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Home Loan App Easycredit Loan App Download – Detailed Review And How To Use It

Easycredit Loan App Download – Detailed Review And How To Use It

easycredit loan app download

Easycredit is a secure online blown in Nigeria and in this guide, I am going to provide you with the direct link to the easycredit loan app download and you will be able to install and explore the app to your own advantage.

This guide will not only provide you with the link to easycredit loan APK and app itself, but will also provide you with a detailed easycredit loan review and reveal all you need to know about the app and how to make proper use of it.

In our previous guide, I revealed all you need to know about newcredit loan app and today, our main discussion will be on easycredit and all you need to know about it, including the easycredit loan interest rate, easycredit login, easycredit Registration, easycredit customer care number and other important information you need to know about the app.

About Easycredit Loan App

Easycredit is a free Android loan app that allows you to take an online loan without any collateral. With the application installed bon your mobile phone, you can can request for a loan and get it sent to your Nigeria bank account in that same day without any form of stress.

Easycredit Loan Interest Rate

As a loan application user, the first thing to look for in an online loan app like easycredit is the interest rate, with this, you will be able to determine if you can submit a loan application or not. In this section, I will share with you, the breakdown of the easycredit loan interest rate.

Below shows the detailed information about Easycredit loan interest rate:

– Interest ranges from 0.1% – 1%, one-time processing fee ranges from 1,256 NGN – 6,000 NGN, and the maximum APR 40%.

For example:

– If you choose a 91days loan and borrow N3,000. EasyCredit charges an interest rate of 3.1% and a processing fee of 9.1%, we would charge you N93 as interest and N273 as processing fee. The total amount of repayment is N3,366

Easycredit Loan Requirements

These are the things you must possess before you can be eligible for a loan on easycredit loan app and in this section, I will outlined all the requirements, so as to make it easier for you to apply be and qualify for a loan from the app.

Below are the basic easycredit loan requirements:

1. You must be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria.

2. Your age must be of 20 to 60 years old before you can be able to get a loan from the app.

3. You will have to State your monthly income, this will help the review team to know the amount of loan you will be able to quality for at that moment and Later.

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4. A valid Nigeria bank account.

5. Submit a valid basic information during your registration.

How To Apply For Loan On Easycredit

To apply for a loan loan on easycredit loan app, all you have to do is to download the easycredit loan APK or download it directly from playstore, both Link will be provided in the later part of this guide. Once you have installed the app, simply register with you correct details and apply for a loan.

Once you loan is being Approved for the first time, you trust score will start increase and the more you borrow and Repay on time, the higher the amount of loan you will be able to request for.

Easycredit Loan Registration

To register on easycredit, all you have to do is to install and open the app, Grant the app, the access to your phone gallery, location and other permission required.

Click on the Registration button and provide the basic information required, make sure to provide valid and accurate information, they will greatly Help you when applying for a loan for the first time or in the future application.

Easycredit Loan App Login

If you log out of your account after the Registration and you need to login again, all you need to do is to open the app again and you will be redirected to your account dashboard if your login session has not expired.

If your login session has expired, you will be told to enter your login password, enter the password and you will be able to access your account dashboard immediately.

Easycredit Loan Customer Care Number

If you have any issue during your registration, loan application or Repayment, the best thing is to contact the customer care service and they will Help you in getting the issue resolved. In this section, I will provide you with the easycredit customer service number and ways to contact them when the need arises.

Below are the contact details for easycredit loan app in Nigeria

Email: [email protected]

– WhatsApp: 2348088227615

– Hotline: 09087614188

– Address: Opebi road No. 20, Ikeja, Lagos

Easycredit Loan Repayment – How To Repay Loan On Easycredit Loan App In Nigeria

To Repay your outstanding loan on easycredit, simply login to your account and navigate to the loan area, select the option to repay and you will be provided with different methods of repayment.

Check the easycredit loan repayment methods that are available and choose the one that is best and easier for you. If you encounter any issue during the repayment, kindly contact the customer care service for proper assistance.

