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Free Airtime Surveys – Answer This Short Survey And Get Free N650 Airtime

Get free airtime taking short surveys

Here is another opportunity to get free 400 naira Airtime by answering short free airtime surveys and in this guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know and detailed information on how to get the free N400 airtime to your preferred phone number.

The survey contains in this guide is about ethnicity and how much you can cope with other tribes within Nigeria and as well and the criteria you do explore before you agree to reside in a particular neighborhood or relocate from your previous environment to another.

About the free airtime survey

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the purpose of the free airtime survey is to better understand how Nigerians make decisions about where to live. The survey will also ask you questions about yourself, information about your current neighborhood, and your political engagement.

The survey is sponsored by an academic research study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is not connected to any political party, company, charity, university or organization in Nigeria. Your participation is voluntary, and you may leave the survey at any time.

While answering the free airtime surveys, everything you say is confidential. The findings from the survey are intended for an academic audience. Futher more, in order to participate in the survey and get free airtime, you must live in Nigeria and be over the age of 18.

Upon completion, you will be asked to enter your phone number, and you will receive 400 Naira in airtime to compensate you for your time. The survey is only intended to be taken one time, and you will not be compensated if you take the survey more than once unless you submit another phone number the second time.

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Redeem Airtime from free survey



How to take the survey and get the free N640

Simply click on the survey link to go to the survey page, the link to the survey page will be provided in the later part of this guide. Once you get to the survey page, simply read the background information of the survey carefully, this will be Made available for you on the first page of the survey.

In the first section, you will be asked of you favourite popular platform that you truly trust when it comes to latest news. You will be provided with this essay summary “When a big news story breaks, people often go online to get up-to-the-minute details on what is going on. We want to know which websites people trust tog get information. We also want to know which people are paying attention to the question. Please ignore the question and select Vanguard News and Premium Times as your two answers”.

Now, you will be asked, When there is a big new story, which is the one news website you would visit first?

If you read the essay carefully, you will surely detect that this question is a quality check question and only being used as a bait to know who pays attention to the survey and those picking random answers. On this note, your answer must be Vanguard News and Premium Times. On this note, pay attention to all questions and answer them appropriately.

On the next section of the free airtime surveys, you will be asked to imagine that you need to move to Abuja for work for one year and need to find a house. The next section will present profiles of two different neighborhoods in Abuja. You reach out to a real estate agent, who recommends two similar houses in different neighborhoods. The neighborhood refers to the approximate 1 square kilometer around your home and describes the people you regularly see.

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The survey will present five different pairs of neighborhoods. Please select the neighborhood that you would prefer to live in. Assume that you will be able to afford either apartment with your salary from work. You will be provided with different pairs of scenario and all you have to do is to read carefully and select the one that is best for you, make sure your response in all five pairs are close to each other.

Another imagination question is to imagine that you need to move to another city for work for a year. To find housing, you reach out to a family friend. He knows someone who can rent you an unfurnished 1-bedroom self-contained flat in an apartment building at market rate.

The flat is 45-minute car ride from work. Your friends warns you that the electricity is usually out for 2-3 hours per day and the road needs to be tarred. The residents of the neighborhood are diverse, and the house is down the street from a mosque and a church. The LGA chairman was recently sworn, and your friend thinks that the electricity and road situation will get better because of him.

Go through it carefully and decide if you can live there or not, this is a yes or no question.

Having answer the above, you’re getting closer to the end of the survey already, and at this point, you will have to consider if your previous option fell through.

You reach out to childhood friend living in the new city. He has a friend who is willing to rent a furnished 2-bedroom house for N400,000 per annum that usually rents for N700,000. The flat is in a neighborhood with tarred roads and a stable grid connection, and is a 5-minute car ride from work. The residents on your street are mostly Hausa.

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Your friend’s only concern is that the neighborhood is close to a market which recently experienced a violent clash between traders after an okada rider hit a trader, leading to eleven hospitalizations and one death.

Go through the other free airtime surveys questions and answer them appropriately, you will be asked to submit your phone number as shown in the image below.

Free airtime survey


Once you submit the phone number, all you have to do is to wait for 48hrs to receive your free Airtime

Click here to get started with the survey

Note that the link in this survey has been updated and you may come across different question entirely, simply use your normal Nigeria profile and answer the questions being asked appropriately as their is no right or wrong answer.

Also note that the active link updated recently might become inactive at any point in time, depending on how faster the survey reaches the maximum number of response required, on this note, complete the survey immediately if you’re opportuned to get this survey as soon as it’s being updated.

Conclusion: You should take note that the free airtime surveys reward you with airtime to compensate you for your time and this airtime will only arrived, 48hrs after which you have complete the survey.



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