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Home Reviews My.moss-gptrade.com Review – Is MossGpt Legit Or Scam

My.moss-gptrade.com Review – Is MossGpt Legit Or Scam

my.moss-gptrade.com review

MossGPT is a recently lunched automated virtual trading platform that allows you to compound your initial deposit without doing anything and in this my.moss-gptrade.com review, I am going to reveal to you, everything you need to know about the MossGpTrade.

This review is going to consists of Detailed information on how the platform works, and especially, if moss-gptrade is legit or scam and does giving you the opportunity to have access to information that will aid your decision making on whether you should deposit on the platform or not.

About MossGPT

MossGpTrade is said to be a top trading broker, which provide a variety of autonomous trading and AI trading options, supporting hundreds of trading pairs such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT.

The combination with GPT brings smarter quantitative transactions to ordinary users. The platform claims not to only provide high-quality products, but also promise to protect the security of your assets and transaction information.

My.moss-gptrade arbitrage trading model

Artificial intelligence uses the spread betweendifferent digital currency trading platforms to carryout cross-platform arbitrage. For example: artifcialintelligence fnds that the price of BitCoin onplatform A is 62100, and the price of BitCoin onplatform B is 61800.

So artifcial intelligence willquickly change from B The platform buys BitCoin,and then sells BitCoin on the A platform at the sametime, thereby earning the price difference. MossGpTrade GPT-MT is currently connected to the algorithminterface in the top 100 trading platforms in theworld. Be able to do global spread trading in thefrst time.

MossGPT review

MossGPT Quantitative trading

Quantitative trading is to use a quantitativemethod to select a certain digital currencyinvestment portfolio, and it is hoped that such aninvestment portfolio can obtain investmentreturns that surpass the broader market. Below isthe quantitative model of our GPT-MT robot.

See the overview of MossGpTrading platform

As at the moment of writing this my.moss-gptrade.com review, tye platform is giving all the new registered users the opportunity to activate a free mining bot for Free and this bot will run for one day, giving the user a whooping sum of N1,500 for free.

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However, you will need to deposit before you can withdraw this bonus as the platform minimum withdrawal is above N1,500. The logic you can use here is to deposit ₦3,570 and buy the three days trading bot. Then withdraw everything after 3days. You will be withdrawing a total of 5500 at the third day.

Click here to claim the bonus for free

However, you should make sure to have read our MossGPT review carefully and understand the information contained in the review before making any money move on the platform.

MossGPT robots

Robots Available on the platform

In this section, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on all the bots about on the platform and how much you can make with each robots. However, you should know that information in this section are fir informational purpose only and you should get the correct interpretation of our MossGPT review before taking any action.


This is the lowest bot on the platform with a duration of three days. You will need to deposit a sum of 3750 to be able to activate this bot.

Price: ₦3750

Duration: 3days

Daily income: 1500

Total income: ₦4500


This is the second bot on the platform with a duration of thirty days. You will need to deposit a sum of ₦22500 to be able to activate this bot.

Price: ₦22,500

Duration: 30days

Daily income: 1050

Total income: ₦31,500.


This is the third bot on the platform with a duration of thirty days. You will need to deposit a sum of ₦75,000 to be able to activate this bot.

Price: ₦75,000

Duration: 30days

Daily income: ₦3624

Total income: ₦108,750


This is the third bot on the platform with a duration of thirty days. You will need to deposit a sum of ₦375,000 to be able to activate this bot.

Price: ₦375,000

Duration: 30days

Daily income: ₦108,762

Total income: ₦562,500


This is the third bot on the platform with a duration of thirty days. You will need to deposit a sum of ₦1,500,000 to be able to activate this bot.

Price: ₦1,500,000

Duration: 30days

Daily income: ₦80,003

Total income: ₦2,400,000


This is the third bot on the platform with a duration of thirty days. You will need to deposit a sum of ₦2,250,000 to be able to activate this bot.

Price: ₦2,250,000

Duration: 60days

Daily income: ₦81000

Total income: ₦5,625,000

MossGPT Registration

To register on the platform, all you have to do is to click here to go to the platform registration, enter all the required information and you will be redirected to where to download the app.

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Download and install the app, open the app and login to your account to get started.

MossGPT login

The app usually make use of catches to retain your login details and once you login the app on your phone, you won’t need to login again. However, if there’s need to login to your MossGPT account, simply open the app installed on your phone and you will be taken to the login page directly.

Enter your login details and click on tye login button. You will be redirected to your MossGpTrade account instantly.

MossGpTrade withdrawal

MossGPT withdrawal

To withdraw from your MossGpTrade account, all you have to do is to make sure you have tye minimum withdrawal on your account.

MossGPT minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the platform is ₦3,750, which is equivalent to $5 as at the moment of creating this MossGpTrade review.

