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Common Mobile Phone Problems With Possible Solution

This article aim is to provide a possible solution to all identified problems that most mobile phone users experienced, most especially Android phones

You may not need any of this tips for now, but make sure you keep it for future use, in case you encounter any of the problems been discussed here.

Below are the selected mobile phone problems with possible solutions:

If the Google play store is crashing

In this case your phone will start fluctuating after which you have launch the Google play store, you will not be able to download from Google play store and even if you are chanced to download one, you will not be able to install it.

This mostly occurred as a result of  corrupt cache.

Solution: Go to

• Settings

• App

• locate the all tab

• Locate Google play store and wipe cache and data

• Off and on or restart your phone if it have restart option

That’s all!


If your phone is overheating

Your phone may tends to produce some heat after some period of operation this mostly occurre in two ways, it’s either you’re using your phone while charging or you run couples of app that their operation is somehow bigger than the operating system capability of your mobile phone.

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Solution: Don’t use your phone while charging.

If this occurred when you’re operating your phone without changing, then try to force some apps to stop leaving the one that you’re currently using and allow your phone to rest for some minutes

 If the receiver is not hearing your voice.

If you called someone and he/she complains of not hearing your voice, in this case; two things are involved, it’s either your phone mouth piece is faulty or the receiver ear piece is faulty.

To know what the problem is, and clear your doubt, all you have to do is to perform a recoding tests which takes less than a minute.

Recording test: this is a test that is performed to check the functionality of a phone mouth piece.

This can be done by going to your mobile phone menu and select the right option to start a recording, Make sure that your recording length is up to at least 55sec then save and play the voice note, if you’re able to hear your voice it means that the fault lies at the receiver end, but if not , it means your phone mouth piece is faulty.


If you don’t have any experience on how to screw and unscrew, i will strongly advise you to take your phone to the nearest phone engineer.

If you have the experience stated above and you have a soldering iron and soldering lead, just spot the location of your phone mouth piece. This is usually a tiny pore space below your phone > gently unscrew the phone > and go straight to the spotted area > locate the mouth piece which is usually round in shape with two connecting terminals > resold any disconnected terminals or both if you can’t identify any> cover your phone properly and and gently screwed it back.

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Perform the recording test again and that’s all!

If phone battery drain faster than normal

Most users out there do complains about the battery life of their device and this mostly occurred due to running of multiples battery consuming apps and some inappropriate settings on your device, such as brightness, resting period and others.


Stop all app while you ain’t using them.

Keep your phone brightness below 50%

Enable battery saving mode : this can be done by > Go to :

• Settings

• Locate battery saver and activate it

If you are having connectivity issues

Some users lament on connectivity problem of their device such as problems encountered while connecting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth  or cellular data.


ON your phone airplane mode for at least 40sec, off it and try the Respective connection again

Set up your Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi again

If your smart phone is running slowly

This is the most common problem associated with smart phones especially as your phone get older.

This occurred as a result of  installing many apps which use you Device RAM and having a lot of files on your phone.


Delete all unnecessary files and uninstall  all app that are of less important to you.

Clean up your device cheche data

If you still encounter the same issue then try to restore the factory settings of your device.

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