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Glo Pay4Me – How Make Calls Without Airtime On Glo Network

glo free call
glo free call

Glo Pay4Me – How Make Calls On Glo Networks Without Airtime

Glo Pay4Me - How Make Calls On Glo Networks Without Airtime
Glo Pay4Me

Here is another complete step by step guide on how to make calls on glo networks after which you have runs out of airtime or in the case of insufficient airtime. With the Glo pay4Me service, you will be able to make calls freely, even without having airtime on your sim card.

You want to make a call but you are out of airtime right? Worry no more as I am going to reveal a way out right in this article, and give you the option to let your mind be at rest when you are out of airtime and you are willing to make call or calls.

I have decided to publish this guide after which I have did same to those using Airtel Networks. Just few minutes ago, I reveal this same method to our followers that are using Airtel network as the Airtel Pay4MyCall service also works with the same principle with that of Glo Pay4Me service, though, with different steps.

If you are an Airtel user and wish you could be making calls on your Airtel sim card without airtime, then the guide on the Airtel Pay4Me service is the right place you should be by now, click here to visit the post. But if you’re a Glo customer, continue reading!

But before I proceed on the detailed instructions on how to make calls for free on the said Glo Network, I guess I should outlined some basic information you need to know about the  Glo Pay4Me service, for better understanding on how it works.

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What Is  Glo Pay4Me Service?

Glo Pay4Me service is a method that allows all Glo customers to make calls for free on their Glo sim cards while the recipient of the call take care of the bills respectively.

This implies that this service is not completely free as you might have been thinking in the first place as it’s neither a cheat nor a trick, but a special service from the Glo network provider itself and in this case, one person needs to pay the bill.

Once you follow the instruction to be provided in this guide, then you will be able to make calls when you are out of airtime while the receiver take care of the bill.

In this case, once you initiate the call and the receiver accept the call, then you are not taking anything out of your pocket, but the receiver do!

Though this service has been around for some years back, but not too many people knows about it and this is what what prompt me to publish this complete step by step guide on how it works and how it can be done. Let’s Go!

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How To Make Calls For Free On Glo Network And Let’s The Recipient Pay For The Call

Simply follow the simple step by step instructions below to let a recipient pay for you calls on Glo network;

1. Simply take note of this digit, 7733 as it’s going to be the prefix to any Glo number you intend to Call via the Glo Pay4Me service.

2. Head to your phone contact list and select the Glo number you wish to call via the Glo Pay4Me service.

3. Now click on the menu option and select edit before call.

4. Now add the prefix digit I asked you to take note of, in the step 1 above, just before the number you intend to dial.

5. Now, dial the number with the prefix digit, 7733.

6. If you haven’t save the number you intend to dial, just type the digit “7733” before the number.

7. By this time, if the number you intend to call via the Glo Pay4Me service is 0805576xxxx, then you should have add the prefix and make it looks like 77330805576xxxx.

8. On dialing the number, the recipient will be prompt if he/she will like to pay for the call via interactive voice response (IVR).

9. Once the person respond with the appropriate option to accept the call, then you are good to go.

10. All the respective charges for the session you used on the call will be charged from the recipient account balance.

Glo Number With Prefix
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Things To Take Note About The Glo Pay4Me service;


1. It’s an offer from the Glo Network Provider.

2. The recipient have the right to accept or reject the  Glo Pay4Me service approach.

3. You will enjoy your calls without paying a dime if the recipient accept the call.

4. You will be disconnected automatically if the recipient should reject the call.

5. This advantage can only be taken if you are calling a registered Glo number as well. This implies that the service cannot work with calls to other networks, except from Glo to Glo.

6. should you have any question about the  Glo Pay4Me service that haven’t been answered in this guide, then go ahead and drop it in the comment box below for the appropriate response.



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