17,000 ($25) Naira Weekly

Zap Surveys
Hello! You are welcome to another complete guide on how to make money online taking surveys on zap surveys app. This article will give you a detailed explanation on all you need to know about the the app, how register and start making cool cash.  I recently published a detailed information about Appinio Surveys, RewardingWaysmobrogEasycashjob and others, but today, I will expantiate on everything you need to know about the above mentioned app.

What Is Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys is a mobile survey app, which allows you to make cool cash taking surveys. It is an app for Android and iOS, which is owned by a company called app that pays.

Zap Surveys was created by Apps that Pays and was funded in 2016, this app allows you to make up to $25 weekly, which is equivalent to 9,000 Naira in Nigeria currency.

This app is strictly for people who reside in the United States of America, but do not panic if you reside in Nigeria as this article is going to reveal the simple tricks, which will enable you to register and make money with the app as a Nigerian.

How Does Zap Surveys Works?

There are multiple ways in which you can be making cool cash on this app and those ways will be explained in details, in this article.
Without further ado, below are the ways, in which you can make money on Zap Surveys.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys the main purpose of the app and this is where you can make a lot of money on the app. Zap Surveys has partner with third party portal like Peanut Labs, TapResearch and inbrain in order to offer you a high quality surveys in exchange for cash.

The above mentioned portal are the ways to take surveys through zap surveys and this make taking surveys on the app a easier one, because, each portal mentioned above also consists of different surveys providers and this gives you the opportunity to explore many surveys in each portal in such a way that if you did not qualify for one survey, you will qualify for the other and also gives you the opportunity to navigate from one portal to another and does this enhance the flexibility of the app.

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Note that the first time you want to take a survey through one of these portals, you will need to to fill out your basic demographics information again (such as, age, gender, income, working status, etc.) and you have to do it for each portal and even each surveys providers in each portals as well.

This can be a bit annoying, but at least, those information will only be required at the first time in which you are using them.

Sign up bonus

Zap Welcome survey
Welcome survey

This is one of the best and amazing offer from Zap Surveys. If you have heard anything about the app, you probably have seen that one of the claims that makes the app to be attractive is that you are guaranteed of getting $6.25 for your first survey.

Immediately you complete your registration on the app, you will get a welcome survey to get you started. This survey is very short and easier and you can never get disqualified from the survey. It contains nothing more than eight questions and it only takes a few minutes to be completed.

After which you have completed the survey, you will receive a whooping sum of $6.25 in your zap account which will make it easier for you to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold as soon as possible.

The $6.25 is just a sign up bonus and it is much pretty easier than other surveys that you are going to encounter when you get started with other surveys.

Refer Friends And Earn

This is another means by which you can make money on Zap Surveys, you will earn $0.45 for each person you referred to download the app and register with your referral link.
To get your own unique referral link on this app, just login to the app, click on the three lines at the top left corner of the app home menu and select refer friends, copy your unique referral link and share.

Daily Login Bonus

You can get a quick daily login bonus, by just logging into Zap Surveys app.
All you have to do to earn your login bonus, is to login the app daily, then click on the notification icon that will appear and click on the respective day that is available. It pays you $0.03 for everyday you do this, provided that you didn’t break the login streak.

Does Zap Surveys Really Work?

Yes, it really works and you can earn the minimum withdrawal as soon as possible, you will get a sign up bonus if $6.25 Immediately you sign up and complete your first survey, which makes it much more easier for you to reach the minimum withdrawal as soon as possible.

How To Register On Zap Surveys

If you reside in the United States of America, then click HERE to download the app directly from play store and register to start making money.
Are you from Nigeria? Don’t panic, just follow the steps below and you will be able to download the app and start making money with it.

As it has been stated above, Only people from USA can join Zap Surveys but as a Nigerian or someone from other countries, you will have to make use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to change your location to that of USA and this will be explained in details below.

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Zap Surveys withdrawal
Zap Surveys

Does Zap Surveys Work In India?

No, it is strictly for the residents of the United States of America, but this article is going to provide step by step guide on how you can register on this app from any country.
Just read the instructions below carefully and don’t skip lines.

How to register on zap Surveys if you reside in Nigeria Or other countries

Step 1: You will need to change your play store to USA before you can click on the link that will be provided at the end of this guide, do not worry if you don’t Know how to go about that as it will be explained below.

Steps to change your PlayStore To USA Play Store Before You Click On The Link. 

Step2: Go To Your phone settings and then click on apps then click on play store and then click on clear data and cache after that click on force stop.

 Step 3: Download  any powerful VPN and connect it to USA location only (New York). Click HERE to download the most  recommended premium VPN for free with step by step guide on how to use it.

Step 4: Now that your VPN is connected click HERE to download the zap survey app and register to get your $6.40 bonus.
Follow the instructions above strictly yo earn additional $0.75 sign up bonus.

Make sure you only take inbrain Surveys if you’re from Nigeria or other countries, the icon for inbrain is shown below



Zap Surveys APK Download

I have decided to upload the APK version of this app due to the fact that many people are unable to download the app and register, as a result of the fact they they reside outside the United States of America, so if you are not a residence of the USA, just click here to download the apk of the app directly and install it, then register and take your surveys in peace

Who can Join Zap Surveys?

