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How To Know Your 9mobile Number 2024

how to know your 9mobile number

9mobile formerly known as Etisalat is one of the best Network providers in Nigeria. They recently rebrand from 9mobile to Etisalat and in case you want to check your own mobile number on this network, here is the complete guide on how to know your 9mobile number.

If you have once been stranded on knowing your Etisalat phone number when you need it for one or two purpose, the grab your sit and follow this guide carefully.

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In our endeavor to make knowing your 9mobile phone number easier for you, we have put together the best two ways to know your 9mobile with ease.

How To Know Your 9mobile Number

We have analyzed all the possible ways to check your 9mobile number on your phone and picked the best and easiest two methods you can use to check your mobile number on your 9mobiler/Etisalat sim card.

Below are the detailed explanation on the two selected methods and how to use them.

How To Know Your 9mobile Number Using USSD Code

The use of USSD code in checking your 9mobile phone number is one of the best and the easiest way which I will advise you to use any day, to get your 9mobile phone number without without any form of stress.

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In order to check your 9mobile number with USSD Code, simply insert your sim cart into your phone and dial *248#.

Dialing the code above will prompts your 9mobile phone number to display on your screen and you can then copy it and use it for which ever purpose you intend to use it for.

How To Check 9Mobile Number With Call

You can as well check your 9mobile number by calling either customer care or any of your close friends number.

Checking Your 9mobile Number By Calling Customer Service

Simply open your phone dial pad and call 200, you will be connected to 9moblie call center and you will have the opportunity to speak with a customer care representative.

Simply ask for your phone number and it will be provided for you.

This method doesn’t require having airtime on your phone. You can call the customer service at any time without having any Airtime on your phone.

Checking Your 9mobile Number By Calling Another Number

This method require you to have little amount of airtime on your phone for the call to go through. If your present tariff plan charges 20kb per seconds, then you will need to have Minimum of 20kb on your airtime balance for this method to work for you.

Once you are sure of having the little amount of Airtime on your phone, simply dial any of your friends phone number from your contact list, your number will be displayed to them and they can no call it for you.

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Alternatively, if you have another phone beside you or anywhere close to you, you can call the phone and jot down your number from the second phone screen while it’s ringing without picking the call.

Conclusion: Above are the simplest methods on how to know your 9mobile number and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should be able to check your 9mobile number anywhere without stress




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