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Opera Shake And Win Promo Is Here Again With Prizes That Worth Over 200 Million Naira.

Opera shake and win

Opera shake and win is real and the payment proof of my recent withdrawal is shown below. The first and second round has ended but you still have the chance to participate in the 3rd and the 4th round.

Opera shake and win is back once again and in another dimension this time around. Access the 2022 version now!

Click here to download the Opera mini app and don’t forget to Copy my referral code and use it as your referral code after registration.

Note: make sure you input my referral code in order to activate your gold card and complete your puzzle with ease. My code is 7MZ3BL Below are all you need to know about the app, how to use it and how it works.

About Opera shake and win

Opera News is known to be the most popular news app and also the most downloaded app in Africa. Last year, during the football world cup, Opera news gave away almost 54 million prizes and rewards to more than one million people across Africa through shake and win offer.

This year, the app is back again with shake and win offer and you may be among the lucky winner.

Opera news introduced the latest shake and win offer to celebrate the 2019 African cup of nation and this allow you to stand a chance to win split prizes of over 200M Naira which includes: cash prizes, vouchers, and other fantastic gifts.

If you are among those that participated in the Opera news shake and win, last year, I’m happy to inform you that the app is back again with that same offer.

If you’re among those that just heard of it when it has ended last year I’m glad to inform you that the opportunity to enjoy this offer is here again.

If you are seeing this for the first time, this offer doesn’t require any money or experience, all you need to do is to follow the steps provided in this article and stand a chance to win a lot of fantastic prizes.

How opera mini shake and win works

How opera mini shake and win works

• Click here to download the app for free.

• After which you have clicked on the link above, a page as shown below will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

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• Click and hold the invite code as shown above to copy my invite code and stand a chance to share the 200 Million Naira prize pool  you can also write the code to somewhere.

• Click on the join now button as shown above and you will be redirected to the Google play store, Download and install the app.

• Open the app, enter your country name and other required information.

• Click on the button shown below on next page that shows on your screen.

•You can now started to be shaking  your phone and win a lot of prizes which will be explain further in this article.

• Keep you eyes at the bottom of the page that displayed Every time you shake your phone, before you shake your phone one or two times it will automatically display some text at the bottom of the page which will ask you to log in to record your reward click on the caption.

• Locate the place where you see “enter Referral code for new members only” from the listing that is been displayed, paste the invite code that you have copied before you downloaded the app from play store.

Then continue to win more prizes by shaking your phone.

ways to win a lot of prizes from Opera shake and win:

1. Complete all the nine pieces of the puzzle in Opera news to collect a cash prize and others. With every shake that is completed on the app, you may be rewarded with the missing pieces of the puzzle. Those who have the chance to complete the puzzle will have a chance to be among the winner of the real cash from the shared cash prize.

As soon as you complete the puzzle, you will receive a pop message as shown below.

2. You can also win cash and vouchers with each shake. The voucher that are available for now are: ORide and super bet vouchers, and you don’t need to complete the puzzle first before you can redeem your vouchers.

All you need to do in order to win, is to keep shaking your phone.

For this year edition, the offer is divided into four rounds starting on June 21 to July 19. For the first day you enter each of the rounds, you will be rewarded with a total of 15 shakes for free and five new shakes daily until a new round begins.

You will have the chance to withdraw your prizes a day after each rounds. This implies that, for the first round you will be able to withdraw your cash prize on June 29 and July 9 for the second round  respectively.

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What can I do to get new shakes if I actually runs out of my daily shakes?

If you runs out of shakes in a day and you want more for the day, the only way to get new points is by inviting others to play by sharing your invitation link. Or you can click on “My Prize” from the Opera News home menu,

Click on the caption that says “share 200,000,000 Naira prize” and then click on the invite now button. If the person you referred, input the code correctly, and he/ she has not download the Opera news before, you will be rewarded with either a Gold card or one more share in the prize pool.

NOTE: you will only receive the Gold Card, if you’re yet to complete the puzzle. If you have complete the puzzle already, you will be given one more share from the prize pool.

How to redeem prizes on opera shake and win promo

All the prize that you win will have to be withdrawn with your Opay account, if you don’t have Opay account before you can easily get one with ease. Your cash prize will be sent to your account as soon as possible after your request submission.

Note: Use Opay account number during your withdrawal request.

How can I redeem my ORide vouchers?

Go to My Prize from Opera news app home menu, click on ORide vouchers and click on how it works on the next page and this is located at the upper right corner of the page.

How to redeem prizes on Opera shake and win

Opera Shake And Win 2022

In this section, I will be briefing you on how to participate in the Opera shake and win 2022 and be able to win series if prices.

All the information revealed above are if no doubt talking about the Opera shake and win but that is of few years ago. But regardless, you should have grabbed some scope on how the Opera shake and win works and should be able to understand everything with the little information that will be revealed in this section.

How to participate in Opera shake and win 2022
When you participate in the Opera shake and win for the year 2020, you will have the chance to earn free one shake every 4hours and their is no limit to the prices that you can win on the shake and win Promo.

