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anker-power.net Review – Is Anker Power Legit Or Scam

anker-power.net review

Anker power net is a newly lunched Ponzi scheme investment platform that allows you to double your investment within a very short period of time and in this anker-power.net review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Anker power is coming shortly, after Thomdock shut down it’s platform and defrauding a lot of individuals of their hard earned money with their initial and new shabby initiative.

Surely, there are lots of things that isn’t proper about anker power net and you should relax and read this anker power net review carefully in order to find out all the hidden information about the platform.

About anker-power.net

Anker power is a get rich quick investment platform that provides you with lots of high income offer, especially if you’re tye type that can refer very well, you will make a lot from the platform within a short period of time.

But will your referrals funds be safe? You need to find out this and in order to find out, you must read this guide carefully so as to get the proper interpretation of the review.

However, you might come across different information that the platform has been in existence for years and etc. Do not fall a victim of cheap lies, the platform is a newly lunched platform.

You can check out anker power net here

How to make money

As usual, there are different investment plans on the platform and the higher your investment, the higher your daily income. When you complete your registration on the platform, you will need to deposit a certain amount, depending on your target investment plan.

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The other ways to make money on the platform is referral program, by referring others to the platform, you Stand a chance to accumulate income from different source.

anker power net referral program

Anker power referral program

When you refer people to the platform and they buy a product (purchase an investment plan) you will be able to get 20% for B members, 3% for C members, and 2% for D members.

Also, when you Invite AK-3300, you will immediately receive a reward of 660NGN, when you invite AK-16800, you will immediately receive a reward of 3360NGN, when you invite AK-43000 you will immediately receive a reward of 8600NGN.

When, you invite AK-89000, you will immediately receive a reward of 17800NGN, when you invite AK-181000, you will immediately receive a reward of 36200NGN, when you invite AK-382000 you will immediately receive a reward of 76400NGN

And for the highest plan, when you Invite AK-660000, you will immediately receive a reward of 132000NGN.

anker power net Investment packages

There are different packages on anker-power.net and in this section of my anker-power.net review, I am going to provide you with the different plans that are available on the platform and then we move to the review of anker power net.

The investment plans start from AK3300, which is the lowest plan on the platform and cost a whooping sum of ₦3,300 to AK2600000, which is the highest plan on the platform and cost about 3 million naira.

As it has been stated in the previous part of this anker-power.net review, the higher the investment plan, the higher the daily income.

For example, if you buy the lowest plan that cost ₦3,300, your revenue Cycle will be 24 Hours, earning you ₦198 in every cycle and a total of 6138NGN at the end of the plan.

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If you buy the AK16800 plan that cost ₦16,800, your revenue Cycle will be 22 Hours, earning you ₦1176 in every cycle and a total of 34104NGN at the end of the plan.

If you buy the AK43000 plan that cost ₦43000, your revenue Cycle will be 20 Hours, earning you ₦3440 in every cycle and a total of 43000NGN at the end of the plan. Etc.

anker-power.net investment plans

You can visit the platform if you need more information about their Investment plans

Anker-power.net Review

Having explore the platform, you should already know it’s a Ponzi scheme investment platform without anyone telling you and these types of investment platform are of high risk.

While gathering information for this anker power net review, there are lots of things that raised concerns and need to be addressed, by addressing this concern alone will provide you with the full clue on what anker-power.net is truly is.

By addressing this concerns, a lot if information that might be unknown to you will clearly be revealed to you and you will understand the platform even more better. Below are the things we noticed about the platform:

String with Thomdock found

It’s no more a breaking new that the Thomdock have crashed already and to make it worse, they didn’t crash just like that, they put up some offer that lure people into depositing more money and thereby lossing even more money.

With our analysis, the platform is possibly be lunched by the Same brain behind the failed Thomdock. If not the owner of Thomdock, it will definitely be one amongst the Thomdock disciples.

Reused idea

The platform is operating on expired format and thereby making use of the system that has been used by Many investment platforms in the past. This implies that the CEO might even be clueless about the whole thing.

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He might have just grabbed an existing script and host it, thereby having a severe impact in the longevity of the platform.

High referral earnings

The promised referral income seems to be very high and if they’re paying the amount promised for referrals, the platform might run out of fund as soon as possible and results into clamping down with the new users investment.

anker power net legit or scam

anker power is impersonating Anker

Yes! There’s impersonation found on the platform and there’s a legit company that produces electronic product and which is the rightful owner of the name.

Anker power net is making use of the name to trick you into believing they’re part of the company, whereas, the company doesn’t even know about their existence.

When was anker-power.net Lunched

The platform lunched date is Friday 1st of September 2023

Is anker power net legit

There’s no legit Ponzi scheme, once we pronounced a platform to be Ponzi scheme, your question should be narrowed to how long can the platform last. This is because, all Ponzi scheme investment platform are bound to crash on reaching the equilibrium point, even when the admin is dedicated to it.

In this note, we can only say they’re paying for now as there are multiple payment proofs as at the moment of writing this anker-power.net review.

Is anker-power.net Scam

The platform is a potential Scam platform and if you should deal with the platform, you should be very careful. Your investment is definitely not safe on anker-power.net, but if you understand how Ponzi scheme investment works and your risk capacity is high, you can carry out the investment action at your one influence.

Definitely, the platform is paying now, but one day, they will be gone. However, we cannot say how long or how soon.


This honest anker-power.net review has so far provide you with all the information you need about the platform and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should be able to classify the platform to where it truly belongs.





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