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How To Get 1GB for #200 And 4GB For #1000 On MTN

MTN 1GB for N200

As we clearly know, that technology is on it’s move to take over everything in this country and the world at large, this includes our involvement  in the use of the internet on our daily activities.

Nowadays many things are done on the internet, and even those that are sometimes beyond our imagination.

And to do anything on the internet, an internet connection is needed and this internet connection we are talking about requires data.

When we take a look at the internet subscription plans offer by our networks providers, we will clearly see that the data Offer is very low as compared to their respective price.

That’s why we aim sharing the latest free or cheap data opportunity with you!

Without further ado!

MTN welcome back is a special offer from MTN to it’s subscriber this offer gives you :


250MB     For       #100      >> 3days


1GB          For       #200       >> 7days


4GB          For       #1000      >> 1month

Pros                                             Cons
It is cheaper                               it selects sim
Below are the steps on how to get the data stated above
Step 1:  Makes sure that you have a sum of airtime  equal to or greater than #200 if you want to go for that of 1GB  and vise versa for others
Step 2 Dial *131*65# and the menu shown below will be displayed


Step 3: Enter the appropriate number of the subscription plan that you want to purchase , enter 2 for 1GB and click send
Step 4: A menu will display as shown below
Then enter 1 and click send
Then enter 1 for auto renewal and 2 for one-off purchase
If you’re eligible you will get your data which can be checked by dialing   *131*4#
And a pop up message of not eligible if you’re not eligible

Note: if you’re not eligible, keeping your sim inactive for a month may helps

That’s all
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