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Primeshares.net Review – Is Prime Share Legit Or Scam?

Primeshares.net review

Prime Shares is a newly lunched activities platform that works exactly like on of the platform we have reviewed in the past and in this my detailed primeshares.net review, I will be providing you with the detailed information about the platform.

Either you’re just coming across the platform right here or you’ve heard about it and want to do your research so as to know if the prime share is legit or scam, this guide is going to provide you with everything you might need about the platform.

However, you should carefully Read this primeshares review, so as to fully understand everything that will be discussed in this guide and of course, gain a lot of insight to help you take appropriate decision on the platform.

About primeshares.net

Prime share.net is also known as Primeshares skills, it is an online skills acquisition centre and a digital intermediary that links publishers and creators of high quality ebooks to customers that are interested in buying them.

Primeshares skills was created and introduced in 2023 when the need to acquire specific skills became a noticeable need in the neighboring societies around.

Primeshares skills also allows for effective publication of various Ebooks by users on any topic of their choices and also encourages the marketing and promotions of those set Ebooks by other users for commissions at the end of the period.

The skills can be acquired by all users from their dashboards once they become a user and meets the criteria for those skills set.

Divers skills set are made available and experts are readily accessible to learn from and gain expertise on those skills set.

On primeshares Skills, Various users can affiliate the skills centre to other non users, publish an ebook for resale or promote any Ebook of their choice for stated commissions.

How Primeshares works

The platform works just like many other platforms that you might have seen in the past but there are some add-on features on the platform and in this primeshares.net review, I am going to be providing you with the detailed information about the add-on features.

After which we might have properly discuss the add-on features, then we will explore the regular features, which includes activities way of making money in the platform and affiliate program of the platform.

The add-on features I am talking about is Ebooks vending, the platform allows you to publish ebooks on the platform and as w as provide you with the opportunity to become a reseller and make money promoting other people’s publications.

Primeshares ebooks reselling

About Ebooks Reselling

Ebooks reselling in this Prime share review means selling ebooks and earning a commission, it is a popular way to make money online. There are several ways to do this, but the most common method is to become an affiliate marketer for an ebook vendor or retailer.

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To become an affiliate marketer for an ebook vendor, you will need to sign up for their affiliate program. Some popular ebook vendors include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Once you sign up, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote ebooks on your website, blog, or social media channels.

Now, prime share have helped you fill in the gap and you can easily sign up in the platform ad promote ebooks that are readily available for you to promote.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys an ebook, you will earn a commission on the sale. The commission rate will vary depending on the ebook vendor and the type of ebook you are promoting. Typically, commission rates range from 4% to 10% of the sale price. On prime share.net, you will earn up to 70% commission.

To maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer for ebooks, it’s important to choose ebooks that are relevant to your audience and promote them in a way that is compelling and persuasive. You can also use various marketing techniques such as, content marketing, and social media marketing to drive traffic to your affiliate links and increase your chances of making sales.

How to make money on primeshare.net without ebooks reselling

There are other ways to make money on the platform and I am sure you will find this appealing more than ebooks reselling as ebooks reselling surely requires more marketing knowledge.

Once you complete your registration on the platform, you are Eligible to start making money on a daily basis and below are brief overview on ways to make money as a member on primeshares

Primeshares registration bonus

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is Also known as a sign-up bonus, this is a promotional offer given by platforms to encourage new customers to sign up for their products or services. Sign-up bonuses can come in various forms, such as cash rewards, discounts, free trials, or other incentives.

For example, some credit card companies offer sign-up bonuses in the form of cashback rewards or bonus points when customers open a new account and meet certain spending requirements within a specified period.

On primeshares.net, you will receive a $5 bonus, which is equivalent to N2,500 immediately you complete your registration on the platform.

Sharing Ads Daily

This is the daily activity I was referring to and once you sign up on the platform, you will be eligible to share and advert on a daily basis and earn $1, which is equivalent to N500 on a daily basis.

To complete you daily activities on the platform, simply login to your account and click on the menu bar at the top right corner of the platform, locate the share trend option and click on it. Scroll down on the next page to locate share button, one for YouTube and the other for TikTok.

Click on the platform you would like to use in completing the tasks and you will be redirected to a video, like the video and return back to your account. Refresh your dashboard and $1 will add to your balance. You be doing that daily and earn $1 everyday as long as the platform still pays.

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How prime share works

Primeshares referral – How to make money referring others to register on prime Shares.net

This is another way to make money on the platform and indeed, the most lucrative way as you can easily set a target here and work towards the target.

Each time you refer someone to prime shares and they register on the platform with your primeshares referral link and activate their account, you will be rewarded with a whooping sum of $6.4, which is equivalent to N3,200. The more you refer the more you earn.

Primeshares.net indirect referral earnings

As promised in the beginning that this primeshares.net review is going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform, the explanation above is your earnings from direct referrals.

But don’t be surprised, you also have the chance to Earn from your second level referrals, these are the referrals that your referral refered to the platform.

Anytime the person you refered to the platform referred another person, you will be rewarded with a whooping sum of $0.6 N300. This earnings is known as prime shares spillover.

Primeshare Registration – How to register on primeshares and start making money

To register on primeshares, you will need a coupon code for your account activation and the coupon code cost N4,000. This implies that the primeshares registration fee is N4,000. This will be used to register an account for you if you’re interested in joining the platform.