Easycredit Loan APK Download

Having gone through the detailed information on all you need to know about the easycredit loan app, the next thing bid to download the app and explore it to see what the app has gotten for you. In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to easycredit loan APK download.

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Name                                     Easycredit Loan APK

Size                                       9MB

Version                                   Latest Version

Service                                   Loan Provider

         Download Easycredit Loan App APK

Easycredit Loan App Download

In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to easycredit loan app download, this will give you the opportunity to install any version of the app that is convenient for you, in the previous section, you are are given the link to download the APK version of the app just in case you can’t install it directly.

In this section, I am going to give you the link to download it directly from play store.

Name                                    Easycredit Loan App

Size                                       9MB

Version                                   Latest Version

Service                                   Loan Provider

Download Easycredit Loan App From Play store

easycredit loan review

Easycredit Loan App Review

As it has been stated bin the previous part of this guide, in this section, I am going to give you a detailed insight about the app and with the information provided in this section, you will be able to decide if the app is a great fit for you or you should try another one.

Easycredit Loan App has generated over 1,000,000 (one million) downloads since it’s lunch and this is one of the green light that shows how flexible the app operation is.

While preparing for this easycredit loan review, I checked check the app star rating on play store and the app has gotten 4.2 overall star rating, that’s not bad.

Below are what people are saying about the app:

GBENGA SANNI says “You are not doing bad, but your loan duration is too short and your limit is low too even at your rate of interest. Your company needs to work on the limit and period of repayment, because there are many other platform that are paying much and with less interest rate and longer period of time for the repayment. I believe you guys can do better, so that you can win more customers to your company. I have people that are interested, but as soon as they see the repayment period, they Hastings out to”.

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Babatunde KAYODE MOSES says “I took a loan and paid on the due date; but rather unfortunate that it took them 6 days before my account was updated, during this period they kept charging me daily interest, up till now, 9 days still reflecting, i have called, chat and sent severally emails, but it seems they are happy charging their stupid daily interest, when i acually have fully paid on the due date and sent the receipt of payment and when cleared, with their eyes opened refused to clear me to date…too bad experience”

Omoh Ayemona says “I gave 5 stars initially because your app has been amazing until I paid back my loan on the 30th of September two days before my due date. I paid into the Wema account on the app but till date it has not been cleared. It still shows that I’m owing and even increase the interest daily. I have sent several messages on your WhatsApp line. I see the handler online always the person reads but never responds to my message. I have sent several emails. Still no response”.

ojewale aderonke abiodun says “Easycredit is a wonderful, awesome and marvellous platform, which I enjoyed so much, have invited families and friends which they also proof to me that the love their service, The most amazing thing about them is increase in their  loan, once you refund, additional 10k or more is added to your previous loan and your account will also be credited instantly. They are the best. I will continue to enjoy their service in as much there is no default. A big thank you to the management of Easycredit kudos to you”.

Mukhtar Tijjani says “After I paid my outstanding on a due date Friday 8/10/21 to the U.B.A account you provided for offline repayment, you failed to update or clear me up to 5 days and I was asked to pay the over due charges # 4900 and now I was paid #4900 for failure of your staff. You Cheated me and God will judges all our actions. Now I withdraw my last recommendation’.

Above are what people are saying about the app on Google play store

Is Easycredit Loan Legit

From what people are saying and putting the majority experience into consideration, it is obvious that the common problem that people do face on the app is the repayment Update, when they pay through offline method, in order to Avoid this issue, always use online method in your easycredit loan repayment.

Hence, it can be concluded that easycredit loan app is legit. All you have to do is to follow their rules and to be on a safe side, avoid using offline methods in your easycredit loan repayment.

Conclusion: Above are all you need to know about the easycredit loan app in Nigeria and with the information revealed in this easycredit loan app download, you should fully understand how the app works and how to user it’s services without any for of problem. If you encounter any issue during the usage of the app, kindly contact the app customer care service.




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