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Easemoni Loan App Download, Review, How To Apply And Repay

easemoni loan app download

Easemoni loan is one of the best loan providers in Nigeria and vin this guide, I am going to reveal all you need to know about the app and the direct link to the easemoni loan app download.

This guide will not only provide you with the link to download the easemoni loan APK, but also provide you with the easemoni loan app review, so as to help you in knowing how reliable the app is and all you need to know about the app.

In our previous guide, we provide you with the detailed information about newcredit loan app and today, our main aim is to explore the easemoni loan app, talk about easemoni loan interest rate, easemoni login, easemoni loan requirements, how to repay easemoni loan and other things you need to know about the app.

About Easemoni Loan

Easemoni is a loan service provider that makes loan applications easier for you and enable you to apply for a loan at anytime and anywhere you might be. The app provide loan for it’s users without any form of collateral or physical appearance at any of their office. All you need is the easemoni loan APK download, install the pap on your mobile phone and follow all the instructions to be revealed in this guide.

Easemoni offers it’s users, the opportunity to apply for a loan of up to N1,000,000 (one million naira) regardless of the amount of time you have spent on the app, be it a new member or old, you will have access to all the opportunity provided by the app. Though, your trust score might tend to be increasing the more you use the app.

Easemoni Loan Interest Rate

We all know that all loan applications in Nigeria do have their own interest loan and in this section of the easemoni loan app download, I will provide you with the breakdown of the easemoni loan interest rate. The interest on your Loans care as follows:

Interest Rate: 5% to10% monthly ,APR60%-120%,it depends on your credit evaluation.

Forexample, 91-days loan payment terms have a interest fee of 5% monthly . For the loan processed with principal amount of ₦3,000;the interest would be ₦273; the total amount due would be ₦3,273. Then first month repayment would be ₦1091, repayment of second month would be ₦1091, and in the third month repayment would also be ₦1091.

No any other hidden fee.

Easemoni Loan Requirements

There are some requirements you must have to be able to apply for loan on the app and get approved and in this section, I am going to outlined the requirements to make the loan application and easy task for you.

The requirements are:

1. You must be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria.

2. You must be of 20 to 55 years old before you can apply for a loan on the app.

3. You must provide a valid source of income, this will enable them to review you loan application properly and determine the maximum amount of loan you will be eligible for.

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4. You must provide a valid information during your registration.

how to apply for easemoni loan

How To Apply For Easemoni Loan And Get Approved

The steps involved in applying for a loan on easemoni is very simple and straight forward and if you have all the requirements stated in the requirements section above, you have a very high chances of getting a loan in just few clicks.

To Apply For a loan on easemoni app, simply install the app from the easemoni loan app download section Below, register an account, Select the product you would like to apply for, fill out your basic information, then submit the application.

After the submission, you may receive a call for verification. The final application result will be shown in the APP and you will be informed by SMS if approved. E-sign the loan agreement after the approval. After the E-sign, the approved loan amount will be disbursed into your account and a SMS notification will be sent.

Easemoni Loan Registration

As I have mentioned in the process of applying for loan on the app, in this section, I am going to give you the detailed information on how to register on easemoni loan app and apply for a loan without any form of stress.

In order to register on the app, all you have to do is to download and install the app on your mobile phone, open the app and some permission will be requested from you, Grant all the required permission and Register with your phone number, your correct date of birth and other required information.

Make sure that all the information provided during this Registration are valid, they will really count in your loan application process it’s one of the major factors that determines if you will be getting the Loan or not.

Easemoni Loan APK Download

After getting all the basic information you need about the app, the next thing is to download the app and explore it to your own advantage and in this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to easemoni loan app APK download and link to download the app directly from Play store.

Name                                     Easemoni Loan APK

Size                                       10MB

Version                                   Latest Version

Service                                   Loan Provider

         Download Easemoni Loan App APK

Easemoni Loan App Download

In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the app from play store and in this case, you will be able to choose the version of the app that is best for you, if the APK version is not convenient for you, then you download it directly from play store.

Name                                      EaseMoney Loan App

Size                                        10M

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Version                                    Latest Version

Service                                    Loan Provider

Download Easemoni Loan App From Play Store

Easemoni Login

If you logout of your account and you need to access the account again, all you have to do is to open the app and you will be redirected to your account dashboard if your session has not expired, if it has expired, your password will be required and you will be able to login in to your account with just a click.

Easemoni Customer Care Number

If during your loan application or Repayment, you have any issue with the app, the best thing is to contact the customer care service and table your request, you will be provided with the best solution to whichever issue you might be facing on the app.

If you need to contact easemoni customer care service for any reason, you can easily do that via any of the means below:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Customer Service Hotline: (+234)9087614150

Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, ikeja, lagos, Nigeria

Opay Easemoni

Opay Easemoni

Easemoni app is integrated with the Opay app and if you are an opay app user, you can apply for an easemoni loan from your opay dashboard and also initiate your loan repayment from their.

Once you login to your opay app, you will see the easemoni loan option on the app homepage as shown in the picture above, click on it and follow the prompts to perform any of the easemoni loan transaction you wish to perform.

Easemoni Loan Repayment – How To Repay Easemoni Loan

When you apply for a loan on easemoni and your loan application is approved, the breakdown if your loan will be displayed on your Dashboard, including the outstanding amount, the due date and other things you need to know.

Simply login to your Dashboard and navigate to the Loan area, you will see a button labelled with “Repay”, click on the button and you will be taken to the easemoni loan repayment page, select the repayment options that is best for you and follow the prompts.

If you encounter any issue during the loan repayment process or need further enquires about the repayment, simply contact their support via the information provided in the easemoni customer care number section of this guide.