Benefits of registering on primeshares

1. You will get an instant $5 = #2500 bonus upon the completion of your registration.

2. You will be eligible to start earning $1 daily, which is equivalent to #500.

3. You will be able to share your referral Link and earn $6.4 = #3,200 per referral (optional)

Click here to register on primeshares

Primeshares withdrawal

There are two withdrawal mode on the platform, affiliate earnings withdrawal and activities earnings withdrawal.

Affiliate earnings are the earnings accumulated from referrals, the minimum withdrawal in this section is $10 = #5000. Simply click on the local Bank icon, bind your bank and click on the plus icon at the top right corner of the page to place a withdrawal.

Activities earnings are for non referrals, this is the earnings accumulated by sharing Ads Daily, the $1 Daily earnings, the minimum withdrawal in this section is $40, which is equivalent to #20,000.

The activities earnings withdrawal is Open on 2nd of every month, this implies that you can only withdraw once in a month and your balance must be equal to or more than $40.

Primeshares.net review

Having properly examine primeshares platform, browsingtechzone concluded that the platform is am activities platform like flowextra, xtraincome and others.

On this type of platform, you can let your mind be at rest to some extent and this extent will be explained futher in the next section of this guide.

The platform have a nice interface, but you have to spend some times navigating around the platform to fully understand how it works and to properly utilize it to it’s fullest.

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However, the platform can be said to have a service it offers but the service is not a guaranteed service, this is because there are other ways to make money on the platform without selling anything.

This implies that part of members registration will be used to settle activities earnings on the platform, Don’t worry, the implication of this will be explained in this Prime share review.

Prime share review – Is primeshares legit

Prime share is an activity earnings platform as stated above and this kind of platform will boom in their first few months, let say 1 to 3 or 4months sometimes and their capacity will dropped simultaneously afterwards.

What do I mean by their capacity dropping simultaneously? In their first month, they will pay everyone, all earnings will be paid especially the activities earnings.

In the second month, as well as third month and sometimes fourth and maybe fifth month, but after that, they might start rolling over some activities earnings to other months and the performance keep depreciating. But referral earnings is guaranteed, you will be able to Withdraw your referral earnings without any form of issues during these periods.

However, I checked their platform while preparing this primeshares net review and it contains some ads, they also have a YouTube channel that is monetized and as well as a TikTok account, browsingtechzone suggest those as some relief that they might continue to pay activities earners for a considerable period of time.

Click here to register on prime share and start making money

Primeshares review – Is primeshares scam?

Prime share is not scam as at the moment of creating this prime share net review, they are paying smoothly for now and if there’s any changes, you will be notified via this guide.

However, if you have any experience on the platform that you will like to share with others, kindly drop it in the comments section of this review so that others can learn from it. Most importantly, if you noticed any problem on the platform, kindly let others knows via the comments section so as to explore such problem and provide you with the appropriate interpretation.

Latest Update On Primeshare

As at the moment of updating this guide, primeshares have stopped paying it’s users completely, especially, people with activities earnings.

Hence, the platform can be said to have turned to scam as they have refused to pay their users and refused to provide an appropriate customer service to take care of their users complaints.

Hence, you should Stay away from the platform 


This primeshares.net review have so far been able to provide you with all you need to know about primeshares and what you Stand to gain for joining the platform, if you have read this guide carefully and as supposed, I am sure to an extent that you should have fully understand how primeshares works and be able to make money on the platform without any form of stress.



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  1. Hmmmmm! When is primeshare paying for shared trends, I made withdrawal since on d 2nd of June and it was successful, uphill now, no alert, weti dey happen.

    This is d frist time am even withdrawing, and dis delay, it’s not good at all

    They said non referals will get paid, when?????

  2. I want to register for this platform but the activities withdrawal is on a high side must it be up to 20000 before one can withdraw.pls those already using the app what do u think,should I go ahead?

  3. Primeshare is becoming annoying I requested for a withdrawal and it showed successful I never saw my credit alert and I decided to call one of the customer service which I got from the platform or website and the animal was shouting at me saying ehen what is the problem please don’t disturb me because of free money like who does that am really angry 😡😡

  4. I have withdrawn my money since 2nd July but still now you never credit me what is the problem I was shocked Anya this plat form is Legit?

  5. Suppose to withdraw last month but can you imagine they went to shut their system when it was almost time for people to start placing withdrawal, they shut their system till the following day before their system powered. This people are not real and they now said they lunched another one

  6. Prime share is a scam big one run for your life I was blocked a day before the withdrawal of the 2nd of the months with all my referral we can login. The vendo Daniel Ayomide knows what happen just playing with us. May God crush you people playing with the poor maximum. Nothing good will come from you. Run for your life

  7. I am getting pissed because we are told that the time for withdrawal is 2nd of every month between 12 am – 4am.

    For the past two months now July and August, when you try to login, it keeps showing bad gateway. So, you don’t get to withdraw.

    For those who succeeded withdrawing, until now, no alert yet.
    I don’t understand.
    I hope this is not a scam.

  8. Thank u so much for all dis reviews kindly help check The Bella it’s another platform newwly open dat looks exactly as thomdock no different


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