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Bitcastle Review – Is Bitcastle App Legit? See How It Works

Bitcastle review

Bitcastle app is a crypto platform that have taken cryptocurrency trading to another level, making it easy for everyone to be able to trade and make money even if they don’t have trading knowledge and in this Bitcastle review, I am going to revealed all you need to know about the app.

Especially, how you can get a whooping sum of $16 as registration bonus and the process involved in getting the money withdrawn to your crypto wallet. At the end of this Bitcastle app review, you are going to understand literally, all you need to know about the app.

About Bitcastle

Bitcastle is an 0% trading fees cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrency by mere prediction and make profit or loss without additional fee.

I previously mentioned that the platform have successfully taken cryptocurrency trading to another level, which allows even the beginners to make money on the platform by trading.

This is because, the platform have a unique HIGH&LOW binary trading option, which offers a simple way to speculate on cryptocurrency movements while making a profit. With results available as fast as five seconds, bitcastle offers the fastest binary option in the crypto market today.

Not only that, the Bitcastle app also provides the tools required to trade both major and minor pairs. The program enables trading for BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and XRP, as well as twenty minor coins frequently traded worldwide.

The bitcastle dashboard provides everything needed to make educated trading decisions. For new traders, this greatly reduces the learning curve to break into crypto. Experienced crypto traders can use the indicators, check the market cap, and activate other features that can optimize their trades.

Bitcastle registration bonus

How to claim free $16 registration bonus on Bitcastle

Now that you have gotten a detailed overview on the Bitcastle app, how it works and what you Stand to b benefit from the app, it’s the high time I moved to an amazing part of the app, which is the fact that the Bitcastle app is offering a free $16 registration bonus to all newly registered members.

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You literally trade with this bonus and be able to withdraw directly to any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice. Don’t worry, I am going to explain everything in this bitcastle review.

Bitcastle registration – How to register on Bitcastle and get free $16.

Simply click here to download and register on the bitcastle app. Open the app, register by providing your email address and choosing your preferred password.

An otp will be sent to your email, check your email address and copy the otp to verify your email and be able to proceed to the next step.

Bitcastle identity verification

Bitcastle account verification – How to complete identity verification on Bitcastle

I will advise you to get your identity card ready when you’re registering on the app, this is because you will be prompt to complete your account verification once you login for the first time.

There are two levels of verification, level one being collection of your basic information, such as names, date of birth, zip code, address and other required details.

The second level is where you will be verifying identity by snapping the front and back of your ID card. A plastic ID card is preferred. But if you don’t have plastic ID card, you can try your luck with the paper one(approval not guaranteed).

Wait for 24 hours for your submission to be reviewed, immediately your account is verified, you will receive the $16 registration bonus.

It’s as simple as that. But it’s not over yet! Continue reading!!!

Register on Bitcastle and get $16 for free Now!

Ok! Here is another important aspect of this Bitcastle review as there won’t be usefulness for a bonus you got without being able to withdraw it, right in this section, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the Bitcastle withdraw.

Let’s start from the minimum withdrawal

Bitcastle minimum withdrawal

Remember that you will be given a whooping sum of $16 as registration bonus, but don’t be surprised if I told you that the minimum withdrawal is $50. Wow! That means I will have to top up before being able to withdraw?

Absolutely NO! You do need to top up, just take heed to the instructions in this bitcastle review.

The reason why the minimum withdrawal is $50 is because there is I babaric withdraw fee that you will need to pay while withdrawing.

Bitcastle withdraw fees

The withdrawal fee on the platform is $40 per withdrawal as you’re going to be able to withdraw via ERC 20 and you know what that means? It implies high withdrawal charges.

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How to send, store, buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency on binance

So, what can I do to be able to withdraw the bonus?

Trade! That’s the only option, trade with your registration bonus of $16 and boost it above $50 and at this time, you will be able to pay for charges and Keep the change without paying a dime.

Don’t worry, the trade is simple and I am going to explain how to trade on the platform.