The available prizes includes: Tecno Spark 9T, Tecno Camon 19, Samsung Galaxy A13, Samsung Galaxy A04s, ₦160,000 Cash Voucher, ₦10000 Cash Voucher, ₦1000 Cash Voucher, ₦1000 MTN Airtime, ₦1000 Airtel Airtime, ₦1000 Cash Voucher,

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₦2000 Airtel Airtime, ₦200 MTN Airtime, ₦200 Glo Airtime, ₦200 Airtel Airtime, ₦200 9mobile Airtime, ₦500 Airtel Airtime, ₦4000 Cash Voucher, ₦40,000 Cash Voucher, ₦2000 MTN Airtime, ₦2000 Cash Voucher, ₦1000 MTN Airtime.

Without further Ado, simply:

Download and install opera mini browser


Apex football app

Install any of the two apps above an open it, you will see the option for Shake and win, click on it and shake your phone to try your luck and see what you will win.

Repeat the sake once every four hours till you are able to complete the puzzle for a particular price and continue to accumulate as much as possible.

There is no limit to how many prizes you can redeem.

Do you have any question after which you have gone through the guide? Simply drop it in the comments section below and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.

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How to accumulate more cash prizes on opera shake and win

Yes! In order to ensure that everyone is able to make the best out of this ongoing opera shake and win Promo, I engage some users that have gotten a notable results on the promo in a discussion that can be tagged as an interview.

This is in a bid to let others know one of two things that they have been doing different as compared to others that makes them have the opportunity to accumulate more Cash prizes and as well as free airtime much more than others.

Below is the screenshot of my conversation with one of the users:

opera shake and win accumulation trick

During the conversion, he disclosed that the use of app cloner helped him in one or two ways that have been explained in details in the picture above.

Wandering how to clone app on your mobile phone? Simply check out our detailed information on the best two ways to duplicate apps on your mobile phone. With the recommended guide, you will be able to clone any app to as many as possible within few seconds.

Below is what another user have to say:

Opera shake and win cheat

Opera shake and win referral program

Yes! The ongoing opera shake and win Promo just introduced a referral program and this program allows you to stand a chance of winning lots of prizes quickly than having to wait for four hours to get just a shake.

How opera shake and win Promo referral program works

All you have to do is to open your opera mini browser and navigate to the shake section, you will see the option for refer a friend and for every friends that access the shake and win Promo via your referral link, you will get an extra opportunity to shake and win prizes.

In short, it is one shake per referral


Best of luck!!



  1. Am using iPhone boss I try to download it but it was directing me to play store which I have to go to the App Store and search for it and download it but after I download it I didn’t see shake and win it was just showing the opera dashboard hope there is an help on that sir

  2. I downloaded the Apex football and shake the first time they said I should find the remaining five parts, shaking the second time after four hours I got a different prize demanding for another five parts to complete it. I don’t understand how to get the other parts as it brought a different prize. Pls help

    • Ho do i solve the puzzles to win a price, because I noticed its one shake for one price another shake for another price the puzzle is not clearing for me to get the price, how do I Clea the puzzles

  3. I downloaded and have shake and I won 2k airtime but said is in progress that I should find the remaining 5 pieces pls how will I do dat to claim my gift

  4. And had been using it since a day plus. Until yesterday, I couldn’t find the icon again till now and I have close and open the app to see if it will show up but all to no avail .

  5. I don’t see where to verify my phone number and I have been shaking it for 3 days now. Hope I will be able to withdraw if I win.

  6. Please as I downloaded the opera app, it just open to news and all. I don’t see anything like shake to win. Pls reply sir.

  7. I won 1000 voucher I was told to get an opay account which I did. but I’ve seen nothing till now.its been a week now.Why is it so?

  8. Hi
    I won 500 worth of airrime.
    But I’m unable to claim it.
    Whenever I dial the code a msg pops up saying”Sorry the service provider is currently not available Please try again later.

    What does that means???

  9. Hello pls my opay account was open with my former nos but now am using another nos for shake and win can I withdraw into my wife opay account

    • Please that cloning of app, how will it speed up my wins. I find it hard to understand how it works even though I read the WhatsApp chat above.

  10. I can’t access my shake and win account anymore.
    It is stating “too many requests, try again later”.
    For over 48hours now and I’m almost ready to claim my prizes.
    Does it mean my account has been confiscated by opera hence they know I’m about winning their money and phones?
    It’s very annoying.

  11. Mine isn’t showing save progress and am seeing everything intact please when will this shake and win promo end coz have not won anything yet and it’s paining me ….my target was that 160k but apparently they are taking me to another puzzle to fill omo I need money ohhhhh no be small

  12. U advise that we should shake exactly 1.00 midnight..
    We shake 6 times in a day…can I stop those accumulations that fall in the afternoon and wait till 1.00 midnight and shake the 6times at once …is it possible like that

  13. I downloaded the app but it’s not showing the shortcut to the promo like the previous one…,. I mean that green logo for that we’ll click to take us to the promo zone

  14. I downloaded the opera mini for more than one week now but each time I tried to click on it(ie where hand is holding phone), it will just be blank in white without showing anything. I decided to uninstalled it and redownloaded it through your link but no difference. Please what could be the problem. This is not the first or second time I’m participating in the promo

  15. Please I’m yet to receive #1000 cash voucher that I won. I input my palmpay account, but still don’t receive it since 4 days ago. Please help sir

  16. Sir, how shakes in one puzzle?
    Because I shaked remain one to complete. But it keeps repeating the I shaked.


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