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Latest Unlimited 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2023

Latest Unlimited 9mobile free browsing cheat

If you are a 9mobile/Etisalat user and have been craving for a way to enjoy free internet access on your mobile phone, then you’re lucky to be here as this guide will be revealing the latest Unlimited 9mobile free browsing cheat to you with all you need to know about the cheat.

If I am not mistaking, it has been a while we brought free browsing cheat for you on 9mobile due to one reason or another but above all, an option to enjoy free internet access is available and will be revealed to you right here.

The 9mobile free data cheat to be revealed in this guide will be with the aid of Ha tunnel VPN app and on this note, you will be needing the Ha tunnel VPN app and the 9mobile free browsing cheat config file in order to enjoy the free internet access on your 9mobile phone.

Don’t worry! The VPN and the required config file will be provided for you in the article with all you need to know about the 9mobile data cheat and how you can set it up without stress.

However, the previously released 9mobile social bundle cheat is still working smoothly as at the moment of writing this report and you can check it out if you would like to power all app and websites with your Etisalat social data bundle. This implies less payment more data.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed information about the Etisalat data cheat and see the requirements and how we can set it up. Remember Etisalat and 9mobile are still Same, they recently rebrand from Etisalat to 9mobile.

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Requirements For The Unlimited 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat

Below are all the important things you should have in order to enjoy the latest 9mobile data cheat.

1. Ha tunnel VPN app. This is the app that will be used to aid the free internet access and the link to download the app will be provided in the later part of this guide.

2. Etisalat/9mobile free browsing cheat config file. This is the file that we are going to import into the Ha tunnel VPN app for the free browsing to be effective.

3. A registered 9mobile/Etisalat sim card. Which I believe you have one already and that’s why you are here.

4. Internet connection that is moderately strong, this will enable you to enjoy the free browsing without flaws.

Having known all the requirements for the Ha tunnel 9mobile data cheat, let’s proceed to the detailed step by step instructions on how to connect the VPN and the complete set up guide.

How To Activate 9mobile Unlimited Free Data Cheat

1. Simply click here to download and install the Ha tunnel VPN app.

2. Click here to download the Ha tunnel 9mobile free data config file.

3. Install the Ha tunnel VPN app and open it.

4. Once you opened the Ha tunnel VPN app, check the top right corner of the app to locate three white dots and click on it.

Import file to ha tunnel
Import File Option

5. Once you Click on the three white dots, you will see import/export option, click on it as shown in the picture above.

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6. You will be taken to another option menu that consists of import and export separately, click on import.

7. Search For the folder that consists the config file you download in the step 2 above, you can either check Download folder or telegram folder. Click on the config file to import it.

8. Once you have import the file to the app successfully, click on the start button.

9. Wait for that app to connect, this process might take few seconds.

10. Once it connects, minimize the app and start browsing the internet for free.

Conclusion: Above are all you need to activate the latest unlimited 9mobile free browsing cheat. Simply follow the instructions strictly in order to enjoy the cheat without any form of stress. If you follow the provided instructions, you shouldn’t have any issue in connecting the app or whatsoever.

However, if you have any question after reading the guide or you need help during the app configuration and set up, fee free to drop a comment in the comments section below and the appropriate response will be provided as soon as possible.



  1. I downloaded the Ha tunnel app without stress, but each time I try to download the config. File, it keep telling me file format not supported.
    Does this means I need to download another app that will support the config file, or what do I need to do. Please help me out.

  2. Please I want to download the config file, then I clicked on the step 2, and it took me to hat_9mobileng.hat , 9mobile free browsing. I tried to click on it, it’s take me no where. What next I need to do.

  3. How am I going to download this file: hat_9mobileng.hat cause when I click on it, it’s takes me no where. Please I need your response quick. Thanks.


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