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Musix App – Play And Share Pop Music (See How To Get free Airtime)

Musix app

Musix app is a music player app that allows you to play, share and arrange music on your Mobil phone as reflected in the heading of this guide and in this complete guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the app.

Yes! Musix app is a music player app, but then, you can still get free airtime on the app and redeem the airtime to any of your network provider in a . matter of blinking an eye.

The operation of this app is similar or even same to that of boomplay app, but on the musix app, you can redeem airtime by performing simple tasks even if you can’t refer while your redemption on boomplay solemnly rely on referrals.

So, obviously, whether you can refer or not, you going to be able to get at least, something, after reading this guide and understanding the content carefully.

About musix app

Musix app is a music player app that allows you to listen to music offline, play music, Video and lots more.

MusiX support multiple formats and with stylish UI, MusiX provide a considerably good musical experience for you.allows you to browser all songs on android device and of course, listen to music offline.

Features of musix player

There are some features of the app that shouldn’t be left out untouched as this makes the major features that makes some individuals prefer the app to other music player apps.

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Simple UI and easy to operate interface

Musix player app have designed the app to be easy to use for people of all ages. And it is so simple that even children can use it with no difficulty.

Supports multiple songs format

Musix app not only supports Mp3, but also WAV, FLAC, APE and all other formats. And you can absolutely play them without losing quality.

Other Features:

Offline music player, songs player, audio player, mp3 player

Play songs in shuffle, order or loop mode.

Scan all the music files automatically, manage and share songs

View by songs, artists, folders and playlist

Create playlist

Stylish layout

Sync songs to cloud

How to accumulate free airtime on musix app


How to accumulate free airtime on musix app

Having explained to you, all you need to know about the musix app, the next thing is to let you know exactly, how to accumulate free airtime on the app and get the Airtime sent to your phone immediately.

In order to accumulate free Airtime on the app. The first thing is to download the musix app and Install the app on your Mobile phone.

Op n the app and select your country from the list of the available countries. You will be redirected to the app dashboard. Now, click on the play list button.

Upon clicking on the Play list button, you will see lucky money button at the top as shown in the image above. Click on the button and click on go on the wheel that appears next. Click on the go now button that will be attached to the task given a d follow the prompts to complete the tasks.

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Download and install musix app here

Tips on how the task looks

In this section, I will give you the description of how the available tasks looks and how to complete them. But you must take note of the fact that these tasks might later change. But once you understand the ones explained in this guide, you won’t have any issue completing any mode of task on the platform.


Musix app free airtime accumulation

Task 1

This involved downloading an Android app from the Google play store, mostly ayoba app, coincola app and Xender app.

You don’t even need to create any account on this app, all you have to do is to download those app from Google play store immediately you’re being redirected to them, open the app and return to your musix app and at the time, the go button would have changed to Get.

Click on the get button and and the appropriate airtime will be credited to your account.

Task 2

This involved downloading Xender app and Also giving the app a five stars review on the Google play store. I know you might have had the Xender app installed on your phone before now, but that’s nothing to worry about.

Once you’re being redirected to the Google play store to download the Xender app, click on any of the button that appears. i.e install or update or open

Open the Xender app and screenshot the first page. Go to Google play store, give the app a five stars ratting and write a feedback and then screenshot. Go back to your musix app and submit the two screenshot. Click on get button and the reward for the task will be sent to you.

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Task 3

This involved inviting your friends to download the app and install it. But at the moment of writing this guide, the referral task isn’t functioning. You will be notified when it starts functioning.

However, you can only refer one person to the app and get #30 to boost your accumulated airtime to #200. Upon completing a tasks without referral, you will be having #180 your balance and b able to withdraw #100.

But if you’re able to refer the one person successfully, you will get an additional #30, pushing your balance to #210 and be able to redeem airtime worth of N200 on any network.

Musix app free airtime withdrawal

Musix app withdrawal – How to redeem free Airtime on musix app

To redeem your airtime from the app, simply login to you musix app and click on the play list button. Click on your balance and select withdraw in the next page.

Enter your preferred phone number and select your network provider and redemption Option will appear. For example, N100, N200, N300 and etc. Select any amount that is equal to or lesser than that of your balance.

Fir example, during my airtime redemption, I am having N180 on my balance so I have to select 100 naira Option and the airtime was sent to me immediately.

Musix app withdrawal proof


Above is everything you need to know about musix app and especially, how to accumulate free airtime on the app and redeem the airtime at any time. However, you should know that musix app reserves all the right to modify this promotion at any point in time or even put a stop to it completely. On this note, do check this page from time to time in order to get updated of any new development.





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