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Fact About Covid 19 Federal Government Grants

Is Covid 19 Federal Gorvernment Grants Real Or Scam?

I have decided to create this article in order to serve as awareness to an information that has been spreading over the internet for some weeks now.

Following the jobirra review that was recently published, I have discovered the needs to let the general public know the real fact about the information, which have it that the federal government of Nigeria is giving out N8,500 to all Nigerians in other to let everyone stay indoor to prevent further spreading of the deadly coronavirus, which was tagged as Covid 19.

It’s been a while since this false alarm has kept spreading, but i neglect those messages telling those that share it the real fact about it, I also believe that most people will neglect the message as it’s very obvious that it could lead them to another problem.

But I was very disappointed with the way the messages keep spreading and many individuals tends to believe that the information contained in the message is real.

The annoying part of it, is that the message keep popping up from every angle, especially on WhatsApp.

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The rate at which the message is spreading is very alarming and this is what prompts me to write this article before you guys will fall into a victim of such cheap scam.

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The fact that the coronavirus which was tagged COVID 19, is now a big threat to the whole world cannot be denied and some individuals have decided take advantage of the country situation in carrying out their illegal activities.

Without wasting much of your time, I will like to inform you that the federal government of Nigeria is not giving any money to it’s citizens on behalf of the present country situation.

The fact is that, some scammers actually create the landing page to their own advantage, knowing well that Nigerians will be very glad when they see the auction about the free cash.

Hence, do not click on the link attached to the post talk more of providing any of your details on the landing page.

The landing page is actually a specially created scam page, where this scammers will get access to your details as all details provided on the page is opened to them.

After providing your details on the page, that will have a very easy access to all the details and have all it takes to:

1. Divert funds from your bank account.

2. Monitor further transactions on your account.

3. Scam people with your details and exposed you to any danger associated with such action.

4. And lots more….

Any message which claims that the federal government is giving it’s citizens any amount in preventing further speeding of the coronavirus is fake and might exposed you to a threat that is beyond imagination.

The government of the federal republic of Nigeria has not made any plans to pay any amount of money to it’s citizens for any reason related to coronavirus. And if such action should be taken, you will hear it on air and not by such means.

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• play safe in order to stay safe.

• Be vigilant.

• Be informed.

• Don’t submit yourself to a very cheap scam.

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