Easemoni Review

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide that will will not only provide you with the easemoni loan app download link, but also include the easemoni reviews and help you in taking the right decision towards the application. In this section I will provide you with the easemoni reviews.

The easemoni loan app has gathered more than 500,000 downloads from play store since it’s lunching and this shows how fast growing the app is.

The second factor that can be considered in knowing if easemoni is legit is what people says about them on play store and lucky enough for them, they are able bro gathered 4.5 overall star rating on play store, this implies that people that have a great experience with them are way more higher than those that feel otherwise.

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While writing this guide, I take my time to see what people are saying about them on play store and Below are what people are saying about them:

David O. Akanmu Says “I would have rated you above 100 stars if there is provision for that. Initially I thought they wanted to trick. You surprised me. N1k, all charges. The caller’s voice is cool, I don’t really need the loan as at now, but I felt with ease within me, I took the loan to enable me maintain relationship with EASEMONI group. Pls keep it up. Never let anyone or anything tempt you to destroy the good image and services you have. I encourage loan seekers to abandon other loan Apps for easemoni”.

KENNEDY ISEKPARI Says ” This is fantastic. very low interest rate. But I don’t like the experience I am going through now. After paying back N20616, I was given just N8000. I still applied. For three days now, I have not received the money but an sms that ‘the money has arrived your’. Since you are not ready to give me loan again, remove the repayment order you placed for me on your app. You are not owing me, I am not owing you”.

Enemona Says “I have used several loaning app in the last couple of months but I can tell that EaseMoni is simply the best app yet. The interest or service rate/charges is considerate and friendly unlike others. You aren’t using it yet? Wait no more. Timely repayment of loan qualifies one for upward review. EaseMoni, easeloan and ease repayment”.

Mcson Nuel Says “I like this app for two things, low interest rate and loan duration but my problem with them is they refused to increase loan amount since i started using the app, the first time i borrowed a loan there are options to choose loan amount and duration but now it is fixed and stucked, can’t change anything. Pls app developers, deal with this if you still want me to use this app, if not it is useless”.

Bassey Kofi Says “The app is too smart along with their services. The intrest rate doesn’t tear ones pocket at all. Highly recommended for small scale business with weekly quick turn out. Such business capital base will grow easily with this kind of loan, with enough time for repayment. It has potential for instant higher choiced amount. Everything is good and cool here, including their customer service providers”.

Oyedepo Bolanle Aremu Says “Easemoni as the name implies is so easy in terms of disbursement, customer service and payment of loan. I’ll recommend easemoni over and over again. I love this app so much. It’s the best and the easiest. Quick disbursement, easy repayment, cool and reasonable customer service. And very low interest. More stars for you. Easemoni is the best.

Above are what people are saying about the app on play store.

Is Easemoni Legit

If you have been wondering if easemoni loan app is legit or not, the information provided in the just concluded section above should have provide the appropriate answer to your question. A lot of people that have test the app are enjoying it and on this note, easemoni is legit. All required of you is to follow their terms and conditions as supposed.

Conclusion: Easemoni as a loan service provider has made loan application and easier tasks for their customers and allows you to apply for a loan without collateral, with the detailed information provided in this easemoni loan app download, you should fully understand how the app works, how to use it and how to always get approved for your loan applications.



  1. Am unable to downloads the app and I ve been trying to make payment no account number attached and costumer care are not picking my call and due date for me to pay is 30th of this month, please reply how can I pay.

  2. Please how do I repay back cos today is my due date of repaying back and the app is no longer in my phone and even when I tried downloading it back is taking me back to where I can still apply. Pls how do I repay back?

  3. Hello! I was given a loan from easymoni, before my due date, they stole my phone. From there I’m not able to get my account again. Now I have New account how can I repay my debit please?

  4. This App should be upgraded in a way that there’ll be an automatic deduction from the approved bank of the person. Repayment process is an issue!


  6. I have been trying to get a loan but I couldn’t
    when I click on the apply now button, I only see a selfie example but on clicking the take selfie button it doesn’t go further. Pls i need help

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  9. Hello, pls I mistakenly unistalled my Ease Monie App., And I have searched the play store to install it back, but I am not seeing the Ease Monie App there.i just finished paying back my loan, and I I have just been credited back. Pls I need help.

  10. Pls, I will like Ease Monie to do something fast. Because I don’t know d date and d first Amount to pay. I am really Happy About Ease Monie. You people are doing good

    • this is brownsingtechzone.com Not Easemoni, meaning we didnt own the app as reflected in your comment.
      but regardless, you can check the guide for the link to download the APK version of the app

  11. Comment:i mistakenly deleted the app but I try downloading the app but I didn’t see the app in play store and I want to make payment

  12. I need the Easemoni Loan App link so that I can download it direct . have been trying it tru playstore app but not going through .

  13. Easemoni have failed me.you trick me by paying my debt when it is not due that my credit limit will increase after paying I want to reapply I am seeing 4k, I have never defaulted once, I always pay before the due date, from 12k to 4k, I decide to take the 4k, when I checked my account, instead to see 4k I am seeing 2600, I will not pay money that I didn’t eat, first of all you people trick me, secondly my money was not complete, so I will pay the money and pay the interest, why will my credit limit reduce is what I don understand

  14. I made payment on the 4th of october and my loan suppose to due on the 6th,the payment is not yet showing on my app and i have been debited by my bank

  15. Please I’ve been calling the customer care,they keep picking and dropping my calls,I mistakenly transferred money to easemoni account and I got this message:. Congrats! Your loan of NGN 20000.0 is fully repaid! If you refinance, you may enjoy a lower interest rate.
    Whereas I am not owing the company.
    Please I need a reversal immediately.

  16. I Ibrahim agbomeji.i own debit from ease moni.i need account number to repaid my loan.pls send it to me.then i call yr customer care is not going.


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