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Jumia Shake And Win Promo – How To Win Free Airtime, Data & Cash Prizes

jumia shake and win promo

Jumia shake and win promo is a promotional offer that allows you to coupon and credit on jumiapay app. The shake and win promo had been existing for quite long and on this detailed guide, I am going to provide all you need to know about the promo.

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What Is Jumia Shake and Win

As it had been explained in the previous part of this guide, it is a promotional offer that allows you to amazing prizes just by holding your smart phone in your hand and shaking it every 24hours.

How Does Jumia Shake And Win Work?

The shake and win promo is available on JumiaPay app and once you download and register on the app, you will see a button at the bottom of the app that is labeled with shake and win.

Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to the shake and win page and you will be asked to shake your phone, once you shake your phone, you will be able to win a price ta random.

The price you can win on Jumia Shake and win is divided into two, which are credit price and coupon price.

How To Use Credit Prizes

Credit Price is like cash and can be used to buy airtime data, pay for bills and above all, you can use it to pay when you order something in jumia app.

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The credit cannot be withdrawn directly to your Nigeria Bank account, but can be used pay for any service that is available on the jumiapay app.

How To Use Coupon Prizes

Coupon can only be used when you order something on jumia, if you’re familiar with the Jumia application and have ordered a thing or two in the past, you will surely understand how this works.

When you’re about to check out on jumia, at the check out page, you will be asked if you have any coupon, all you have to do is to enter the coupon code and the value of the coupon will be deducted from the amount you are supposed to pay.

For example, if you have a Coupon worth if 1,000 and you order a product of 5,000, once you apply the coupon, you will pay 4,000 and get the product of 5,000 delivered to you.

However, some coupons might come with a specific instructions, for example, you might won a coupon of 2,000 and will only be able to use it if you order something Worth 10,000 and above. Also, the coupon might be applicable to only airtime purchase, data or bills and not necessarily be on other products.

More Information About Jumia Pay

JumiaPay is referred to as All-in-one lifestyle app that grants you free access to different service in one place. On jumiapay app, you can pay utility bills make hotel reservation, pay for flight/rides, pay for goods and services you ordered on jumia app and above all, you can order food from your favorite restaurants and more, only on jumiapay app.

how to shake and win on jumiapay[

How To Shake And Win On Jumia

To shake and win on the JumiaPay, all you have to do is to download JumiaPay App from Google play store. Simply click here to download the app.

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Install and open the app, register with your preferred email and choose a unique and strong password.

Once you are done with the Registration, simply open the app and at the app homepage, you will will see a shake and win button at the bottom of the app as shown in the picture above.

Click on the button and on the next page, gentle shake your phone and wait for what you won to be displayed on your screen. If you won a credit the credit will be sent to your JumiaPay credit balance on the following day.

You can keep accumulating to get enough amount of credit that will be enough for you to order something on the Jumia app and you can. As well use it to buy airtime, data or pay for utility bills.

Can I Win Up To N10,000 On Jumia Shake And Win?

Yes! N10,000 is the maximum amount you can win at a go on jumia shake and win promo and I have personally see on or two people that won N10,000 at a go on the platform. The pictures shown Above proofed that you can win N10,000 at once, depending bon your luck.

As at the moment of updating this guide, the minimum amount you can win at once is N100 while the maximum amount you can win at once is N10,000. However, you can never shake without winning anything, you will always win something.


Jumia shake and win program has come to an end!

How To Buy Airtime, Data And Pay Utility Bills On JumiaPay

To buy airtime, data and pay for utility bills on JumiaPay app, all you have bro do is to Open your JumiaPay app and at the app homepage, you will see the button for each of the listed service at the top of the app.

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Click on the service you want to use, if you want to buy airtime, click on airtime, if you want to bug data, click on data, if you want to pay for TV subscription, click on TV subscription.

Once you select the service you want to use, follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

You can also read how to earn N500 per referral on jumiapay app

Things You Must Take Note One Jumia Shake And Win Promo

1. Bonus cashback amount cannot be withdrawn to your Nigeria bank account. It can only be used to make new purchases on JumiaPay or any Jumia companies using Jumia Pay as a payment method.

2. The credit or cashback bonus (coupon) you earn through the shake and win have their expiry date and you should always check the date and make sure you use them before that date or forfeit it. Note that JumiaPay cannot be held responsible for the loss or expiry of any cashback bonus.

3. Multiple emails created to win multiple prizes under one user identity is not permitted so as well as using multiple devices under one user identity, if you’re found guilty of any, JumiaPay reserves the right to decline or retract your prize.

4. Your bonus will be credited to your Jumiapay balance within 24 – 72 hours and not immediately.

5. Jumiapay reserves the right to continue with the shake and win promo, edit the benefits included or discontinued it at any point in time.


JumiaPay as a one-stop platform allows you to pay for multiple services with a single click. For example, you can recharge your phone, pay all your bills of Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline and Internet.

You can also make payments like recharging your phone, paying your bills of Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline, Internet as well as Donations and any other service that get registered on JumiaPay in the future. And with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should have understand fully, how the Jumia shake and win promo works and how to take advantage of the Promo.




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