Once you have the minimum withdrawal, click on the, profile icon at the bottom right corner of the app and click withdrawal. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on request for code.

MossGpTrade withdrawal code

A code will be sent to your email, simply check the email and input the code, then click on withdraw and the money will be sent to your account in no time.

My.moss-gptrade.com Review

I am sure you’ve really been waiting for this section and here it is! In this section, I am going to be providing you with eye opening information about the platform.

All the previous information about MossGpTrade revealed in this MossGpTrade review so far are what the platform Claimed to be, but in this section, what browsingtechzone.com thinks the platform really is will be portrayed in this section.

Without futher ado, let provide you with the detailed green and red flags found on the platform while gathering information for this my.moss-gptrade.com review.

MossGPT Green flags

This are the indications that the platform might be safe to an extent, the more the green flags, the more reason to try out the platform.

1. MossGPT is still paying as at the moment of writing this review.

2. The platform consists of multiple customer service representative that replied users frequently regardless of there question they ask.

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3. The platform return on investment if 40% monthly.

4. Withdrawal is fast and do arrive immediately upon placing it.

5. The platform have good and friendly user interface.

MossGpTrade Red flags

This are cautions and points indicating the platform might not be safe for you, the more the Red flags, the more riskier the platform becomes.

1. The platform did not have a real time trading as claimed, all the trading activities on the platform were found to be virtual.

2. The platform is a Ponzi scheme investment type and uses the income generated from the old users deposit to settle Withdrawals. Click here to learn more about PONZI scheme investment platforms

3. The owner of the platform is not known.

Is MossGPT Legit

As at the moment of writing this my.moss-gptrade.com review, the platform is paying and everything is still working smoothly. However, we can’t say the platform is legit but we can say it’s legit for now.

Is MossGpTrade Scam

As said, the platform is still working Smoothly for now and on that note, it cannot be declared as Scam. However, you should know that tye platform might stop Paying as times goes on, but no one knows how sooner or longer that may be.

Has MossGpTrade crashed

Has MossGPT Crashed?

Yes! The platform have crashed! Though it’s still running normally but it’s just a trap to scam unsuspecting members of the general public.

They have stopped paying and the admins are only giving fake hope on the pending withdrawals. No One has been paid for the past few days and with all our evaluation, there’s no doubt or whatsoever that MossGPT have crashed.

Is MossGpT Still Paying?

No! They have stopped paying!

On this note, you should stay away from the platform(MossGPT), they’re not paying anymore!!!

MossGPT review – Can I invest on MossGpTrade

My advice is that you read our guide carefully and deduct all the necessary points communicated in the guide, you should know that the platform is of a risky investment type.

However, our suggestion is that the platform might stay longer, maybe for a month or couple of months. This is because, we detect some strategy applied by them that will make the platform different from hit and run.

But still, it’s just our opinion, and merely a prediction, no one is capable of knowing the aim of the brains behind platform like this.

Hence, if you must deposit on the platform, make sure your risk potential is up to minimum and invest only the amount you can afford to loose.


Have gone through this my.moss-gptrade.com review, you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially, gain one or two information that will help you in taking decision on whether to invest on the platform or not.



  1. My.moss-GPT-M0 is it still active? Another question is the daily income of 1500 is everyday for 3days or just 1day after depositing 3750?

  2. I want to make a deposit on my mossGpt have registered. I don’t have Bitcoin account. How can I make do the payment. Thanks.

  3. My question is that after getting the free robot and want to go to the second robot after the finished can u still use the money to reactivate again for the one of 3k plus package

  4. Moss gpt did not send a withdrawal code to my Gmail I only enter my withdrawal password, and I haven’t received my money since 9:34

  5. I transfer 5 USDT from my trading account to my bank account seens morning is still showing transferring no response to my bank account

  6. It is crucial for everyone to be aware that investing in this particular platform is highly discouraged due to its fraudulent nature. This platform operates as a Ponzi scheme, which is a deceitful investment scheme where later investors’ payouts are funded by the investments of earlier participants rather than genuine profits. This means that the platform does not have a legitimate source of income, making it unsustainable and ultimately leading to inevitable failure. Investing in a Ponzi scheme exposes individuals to significant financial risks, as once the scheme collapses, the majority of participants are likely to lose their entire investment.

    Therefore, it is strongly advised that nobody should consider investing or associating themselves with this platform. It is essential to conduct thorough research on any investment opportunity, ensuring its legitimacy and compliance with regulatory authorities. Engaging in proper due diligence and consulting with financial professionals will significantly minimize the potential risk of falling victim to such fraudulent schemes. Let us remain vigilant and exercise caution, ultimately protecting ourselves and our hard-earned money.


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