Bitcastle withdrawal
Convert Bitcastle bonus to USDT via limit order

How to trade on Bitcastle app

Once you gotten your bonus, you will be given the bonus in form of BTC and all you have to do is to convert it to USDT.

Simply click on exchange at the bottom of the app homepage, select sell and you will see a progress bar, increase the bar to the maximum and click on sell. This is when you understand how to use limit order to buy and sell.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency and didn’t understand the limit order sell, change that limit order to market and enter the amount of BTC available in your account and click on sell.

How to trade on Bitcastle
Convert Bitcastle bonus to USDT via Market order

Now that you have sell it, you will now be having USDT and you can now go to trade.

Transfer your Bitcastle balance to high and low balance

Ok! You have converted the bonus to USDT, but that’s not all, you have to transfer your funds to your high and low balance, so that you can be able to trade.

In order to do that, click on the + icon as shown above, select maximum or input amount of USDT you want to deposit manually.

Click on transfer and boom! You’re set for trading.

Trading high and low on Bitcastle

We’ve gotten to the general market and you have to take good decision here and you must win your trade to be able to continue in boosting your balance to any amount you want.

Here is why, the bonus is enough for one time trade, when you loose, that’s all, your balance won’t be sufficient to go for another trade. But when you win, you will be able to continue.

About high and low trade on Bitcastle

The high and low game is like of future trading and if you’re an experienced trader, you should have understand the whole thing already.

When you predict high, the the price of your pair should go beyond of the current price at the end of the trade. For example, if you choose a pair of USDT/BTC and the price of BTC is 20596 and you choose duration to be 15minutes.

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If you choose high and the price of BTC exceed 20596 at that 15mins, then you won and you get profit and vice versa.

If you choose low and the price of BTC falls below 20596 at that 15mins, then you won and you get profit and vice versa.

If you have a friend or anyone around that understand trading, you can seek their help and Share funds at the end.

Imagine pushing $16 to $100 that’s $60 for free. Just like that.

Is Bitcastle legit or Scam?

Bitcastle is legit and it’s something like that of eSportcave, how much you will be able to mint from this program depends on how much you understand the game. It’s 50/50. Either you loose or won!

Bitcastle 2 factor authentication verification

Ok! You will be prompt to set two factor authentication verification when you’re about to withdraw and it’s for your own safety. Below is how to get through the verification level.

How to complete Bitcastle 2 factor authentication verification

Simply login to your Bitcastle account and click “Settings” > “Security” >”Turn on” under Two- Factor Authentication (2FA) you will be prompt to enter your password in order to enable your 2FA settings, enter your login password.

After entering your password, simply click on the verify button, now install the Google Authenticator app from the App store or Google Play store on your smartphone,

When the installation is completed, scroll down and copy the Setup key provided for you, you can copy it by tapping the square mark. Please do not lose the “Setup key” as you will need it when you reset the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Open the Authenticator app and click on the get Started button, select Enter setup key, For Account, enter your login email address. Enter the Setup key that you copied. After entering the email address and Setup Key, simply click on Add

Once setting up is completed, the Authenticator app will display a 6-digit code simply return to the screen and tap Next step.

In “Google Authenticator Code”, enter the 6-digit code displayed on the app. Enter it and tap Verify, nite that the 6-digit code updates every 30 seconds.

Immediately you see ”Enabled” the setting is completed. And that’s all!!

Register on Bitcastle now to claim your $16 bonus

Bitcastle referral program

Yes, the platform have a referral program and in order to take advantage of the referral program, you can simply click on the profile icon at the top left corner of your dashboard.

Select affiliate and you will be redirected to your Bitcastle referral program page where you will be able to copy your referral link and start inviting others immediately.

Having issues sending your bonus balance to high and low balance?

We have prepared a detailed video guide on how you can swap your bonus from BTC to USDT and send it you your high and low trading balance without any form of stress. Simply watch the video below carefully.



Havi gone through the Bitcastle review, I am sure that you should have understand fully how the platform works and especially how to trade with you bonus and be able to withdraw your bonus as soon as possible



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