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How To Clone App On Android (Complete Guide To Duplicate Any App)

How to clone app on android

If you have been looking for a way to create multiple copies of an app on your phone, then you’re in the right place as this app is going to show you how to clone app on Android and have multiple versions of the same app on your phone.

In our previous guide, I dropped the link to download app Cloner MOD APK and also told you about it’s features, in this guide, you will see how to clone one app to two or more independent apps on your mobile phone.

However, this article we provide two Methods that you can use to duplicate app on your phone and you can choose the method that is best for you.

And, if you have been searching for how to use app Cloner, it’s going to be the first method to be discussed in this guide.

Why Do I Need To Duplicate An App On My Phone

There are two many reasons why you will need duplication of an app on your phone and this Reasons will uncover itself when the purpose that will required you to operate two independent apps on your phone arrived.

In some cases, people use this method to login their multiple social media accounts at once. Either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. You may have more than one account and in other to avoid the stress if login out one account before login into the other, you can make use of the methods to be provided in this guide to create many copies of the same app and use it for your own purpose.

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How Can I Duplicate App On My Phone

There are lot of ways to make this happen but having examine all the methods that are available, we discovered that they can be categories into two as follows;

I. Creating Multiple Copy Of Same Apps That Can Be Operated Independently

This method will allow you to clone any app into multiple independent apps that will be installed separately on your phone and you will have the right to operate each app separately from your app home menu.

Any app that you intend to clone with this method will be installed on your phone separately and the function of one will not collide with the other.

We have examine the apps that can help you achieve this and picked app Cloner. It will be used to demonstrate this method of cloning Android apps as it’s very easy to use.

II. Duplicating Your Favorite Apps To Be Manage And Accessed Via Parent App That Is used For The Cloning

This method will allow you to duplicate whichever app you intend bro duplicate on your phone and you will be able to access the same version of the app in multiple columns.

This method will not get the app installed on your phone as an independent app, you will only have access to the cloned apps via the parent app you used to clone the apps. you will have to open one app before you can have access to the app you have Cloned.

We have analyzed this method and have picked one app that best fit into this category, we will be using do multiple app to demonstrate this method in this guide.

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How To Clone Android App With App Cloner

1. Click here to download and install app Cloner. You will be redirected to our previous guide on how to download the premium version of the app for free and the special features of the app.

2. Open the app and you will see some prompts that will brief you on how the app works, keep on clicking the continue arrow till you get to the app Option menu.

Customization options

3. On getting to your dashboard, search for the app you want to clone and select it. All the options available for cloned app customization will appear.

You can click on each option to modify the app to your taste hu changing it’s color, shape, name and other modification options that are available as shown in the picture above.

Clone app option

4. Once you are done with modification, click on the icon shown in the picture above and the Cloning process will begin.

5. Once the process is completed, you will be prompts with installation option, click on install app as shown in the picture below.

How to install Cloned app

6. Once the installation is completed, you can now minimize the app and start using the cloned app without any issue

7. Now that you have know how to clone any app using app Cloner, click here to download the premium version of app Cloner for free.

How To Duplicate Android App Using Do Multiple

As it has been mentioned in the earlier part of this guide on how to clone app on android,  two methods on how to duplicate an Android application will be made available for you in which we have discussed one above the allows you to clone any app into two independent apps.

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In this section, I will be revealing to you how to duplicate any Android app using do multiple app. Kindly follow the instructions below;

Download Do Multiple App

The first step you need is to download the do multiple space app from play store and install it. Click here to download and install the app, then proceed to the next step below.

Select the app you want to duplicate

Select The App You Want To Duplicate

After installing the app, open it and click on the addition sign as shown in the picture above. It will take you to a menu consisting of all apps installed on your phone. Click on the app you want to clone. The app allows you to select multiple apps at a time, which implies that you can clone more than one different apps with single click.

Cloning app with do multiple app

Click On The Clone Button

Once you select the app you want bro Clone, you will see a button highlighted in blue, click on the clone with do multiple space button and the app will be Cloned immediately.

That’s all on how to clone app with do multiple space, to have access to the cloned apps, simply open the do multiple space app and click on each Clone you want to operate.


Not All Apps can apps can be cloned, some apps detect and prevent cloning, Google play games login don’t work and this is because the new apps are signed with a different certificate.


Conclusion: Above are all you need to know on how to clone app on Android, you have been provided with two different methods to duplicate app on your Android phone and you can now analyze the two methods listed above and pick the one that is best for you. However, there is no ham in using the both method for different purpose. It will increase the flexibility of duplicating app on your phone.

If after reading this guide, you need help or have any question, drop comment in the comments section below and you will get appropriate response as soon as possible.



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