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Newcredit loan App Download – How To Apply, Repay & All You Need To Know

newcredit loan app download

Newcredit is a fast loan application in Nigeria, which provides individuals with stress free loan for either personal purposes or for business purposes and in this guide, I will be releasing the download link to the newcredit loan APK, this will gives you the opportunity to install the application directly and be able to explore it to the best of your Advantage.

This guide will not only provide you with the direct link to download newcredit loan app, it will also explain all you need to know about the app, the newcredit login, the newcredit loan repayment the newcredit customer care number and other relevant information about the app.

About Newcredit Loan App

Newcredit is a reliable and safe loan service in Nigeria, they provide loan for individuals in simple steps and without the need of collateral. All you have to do is to download the newcredit loan APK to be revealed in this guide, install it and register with your basic information. Make sure that the information you provide during the Registration are correct and you will be able to apply for a loan between 5000 naira and up to 300,000 Naira.

The fact that the app can provide you with a loan of up to 300,000 at a go is what makes it flexible and if you have been looking for an online loan app, it will be a great idea if you can check out the newcredit loan app.

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Basic Information About Newcredit Personal And Flexible Loans In Nigeria

In this section I am going to provide you with all the basic information you need about this newcredit loan app, the eligibility requirements, the interest on repayment, the duration for loan repayment and other important information you need to know about the newcredit loan app.

◉The Newcredit offers are as follows:

– Loan are available in the range of ₦5,000 to ₦300,000

– The duration for your loan repayment is between 91days to 365days

-Equivalent monthly interest 4%~24%,the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Newcredit is 24%~56%.

-Example:If you choose a 6-month loan and borrow ₦100,000, Newcredit charges an interest rate of 4% per month.Borrow NGN Interest Rate:24% and The APR is 56%.180 days Repayments of ₦24,000.Total amount payment is ₦124,000.

Requirements To Be Eligibility Eligible For A Loan

There are some requirements you must have for you to be eligible for a loan on newcredit after downloading the newcredit loan APK and in this section, I will spell out the requirements for you to be able to apply for loan and get it without stress.

Bellow are the basic requirements for you to be eligible for a loan:

1. You must be a Nigerian and  Nigeria Resident.

2. You must be of 18-55 years old.

3. The Document and proofs you provide during the Registration or the loan application must be valid.

Privacy and Permissions

Newcredit makes getting a personal loan simple by using the data on your phone including your SMS history to verify your identity and create a credit score. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy. We take your privacy very seriously and promise to never share your information with third parties.

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Newcredit Loan Registration – How To Apply For Loan On Newcredit

The registration steps for the newcredit loan app is very simple and straight forward, all you have to do is to download newcredit loan APK and register an account with your phone number. When filling your basic information during the registration, make sure you provide the correct and valid basic information, access the newcredit loan login by opening the application and submit a loan application. Once your application is approved, the money will be sent directly to your Nigeria bank account.

Newcredit Loan Customer Care Number

If you encounter any issue during your registration or during your loan application, the best thing is to contact their support and explain the problem and what you need to the customer care representative.

Newcredit customer care are available 24/7 to assist you with your request via any of the means outlined below:

• Service Email: [email protected]

• Newcredit loan app Office Address: 50c Sauket St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Newcredit Loan APK Download

Having gone through the detailed information about the newcredit loan app, the next thing is to download the app and explore the app by yourself, to see what the app has to offer and how it can be a source of financial assistance to you and in this section, I will provide you with the direct link to download the newcredit loan app APK.

Name                                       Newcredit loan App

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Service                                     Flexible Loans

Version                                     Latest version

Size                                           10MB

            Download Newcredit loan APK

Download Newcredit loan app from play store

Newcredit Loan Login – How To Login To Newcredit Loan Account

To login to your new credit account, simply open the new credit application and you will be taken to your dashboard and if you login session has expired, your login details will be requested, simply provide them and you will be taken to your dashboard in no time.

Newcredit Loan Repayment – How To Repay Loan

Once you apply for a loan on new credit and your loan application is approved, you will see the breakdown of the loan on your Dashboard, including the outstanding amount, the due date and other necessary information.

Kindly locate the repayment button and click on it, all the available methods to repay your loan will be displayed to you and you can now choose which method you want to use for the repayment. In case you encounter any issue during the repayment, simply contact their support via the information provided in the newcredit loan customer care number section of this guide.

Conclusion: Newcredit loan app is one of the best loan providers in Nigeria that requires no collateral for their loan application just as that of lcredit loan app and you will be able to borrow up to 300,000 at the comfort of your home. With the information provided in this guide, you should understand fully, how the newcredit loan app works and how to submit a loan application and get it approved without any form of stress.




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