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Vindale Research Review

Vindale research review

Vindale research review is an insight that will give you all you need to know about vindale research. If you have heard about vindale research and you are wondering whether it’s scam or legit, I’m glad to have you here as this article is going to expanciate on everything you need to know about this website.
Below are the outlined questions that this article is going  to answer in details;

1. What is vindale research?

2. How can I make money on vindale research?

3. How much can I earn on vindale research?

4. Is vindale research legit or Scam?

5. Who can join vindale research?

6. How can I join vindale research?

Above mentioned are the questions that will be answered in This article in details.

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 What is vindale research?

Vindale research is a new York based company that is known to be a marketing research company which rewards all it’s members for participating in paid surveys, such as sharing their views and opinions about consumer product and services.
The amount of money that a user can earn on vindale research  depends on the length of the survey that the user is taking.

How can I make money on vindale research?

There are multiple of ways in which users can earn money from this site. You can click HERE to register an account now

All the ways in which user’s can earn cash from this survey site are explained in details below;

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How to get paid online by vindale research
Ways To Make Money On Vindale Research


• Taking surveys

The one major way in which user can make money on vindale research is by taking surveys.
The amount you can earn doing survey on this site ranges from $0.25 to $5 per survey completed, depending on the nature and the length of the particular survey.
All the survey available to a user can be completed by answering short questionnaire which doesn’t require any practical knowledge or skill.

• Vindale videos

You can make money by watching videos on vindale research, the amount you can earn per videos varies from $0.10 to $0.50 depending on the duration of the video, which implies that the long the video the higher the earning.
Most of the videos available on this website are short and you will be paid for watching them.

• Vindale cash contest

Vindale cash contest is a contest in which user are giving a specific tasks to complete and stand a chance to win a cash price.
The contest is usually made available to all users every week and the name of the winners will be published on the website at the end of each contest.
User can earn up to $20 from these contests.

• Reward mail

This is another means of making money on this site, vindale pays their users for opening and interacting with the advertisement that have been sent to their email.
Vindale users can earn up to $0.10 for each reward mail advertisement that they open and interact with.

• Vindale reward codes for cash

This is another means of making money on vindale research.
Vindale research reward codes are posted several times in a week, but there is no specific time for the code availability, so they advised the users to stay on the lookout for these codes.
You can earn up to $0.50 with the reward codes which will not take up to 1 minute to be completed

• Refer and earn

This is the amazing part of the this site, it pay $5 for each person you refer to the site, isn’t that good? Imagine referinre ten people to the website, that is a whooping sum of $50.
But note that your referral must complete a survey worth of $1 before you can receive the referral bonus of $5.

• Sign up bonus

This is one time earning of instant $1, all new members are credited with $1 immediately they sign up and complete their profile with a simple and short questionnaire.

• Submitting of payment proof

Vindale pay it’s members to upload their payment proof after which they receive their requested payment from the website.
To earn money using this system, you are required to send a clear picture of you and your payment.

How much can I earn on vindale research?

The amount of money you can earn on vindale research is not limited and it depends on how active you are on the website, ranging from checking your mail and exploring the available surveys from time to time, watching videos, opening rewarding mails, referring friends and lots more.

Is vindale research legit or scam?

According to the informations provided in this vindale research review,  Vindaleresearch is a legit websites that will pay you immediately you reach the minimum withdrawal, though, you can’t earn much money from this website as you will not be qualified for more than 50% of the surveys in which you are invited for.
Click HERE to register and start making money with vindale research now.

Pros of vindale research:

> The amount of money you earned per Referral on vindale reserch is high as compared to some other survey websites.
> Your referrals are tracked automatically as they click and register using your link, this implies that your referral will not need to manually apply any code before you can get paid for referring them.
> They pay directly to PayPayl.
> Registration is free and easy.
> They offer multiple of ways to make money using the site.

Cons of vindale research:

> New surveys are frequently available, but you will not qualify for most of them.
> They are not worldwide which implies that some countries are restricted from joining the website.
> Minimum withdrawal is $50.

Who can join vindale research?

To join vindale research, you have to be 18years or older and live in the selected countries below.
United States
United Kingdom and


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How can I join vindale research?

Vindale research registration is very simple and easier, just follow the steps below and you will be done in less than 3minute
> Click HERE and you will be redirected to the vindale registration page.
> Fill all the registration reqirrequire, such as name, user name, email address, country, zip code and others
> Complete your registration by clicking on the confirmation mail sent to your email address.
> Complete the first task to earn your sign up bonus and that’s all.

> Make sure you complete at least one survey worth of 1$.

That’s all, hope you found this article helpful?

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