All residents of the United States of America that are above 18years of age can join and use the app without stress.
Don’t panic if you are not from the United States of America, just follow the instructions provided above and register without stress.

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Does Zap Surveys Works In South Africa?

No, but this article has made it easier for everyone to join and enjoy this amazing opportunity, just scrol up to the registration section and read the step by step instructions on how to register from other countries outside the United States of America.


How To Withdraw From Zap Surveys

The minimum withdrawal threshold on Zap Surveys is $25, immediately you hit the required $25 minimum withdrawal, then you can withdraw your earned cash into your PayPal account or through other withdrawal options that are available on the app.
I guess you don’t have a PayPal account? Don’t panic, just click HERE for detailed guide on how to create a valid PayPal account that can send and receive funds in Nigeria.

Pros and cons of Zap Surveys

• There are too many available surveys on the app, and this implies that if you don’t qualify for one you will surely qualify for others.
• The
is amazing and enable you to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold very fast.
• It has many withdrawal options
• It’s available for USA residents only, but this article has resolved this

• You will not get notified of new surveys, you will have to login and explore by your self.

Is Zap Surveys Fake?

No, it is a legitimate app that allows you to exchange your opinion for rewards.

I Logged In To Take Surveys But Didn’t Find Any

It has been brought to my attention that some people will log in to their zap account but will not see surveys to take, this is because you are accessing the app from another country that is different from USA with the help of VPN, all you have to do to get this resolved is to clear the app cache and data, change your VPN to a unique and moderately strong one and open the app again after some hours.
Note that the VPN that are recommended in this guide are being used by many already and it’s not that strong anymore, so I advised you to use other strong and unique VPN, if I recommend any again, it will still be messed up. So use anyone you know of, so far it’s unique.

How Can I Qualify For More Survey

To qualify for more survey on zap, make sure you used a unique and strong VPN if you’re accessing the app outside USA. Read our guide on survey profiling and demographics question and answer, if you have been using the account for long, change it and abide by the instructions provided in this guide.

Conclusion: Zap Surveys is a legit survey app that will pay you take surveys. It allows you to air your opinion in return for cash, it’s flexible in terms of operation and have multiple withdrawal options.

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  1. Thank you for this post Bro. I was able to earn my first $6.25 by completing the survey and another 0.001cents for following instructions.

    I couldn't find in brain surveys

    And would it be everytime I want to answer a survey I will connect the VPN

  2. Open the app again and check it again, inbrain is the one with blue icon as shown in the post.

    And don't ever open the app without making sure that your VPN is connected.

  3. I've been unable yo connect to New York after downloading and logging in on tweakware. Please what can I do? I also tried using windscribe in which I got connected but I was unable to download the app.

  4. The apk version of the app has been uploaded, download the apk and it directly, but do not open it without connecting your vpn to the required country.

  5. The apk version of the app has been uploaded, download the apk and it directly, but do not open it without connecting your vpn to the required country.

  6. Hello Abdulraheem!

    Inbrain is now included in the just uploaded apk version, just uninstall the previous one and install the one I just upload.


  7. Actually there are no surveys on the app. The only surveys there is peanut labs and it never gives ant survey. I’m stuck in $7.25

  8. After downloading and installing VPNHub, I cant open it. It keeps showing check network connection.. error…
    My network is very good and strong.

  9. Hello boss …pls I click on in brain survey it said there is no available survey in my area where as I’m using Vpn,and secondly I tried the peanut it’s said my account is bared d third one theorem research is not opening….s what can I do bro

  10. I’ve clear cache several times as you wrote in d article but it’s still showing thesame thing that no survey available for me in inbrain and also peanut survey said I’ve been suspended. Please help about it.

    • Once you’ve been suspended on peanut, that’s all for that account, you will be able to access other part of the app and never peanut ever again.

      And concerning the cache, I said you should clear data and not cache, I Also mentioned changing of VPN.

      However, if the issue persists after all, you should just keep trying again.

  11. Hello please, I downloaded the VPN but it doesn’t open, it kept saying I should check my network connection. Meanwhile my connection is in

  12. As a Nigerian is the PayPal option for withdrawal still available??
    And can I use someone’s PayPal account in withdrawing??

  13. Hello please how long is the survey for in brain cause I have been taking just one survey for more than 30min and it had not ended

  14. Sir I couldn’t access the VPN I downloaded on the telegram group the VPN hub isn’t loading and I tried out all possibilities to downloaded app not available in my region after reading your guide and acting according to instructions it still ain’t working help your boy boss

  15. Sir, I downloaded the VPN app on the telegram group and installed it. It just keep loading forever. Is there any other strong VPN I can use?

  16. It seems like nothing is working perfectly even with my VPN turned on. I was able to complete the first survey and receive the said $6.25 but it didn’t reflect in my balance. Claiming the daily bonus is always a problem and I have never really been availed to any surveys since I joined 😫💔


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