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Fast Glo APN Settings For Android 2023

Glo APN settings

Glo APN settings for Android are network information that a user can used to configure his or her device with Glo internet network for fast, smooth and stable browsing.

Today, I will be giving you the complete guide to eradicate all the issues related to internet connection and loading speed of Glo network. Read this tutorial carefully and follow all the steps to be able to browse smoothly with your Glo Sim card weather the Glo network is weak or strong in your area.

Glo is one of the best network providers in Nigeria when it comes to mouthwatering offers in terms of cheapest data plans and others.

The fact that the the Glo data prices are very low and cannot be compared to any other network provider in Nigeria is not negotiable, imagine getting 10.5GB at the rate of N1000 only and that’s why Glo is known to be the Grandmaster of data.

But the main problem associated with the Glo network is that their connection speed tends to be be very slow in many areas, but do not worry anymore, as this article is going to provide the full Settings that will help you to increase the loading speed of your mobile device while surfing the internet with your Glo sim card.

However, data is not the main factor for stable and fast browsing, but it just gives you the access to surf the internet, you will notice that there are sometimes in which you will have enough data on your phone and data connection will be ON, but the loading speed of your device will be extremely slow.
In order to start enjoying high speed internet on your device, you will strongly need the right settings on your mobile phone and all the settings will be provided in this article. Just read this article without skipping lines and follow the instructions strictly.
In this article, I will be dropping multiple APN settings for Android, so that, you can switch to the one that gives you best experience whenever you noticed poor loading speed.
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Glo APN Settings For Fast Browsing

Follow the instructions below and enjoy a fast and high loading speed while surfing the internet with your Glo Sim card.

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Fastest Glo APN Settings

> Name:                            browsingtechzone
> APN:                    web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
> APN type:                      leave it as it was
> Proxy:                            leave it as it was

> Port:                               leave it as it was

> Username:                    leave it as it was
> Password:                     leave it as it was
• Leave all the rest settings as they are also, do not touch them.

Don’t be confused about the APN configuration address as it is the trick to enable fast browsing on your Glo sim card, just follow the instructions and do everything as instructed

•Now, click on the three white dots at the top right corner and click on save

That all you need to browse the internet faster on your device, with the settings above, you will be able to browse the internet without network fluctuation, even if the Glo network is weak in your area.

However, if Glo network is moderately strong in your area, the you can also use the Glo APN settings for android that will be provided below. But I strongly recommend the previous one with MTN address, because it’s extremely fast.

Without further ado, the trick here is to create three APN settings on your phone by following the instructions below. Note that the settings provided below works on both 3G and 4G.

First APN Settings

Name:                              browsingtechzone1

APN:                                         gloflat

Proxy:                                        Not Set

Port:                                           Not Set

Username:                                 flat

Password:                                  flat

Server:                                       Not Set

MMSC:                                        Not Set

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MMS Proxy:                               Not Set

MMS Port:                                   Not Set

MCC:                                              621

MNC:                                              50

Authentication Type:             PAP or CHAP

APN Type:                                 default,supl

APN protocol:                              lpv4

Second APN Settings

Name:                              browsingtechzone2

APN:                                         glosecure

Proxy:                                        Not Set

Port:                                           Not Set

Username:                                 secure

Password:                                  secure

Server:                                       Not Set

MMSC:                                        Not Set

MMS Proxy:                               Not Set

MMS Port:                                   Not Set

MCC:                                              621

MNC:                                              50

Authentication Type:             PAP or CHAP

APN Type:                                 default,supl

APN protocol:                              lpv4

Third APN Settings

Name:                              browsingtechzone3

APN:                                         glomms

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Proxy:                                        Not Set

Port:                                           Not Set

Username:                                 mms

Password:                                  mms

Server:                                       Not Set

MMSC:      http://mms.gloworld.com/mmsc

MMS Proxy:                     

MMS Port:                                   3130

MCC:                                              621

MNC:                                              50

Authentication Type:             PAP or CHAP

APN Type:                                 mms

APN protocol:                              lpv4

Just add the three APN settings shown above and switch from one to the other whenever you noticed slow loading speed on your Glo network.

Now that you have been provided with the correct Glo APN settings for fast browsing, you might be asking some questions like, how do I set my Glo APN? Do not worry anymore as the solution is provided below.

How To Set Glo APN

Follow the instructions below and you will be able to configure your phone APN settings by your self without stress.
> Open your phone menu
> Click on settings
> Select network and internet
> Click on sim cards
> Select mobile networks
> Select the sim card you intend to work with, which is Glo.

> Click on access point names

> Then tap on the addition sign at the top right corner or locate create new.

> The add the new settings according to the instructions above.

That is all about Glo APN settings for Android, hope you found this article helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment box below

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