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Home Reviews Powerbattery.icu Review – Is Powerbattery Legit Or Scam

Powerbattery.icu Review – Is Powerbattery Legit Or Scam

powerbattery.icu review

Powerbattery is one amongst the numerous Ponzi scheme investment platform that were lunched early this week and in this powerbattery.icu review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the platform, especially powerbattery icu is legit or Scam.

I fully understand that a lot of questions will be Popping up in your mind upon seeing the platform, but worry no more, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the platform and especially an analysis on how long the platform can stay online.

About Powerbattery.icu

Power Battery is said to be New Energy Technology Co., Ltd which claims to be the world’s leading new energy innovation technology company, committed to providing first-class solutions and services for global new energy applications.

“Making outstanding contributions to mankind’s new energy industry, seeking spiritual and material well-being for employees, and providing a platform for struggle” is the corporate vision of Power Battery as contained on the about page of the platform;

According to the information contained on their about page, Power Battery continues to implement and protect labor rights, human rights, and occupational health and safety in the enterprise and supply chain and actively fulfill social responsibilities in other field.

How powerbattery.icu works

How to make money on Powerbattery.icu

Making money on the platform is just like that of other Ponzi scheme investment platform that you might have came across in the past. When you complete your registration on the platform, you will be taken to your account dashboard and you can make money in two ways below.

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Deposit and purchase a plan

This is the basic way to make money on powerbattery.icu is investing on the platform, there are different investment plans on the platform and the more you invest, the more money you make on a daily basis. Simply refer to the powerbattery.icu official website to learn more about their Investment plans.

Refer and earn

Another way to make money on the platform is by referring others to register and deposit on the platform, when you invite people to register plans deposit on the platform, you will earn fraction of their deposit as Referral commission and some other incentives as provided by the platform. Simply refer to the powerbattery.icu official website to learn more about their referral program.

Popowerbattery.icu Registration

To register on the platform, simply click here to go to the platform registration page and on getting to the page, fill all the required information and click on the registration button. If you’re having difficulties in completing your registration, simply turn ON any VPN and you will be able to register successfully.

However, you should not deposit nor invest on the platform until you have read our review carefully and get the proper interpretation of the review before any action.

powerbattery.icu legit or scam

Powerbattery.icu Review

In this section, I will be providing you with the information found on powerbattery.icu while preparing for this powerbattery.icu review and the comments on each of this information.

This will help you in having better overview on what the platform is up to and if you can trust the platform or not.

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Information provided by Powerbattery

The information contained in the about powerbattery section of this review are found on their official platform and all the information are found to be reused and False in nature, this implies that power battery is not what it’s portraying for its users.

The platform claimed that Achieving customers through innovation” is the corporate mission of Power Battery. Innovation is the vitality of the company, and customer success is the guarantee for power battery’s continued success. FALSE/UNVERIFIED

The platform claims that it will Continue to ensure product safety, information security, financial security, operational security, and political security; prevent force majeure factors; eliminate integrity, ethics, and integrity issues in the enterprise and supply chain; and ensure that power batteries operate in compliance with regulations. FALSE/UNVERIFIED

Power Battery claim to continues to pay attention to environmental protection, renewable energy use, energy conservation and emission reduction, and resource recycling in enterprises and supply chains, and advocates a “green circular economy.” FALSE/UNVERIFIED

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Is Powerbattery Legit

Having properly examine the platform, it’s found to be a short term project and also a reused idea. The platform offer a very high return on investment which will force the platform to clamp down in a very short period of time.

The founder of the platform is unknown and the site Cannot be trusted, unless you’re used to their operation and the platform satisfies your personal want, giving you a possibility of making return on your investment, I will advise you to kindly stay Efron the platform.

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Also, we tried to analyze their referral program incentive while gathering information for this power battery icu review, the incentive added are of multiple source and this is a potential bait to make you refer as many individuals as possible before they stop paying.

Is Powerbattery.icu Scam

It’s surly a potential Scam as it will stop paying when you less expected. Browsingtechzone have come across lots of platforms that works with the Same method of operation as that of powerbattery.icu and I can categorical tell you that such platform don’t last and will only ends up clamping down with your hard earned money.

On this note, we Cannot dispute the fact that they are paying as it’s normal for any Ponzi scheme investment platform to be paying when lunched, but as time goes on, they will definitely stop paying.


Power battery was lunched on 15/09/2023 and begin full operation on the 18/09/2023 and with our detailed analysis, such platform might be paying in their first 5 to 10days of lunch and anything exceeding that, they might disappears into the thin air.

With the detailed information revealed in this powerbattery.icu review, I am very sure that you should have gotten all it takes to decide on whether the platform is legit or just another scam. Hence, if you must invest on the platform, invest only the amount you can afford to loose as you will only have yourself to be held responsible for your loss.



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